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Clinton Doubles Back as Sanders Hits the Ground Running in California



Hillary Clinton has lost it again. You just can't spell "Hillary Clinton" without "L".

Remember in 2008 how all the superdelegates pledged themselves to Hillary Clinton, and then they deserted her for Barack Obama, and then Obama won the Presidency twice?


You maybe right but Trump will trounce Killery in November. The red queen has too much garbage and too many enemies.


Make that upwards of 60,000 people at the Bernie Rally in Oakland, CA yesterday - as reported by police estimates after the rally. Zero coverage on mainstream national news, and briefest of mentions on local tv and newspapers.


Why is she doubling back, didn't she say it's over, didn't Tweety Bird Matthews say he and Rachel plan on calling her enthronement hours before the polls close in California? Maybe she can gather that infamous California triad to drum up support, Governor Moonbeam, Senator Money Bags Feinstein, and the Nevada Queen, Babs Boxer.


Why yes, she did say it was over by declaring herself emperor (oops sorry, I meant democratic nominee). Dare I say HRC has flipped flopped again. She can't seem to keep even the simplest of story lines straight. Keep giving her the gears Bernie, she might gain a bit of humbleness.


Jerry Brown shows his quality (or lack of it) by endorsing Clinton today - a low-class quality I find a betrayal and a cowardly, corrupt act, bowing to the corporate-whore wing of the Democratic Party. Brown sabotages Bernie Sanders and makes a mockery of any progressive credentials he may once have had - a pathetic low-blow against Sanders that is not forgivable!
The reasons he gives is Clinton is the only way to beat Trump and he asks independents and Dems to get behind Clinton - that's all for Brown..........

California Dems and Independents hopefully will ignore brown and give Bernie Sanders a big win and show the party tools and hacks they cannot buy or steal this election!


Many working people have lost or at risk to lose their good paying jobs. Many students are coming out of university and college with a burdensome debt load. People who are watching are realizing that their democracy has largely been bought by wealthy interest groups. California, now is your chance to change the paradigm. Support Bernie Sanders because he is doing his best to support you!


Endorsements are meaningless and if anything reinforces the view that Hillary is the establishment candidate. Good grief, hasn't HRC's tone deaf campaign figured this one out yet. No doubt, Governor Moonbeam thinks a favor will be thrown his way. Don't wait up Gerry, the check is in the mail.


I suppose I live in a bubble, since all my Dem friends are voting for Bernie in the California primary. Yet our unfathomable governor just endorsed HRC, whom he's reputed to hate. And the polls don't reflect the Bernie enthusiasm I'm seeing. Sorry to say I'm expecting California to go for Hill by a fraction (funny how she always wins the very close states by a couple of votes). Too much looks fishy just before election day, which means the fix is in place.


Contrast massive crowd after massive crowd that Bernie draws with Hillary's last event in Oakland (Saturday). It was held at a Waffle House! :sleeping:

Unless the Democratic Party wakes up and allows the FBI to indict Hillary and the Clinton Foundation for racketeering . . . it's hello President Trump.

Come on Democratic Party! Wake up! Your anointed one is about to take the whole batch of you down with her. If you can't manage to do it for the country, just let your basest survival instincts kick in.


Hope you are wrong about that but it still comes down to the media helping to rig the game against Sanders. A lot of people get the wrong impression about the news from the choices of how it is presented by the media. You can't fault them for that. In this election, you can see why media consolidation was allowed to happen under Bush/Cheney.

Bernie is our last chance against what is becoming the overwhelming power of oligarchy. Sadly the corrupt Dems will try to foist the compromised Hillary on us and that may just result in a republican victory with Trump getting the deregulator in chief position and becoming the agent of climate change denialism instead of needed change.


Apparently the voters have stopped watching disinformation TV.


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Go Bernie!
He's a powerhouse and a rare gem in this rock garden we call our government. He's smart, dedicated, honest and after being in the Senate he's probably as sick of them all as we are.
For all those out there that are worried he's a socialist, would you be happier with a Fascist? Let Hillary in there and the corporations will finish their coup and take over, she'll show them where the safe is.


You are right and she can't say too much about his "big money" without incriminating herself.


Wereflea, just FYI media consolidation was "allowed to happen" because the Clinton Administration pushed for, and then Clinton signed, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that allowed that consolidation, just 3 years into his presidency.

True, the consolidation was ongoing through the Bush years, as it was ongoing through the rest of the Clinton years, but the Clinton Administration is responsible for that Act.


Yes well the Clinton's set the act in motion, you are right about that but it was the role of Michael Powell during the Bush/Cheney administration which gave us the monolithic media (six corporate entities controlling most of the media outlets) that yes was made possible by the telecom act but they were AFTER the mega mergers were approved under Powell. Permission could have been refused too.

What no snide comment like you usually throw in?

Was that the main point of my comment in your mind? Or do you just follow me around sniping at me because you are fair and balanced and pure of heart?


Can you spell "fracking money, collusion and corruption"?


What no snide comment like you usually throw in?

Was that the main point of my comment in your mind? Or do you just follow me around sniping at me because you are fair and balanced and pure of heart?

Dear Reader, witness the ever so civil Wereflea.