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Clinton Faces New Challenge from Fractivists After 'Insulting' Comments


Clinton Faces New Challenge from Fractivists After 'Insulting' Comments

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hillary Clinton is facing fresh scrutiny for her environmental track record, following her viral confrontation with a Greenpeace activist and some poorly-received follow-up remarks last week, as the presidential race heads to New York—home to a dedicated anti-fracking movement.


Clinton had it wrong. It wasn't that they didn't do their research. It was the conclusion that was drawn that she disagreed with. How should the data be interpreted is the question. The lobbyists represented not only the fossil fuel industry but also a number of other industries. Also, Sanders received a smaller amount of money from the same people who gave money to Clinton.


HRC is the typical steeped-in-the-game politician. Her every thought is formed by those who have access to her. Who is on the list? Goldman Sucks...


A list of 58 Environmental organizations based in New York:

(pipe dream alert)
Every single one of these organizations needs to join together and get out the vote for Bernie Sanders. Anything less is to be complicit in the destruction of the biosphere.

I wish these NGO's would worry less about where their funding comes from and more about fighting to save life on the planet. Their individual causes will disappear into oblivion as we cross more tipping points leading to collapse of the biosphere.


Clinton has shifted leftward on environmental issues ..

.. and shifted right on these other issues, and left on those other issues ..

Why would anyone trust her?


Yes red raven. And the League of Conservation Voters endorsed her (against objections of their members). Not quite sure what their definition of conservation is.


" I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who, you know, believe this." HRC

No Hillary, you could not tell the truth even if your life depended on it! Because not only your life, but all our lives depend on the truth.


Hillary supported fracking around the world as Sec of State - I'm sure -cough - no campaign-contributions played a role! She still supports, waffles, or is silent on fracked gas/oil and infrastructure in NY and around the nation!
The ONLY prez candidate opposing fracking is Bernie Sanders!
Bernie also calls for shutting-down Indian Point nuke plant! http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/bernie-sanders-calls-shutting-down-new-york-nuke-plant-n550331

In NY and elsewhere fracked gas infrastructure threatens millions - directly and indirectly and Hillary's influence is still shilling for her oil&gas clients!


Pipelines & pumping stations, port facilities & rail car shipments - all public threats to move fracked Gas and oil most all for export.
A prime example is the AIM 42" high-pressure gas pipeline running thru Indian Point Nuclear facility - a threat to 20 million within a 50 mile radius!

Neither Hillary Clinton nor "Chuck" Schumer will speak-out forcefully to oppose it!

http://america.aljazeera.com/opinions/2015/5/lets-not-build-gas-pipeline-near-nuclear-reactor.html - excellent David Cay Johnston piece!



Thanks for these links Emphyrio.

If people of New York (and the rest of the u.s.) know this (how can they not?) and willfully elect HRC then it is hopeless.
Not enough people choose to think and connect (obvious) dots.

and more:


I think it's the arrogance...the condescending attitude....that has really gotten to me over the years. And this has been displayed by Hillary Clinton and other "centrist" type Democrats not only towards young people, but anyone with a more progressive stance on issues. There are certainly plenty of young people who are very well educated on issues and who are motivated because they are facing a bleak future as a result of fossil fuel extraction. There are also a great many people such as me (age 57) who have been fighting on environmental issues for years and are certainly not to be "felt sorry for" by the likes of any Hillary Clinton types. You know what? I feel sorry for those who can't see beyond their next election, their next fundraiser, their next meeting with a corporate head, their next calculated talking point and who are not open to the very clear messages coming to us from Planet Earth.


Hillary is freaking out because her numbers in NY are dropping, and the idiots running her campaign are panicking... First the "Brooklynite" comment, and now this ridiculous tack... For someone who claims to have superior political chops this is a really stupid move...

Hillary inviting young people to research her past is like Jeffery Dahmer inviting people to look in his freezer...


Ms. Resnick apparently didn't understand Ms. Clinton's accusation. Hillary was talking about young people not doing the necessary political research, not climate science research. This is showing as the phenomenon of all the young people not bothering to look up the primary election rules of their states, then being shocked that they cannot vote for Sanders because they didn't spend a few minutes updating their voter registration a month earlier.

Of course there is New York, which requires one be registered a month before the most recent general election before the primary election - a minimum of 7 months and sometimes 1 year and 7 months! That is too extreme.

But would more political research make them inclined to pick Hillary over Bernie? Nope.


Not really, the Clintons are still about a whopping $ 800 million short of their aim of joining the club of billionaires. That is why she until recently still came running, whenever Trump whistled. and, who knows, she might still be secretly pining for his benevolence. :wink:


So right. It's not just Hillary. The harshest words dished out by D politicians since 2006 have been reserved for progressives or anyone left of John Birch who questions them. Remember Pelosi's tirade against Cal progressives? Mr. O diplomatically entreats the GOP scumbags that promised to make his Presidency a failure, but has heaped open scorn on progressives on more than one occasion.

Do not hope, do not dream. Submit subject, or suffer the consequences.

Going back to Obysmal. Elected twice by wide margins he then tells all those who did that for him "you have to make me do these things." Uh huh. And we thought Willy was slick.




Conservation of the old party system.


"Clinton has shifted leftward on environmental issues following months of sustained pressure " and if elected will shift way right again.


You have no shame.


No, it means that most of them are not plugged into other sources of information besides the television. They are being tricked by the corporate controlled media. It doesn't shape their values, we know that the vast majority of people, especially those who lean Democrat, have progressive values. Senior citizens do care about the future, they have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, whom they love. What the corporate controlled media does do is misinform them about the facts of the candidates.

Thus they believe that Clinton is as much for climate justice as Sanders, but she is the practical one who will get things done, while Sanders is the idealist nut job who will fail miserably.

They also believe, due to the misinformation fed them, that Clinton does not take money from the fossil fuel industry but Sanders is lying about this because he is a sleaze ball who really wants Trump to win because he has such a big ego. They believe that the assertion she does take funds from the fossil fuel industry has been debunked by neutral reporting.

Finally, they are unaware that she has promoted fracking globally. If they were aware of that, then they'd see through her detailed explanation about tracking as the weaseling it was. But without it they think she was being wonky due to her knowing what's going on and what works.

It is not good to blame the voters. We need to understand that they are being tricked by the powers that be, which have erected a firewall to keep relevant information from them. Yet they still support our progressive values and that is why the more time we have to reach out to them, they more they turn from supporting Clinton to support Sanders.

We must reach out to these senior citizens in respectful ways, honoring them as sharing our values, sharing with them alternative sources of information. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the best ones to do this.

And guess what, senior citizens who are informed, the minority who are tech comfortable and go online, are rejecting Clinton. Some vehemently. How do I know? A lot of them are right here in these comments.


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