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Clinton Enlists Sanders in Her Quest to Win Over Elusive Millennial Voters


Clinton Enlists Sanders in Her Quest to Win Over Elusive Millennial Voters

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders stumped for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Wednesday, highlighting the former secretary of state's plans to make college affordable as she struggles to win over younger voters that flocked to the Vermont senator during their rival campaigns.


Bernie is doing what Bernie has to do.
And millennials are doing what they must do.
Which is vote for Jill Stein and not for Hillary.
And they should do that in massive numbers if they're actually serious about changing our corrupt political system.


If H wants to win over Millenial voters, its easy. Adopt this platform and sign a contract that binds her to it:


I would add, end taxation for all persons making less than an amount decided by yearly referendum. Tax anything above it at 100% and distribute tax revenues to all citizens equally. Don't give the money to politicians.


Well put.


Clinton should be able to win over many millennials who say they will vote Johnson. His libertarian views on the role of the federal government are so extreme that most voters reject them out of hand. One cannot imagine how anyone who voted for Sanders would now vote for Johnson. Their views are completely opposite. It will probably be harder to get Stein supporters. Clinton already has a progressive agenda and Stein's is more progressive. Warren is great at taking down Trump. Her language is amazing. Trump, the man with a dark and ugly soul. I think as the election gets closer many millennials will realize that it is foolish throwing away their opportunity to make a choice between the only two candidates who can win by voting for Johnson or Stein. Typically third party candidates get about half of the votes based on the polling data as many voters have second thoughts about what they are doing when they actually go to vote.


Sanders should work a backroom deal and get concessions from her and plenty of them. He doesn't owe her anything. She should give him whatever he wants right now. She does not deserve this magnanimous gesture.


Treating Millennials with respect at the convention and adopting more of the Sanders Platform would have been a good start. She is worrying about them at this late date? The army of anti Sanders bloggers that she hired really insulted the Millennials and all Progressives or Leftists. What was she thinking? I was surprised that at the debate she only threw them one bone, debt free college. They were not on her radar, again!


Regarding Sanders and the atrocious two party duopoly system, I have already given my thoughts about that:

Never give up moral values and integrity. Never give up respect for life and the environment.

Jill Stein (Green Party)


Stein's agenda is absolutely spot on. It is not an extreme agenda. It is exactly what we need given the wars, our massive inequality, racial issues and climate change. If you care to listen to her yesterday on Amy Goodman then you couldn't help but want to vote for her after voting for Sander's in the primaries. This is exactly what I plan on doing.


Bernie wanted to win very badly. Anybody could see that. The sheepdog stuff is way off base. I guess if it is repeated enough people will actually believe it. That seems to be the strategy.


All people like me, that supported Bernie with plastic need to dispute their donations to Bernie and have them transferred to Jill..


I'm voting for Stein and I'm not a millennial.


Yeah, we got to feel the burn alright, we all got burnt by Bernie as he knew he was nothing but a hack for Hillary and would never be given the democratic, nomination for POTUS and sold out so many well meaning, but naive people like me. Bernie will probably be given a cabinet job in a Clinton administration for his quid pro quo!


Think you're being a bit harsh on Bernie. The problem with his campaign was it left the gate unprepared. He never expected the support generated by his candidacy and neither did anyone else. His wife said in retrospect they should have started the campaign in early 2015, in the south. Had that been the case things might have been different but it still would likely have resulted in the Clinton nomination since the fix was in from the start. No, Bernie's effort was sincere but ill-timed and it has had its positive impact. Its effect remains to be seen. But don't fault him for trying.

Still, Bernie on the stump or not, I will never vote for her.


No millennial here either, and voting for Stein - Baraka 2016.

Pound sand, Bernie.


Desperate and grasping at straws. She really thinks after her and the DNC rigged the election and basically stole it from Bernie, that we would all just switch to her if Bernie said so. She must really think we're idiots that would follow him over a cliff. After all, it couldn't be her!
Hillary's problem is Hillary and her corruption. I'm sure she wasn't expecting to be outed in quite this way when she agreed to the fix at the DNC. Karma's a bitch. Emails meant to be private, aren't. Ha Ha Ha
Stein/Baraka 2016


Gee, Bernie, thanks for letting people know how they should vote. They were so lost... Get over trying to peg people by age, race, etc. In my own family, three generations were ready to vote for Sanders, and won't vote for Clinton.

Decades of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues. Not age, not race, etc. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. The Clinton wing split this base wide apart. Clinton and Trump have strikingly similar ideologies, and many won't vote for Clinton for the same reasons they won't vote for Trump. Because the two parties have a stranglehold on our political system, much of the country will lose regardless of how the election turns out.

Bottom line: For much of the country, Clinton is not the lesser of the evils. Neither is Trump.


I am too old to be a millennial but i have educated my mellinnials well enough to know Stein is our candidate


Or that's the picture they're desperately trying to paint. Pols serve as a snapshot of a particular demographic at any point of time. Of course, no polls includes the poor and low-income, a sizable portion of the population.