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Clinton Democrats Claim To Support Health Care As A Right, But Oppose Universal Healthcare In Platform


Clinton Democrats Claim To Support Health Care As A Right, But Oppose Universal Healthcare In Platform

Kevin Gosztola

A major nurses union condemned Democrats on the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee, who blocked an amendment in support of a single-payer health care system.


Neera Tanden is an capitalist, corporate apologist piece of shit!


Nobody opposed universal health care in the platform. They opposed single-payer which is a type of universal health care but not the only type. The Democratic Party has been fighting for universal health care for a long time. Hillary Clinton supports universal health care. Her health care program in the early 1990s was for universal health care. The big advantage of a universal health care program that is not single payer is that it might get passed by Congress. A large government program, which is what single-payer is, has no chance of being passed by Congress. Even the public option of Obamicare could not be passed. That is not to say there is anything wrong with single-payer. The problem is that it cannot be adopted in the United States because of political reasons. The best course for obtaining universal health care is to find ways to reduce the costs of health care. That way insurance would become more affordable. And pushing for the public option probably makes sense because that should reduce costs.


Annualized, the US Economy grew at 1.1 percent last year. This used by the Democrats to claim an economy in recovery. As per this article some 58 percent of that “growth” is from spending on health care or Obama care. This helps illustrate the fiction that underlies the economy. A Country where such costs covered under a Universal single payer system would see less spent on health care , resulting in less GDP growth and thus deemed by the Economists as having a failing economy.

This so called growth is illusory. It simply people spending more in one country than in another where the delivery of health care more cost effective and efficient.


You should always add at the end of your blog posts, “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.”


I fully agree that the Democrats on this committee, which drafted the platform, showed their “true colors.” But I disagree with you over whether this “fight” was useless. I don’t think it just has enabled the corporate war party to disguise its true colors. In fact, I think you’re contradicting yourself.

If we’re seeing their true colors, how can this be useless?

I have now written multiple posts documenting the exchanges, which happened. The information in the posts has awakened a number of people to the reality of where the Democrats stand and how the party can not be considered a vehicle for radical change that we need.


You mean could I argue that a Clinton presidency would be worse than Trump? Possibly, but I’ll have plenty of time after the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to produce posts which aid that argument.


By the way—

Thanks for your tireless efforts to confirm what many of us already knew prior

It’s hard to tell if you mean this in a backhanded way. Regardless, I have to challenge your statement simply because we are in a struggle. It does not matter what we know or think we know. We need to meticulously build cases against these people so they are exposed for the frauds that they are, whether we instinctively believe they are opposed to us or not.


And this is another example of why I am so done with the “Democratic” Party.


Nice report, Kevin!

With Obamacare’s blessing, Medical Associates of Dubuque raised our monthly premiums by $204 on 1/1/16, for really lousy health insurance. We’re expected to magically come up with an extra $204 per month for this commodity. The wealthiest professionals in Dubuque exploit some of the lowest wage earners for financial gain.

Makes me dread the upcoming holiday season, as we’ll get the 2017 increase before Thanksgiving.

Just saying’, O-care has been an albatross hanging around the neck of Iowa Democratic politicians. In 8 years, Democrats have gone from the majority of Congressional reps to 1: Dave Loebsack of liberal Iowa City and Davenport, where Democrats have a 30,000 voter advantage in the district.

The Clinton Democrats are really clueless; I prefer that to thinking they’re sociopaths.


The political (Ds & Rs) role is to insure that capitalism is not threatened. Any reform threatens. We are who we are as a consequence of our conditioning which may even begin in utero before we’re born. That makes it difficult for me to be judgmental because we have no choice about who our grandparents were, where we were born or who has been a part of our life. Things we were taught as kids we often believe. We’re often taught not to question.

As a capitalist country profits are the goal, not fairness. Our nutrition may contribute to chronic illness, but like car wrecks it leads to profits. Drug companies don’t look for cures, they want to treat chronic disease - diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Agribusiness and fast food companies want growth. As their businesses grow so do the problems.

What are the solutions? Education of the public would be a start. You tube contains a wealth of information and possibly misinformation.
Interesting 17 min. talk about current education https://youtu.be/OSp306cj3Cc
Talk about truth about drug companies https://youtu.be/udbqnbla6au
Talk about “true cost of medical care” https://youtu.be/EKOTpVJkuNE


Some unions are more equal than other unions on the DNC’s newest version of The Muppets’ Animal Pet Hospital. Oink, Oink, indeed! Hillary’s Miss Piggy is spot on.


Great job, Kevin. You’re doing fantastic work.


Thank you. Glad you appreciate it.


Thanks. I do not mean to pressure you or question your motives. I understand your comment better now.