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Clinton Faces Growing Political Backlash By Refusing To Release Wall Street Speech Transcripts, Even Her Own Party Now Turning On Her


Clinton Faces Growing Political Backlash By Refusing To Release Wall Street Speech Transcripts, Even Her Own Party Now Turning On Her

Nathan Francis

Hillary Clinton is under ever-increasing pressure to release her Wall Street speech transcripts, with even a powerful member of her own party now joining her Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders in calling for her to reveal what she told the powerful groups.


Hillary has learned the art of avoiding questions by answering and evading an embarrassing question by answering with another question. HRC says she will be happy to release the Wall Street transcripts when Bernie releases his tax records. She says she will be glad to once others have released theirs!

What a lie! Hillary knows there are no other Wall Street transcripts, but it deflects the question and puts her on the offensive instead of the defensive. Slick Willie has taught her well! " I never had sex with that girl"!


It looks like it just might be a Clinton trait to be a sucker for a cover-up...


David Axelrod, not finding a compelling or specific response as to a specific decision influenced by Hillary's corporate donations, confuses a court of law with what we are dealing with in this primary which is a court of common sense.


Lawyer training is part of it, too.


Hillary is desperately trying to evade demands to produce/release the transcripts, along with avoiding any other whiff of stench that surrounds her record in public office, legacy of corruption, or criminal acts until after the NY primary, when she thinks she will be beyond reach by Bernie Sanders for the Dem nomination.

The very large problem is that after the Dem establishment and corrupt boot lickers, party hacks, and servile talking head media, achieve her preliminary coronation, the general election follows with its uncertainty.
Clinton's public record, devious, vindictive, contemptible character is vulnerable, and the millions of "mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore" voters will NOT just hold their noses and vote the "lesser of two evil! The lesser is still very much evil!

Be careful what you wish/work for Democrats! You are skating on very thin ice. Here we, and the world, are, at a critical crossroads and all we can produce (except Sanders) are corrupt sycophants to the oligarchy 1%!!??

There was a time when we produced at least some real leaders of moral character and integrity - Bernie Sanders is a throwback to that bygone time - morality - better latch-on while we can.......

OCCUPY! FEEL The Bern! Its now or never folks!


If Axelrod really needs to have it spelled out to him how Clinton's decisions were influenced by her Wall Street money, then he's as tone-deaf as she is. What a bunch of morons running our government.


True. You probably heard the joke about law school that what is the first lesson in law school: how to bill.


Sanders is handicapped ---Clinton hides behind Obama and the democrat party--If Sanders is too critical of Obama or the Democratic party Sanders knows his chance for the nomination is lost.

This will be a change election in the fall and the last thing Clinton represents is change.

Sanders is being criticized for going to Rome to give a speech-yet Clinton has been going all over the country to fundraisers with little comment. Who owns Clinton? And from what I understand she pocketed $220.000 giving one of her "speeches" to Verizon.


Anonymous Gold in Sacks exec sez:

(On Clinton's speech:) “It was mostly basic stuff, small talk, chit-chat ..."

Oh? And that's worth $225,000 a pop?


I trust Mrs Clinton--like most politicians--will release the transcripts in due time....

That would be 50 years after her death.


Bernie probably got more coverage in Italy, and Europe, in one day, than he got in six months of campaigning in this country.


Why would someone pay $225,000 for small talk and chit chat?