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Clinton Foundation Called On to Cut Ties with Fossil Fuels Sector


Clinton Foundation Called On to Cut Ties with Fossil Fuels Sector

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Citing big-dollar donations from three fossil fuel giants—Chevron, Conoco Philips, and Exxon—a leading climate justice group is calling on the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative to stop investing in or accepting money from the industry that's driving the global climate crisis.


2016 finds the Clintons more in hock to Wall Street and its corporate cronies than they have ever been, so there is no way any of them can make objective decisions.


If this bitch gets in there by hook and by crook and even gets elected I very much doubt she will be able to govern even for one day with a record such as her's.


We could be waiting a long time for Clinton to meet these demands. Judging by Bill and Chelsea''s responses and I would ask, what does AIDS medicine have to do with stopping supporting fossil fuel industries?? Did I miss something here? (and) Chelsea's response made no sense to me.


Well, Slick Wiilie's diverting the question onto another topic (which is also questionable in itself), is par for the course...change the subject from fossil fuels to AIDs medication. He still is slick.

And the "dauntingly intelligent" (according to fluff piece in Vanity Fair) Chelsea Clinton's reply, makes one wonder : exactly what drug was the reporter on, who wrote the fluff piece "revering" Chelsea (as she later wrote in the article, we must do) Must be that new Hillary Cult drug I hear tell is quite toxic. First side effect is that it makes you dauntingly stupid, and it's a fast decline from there.


The Clinton Foundation will cut ties with the fossil fuels sector when monkeys fly out of Bill Clinton's butt.


I wonder just how much of the Clinton Foundation money ISN'T dirty in some way. From receiving money from the Friends of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(!!) to Monsanto to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (bringing GMO's to Africa and bringing privatized education to your community) to Walmart (returning the favor for when Hillary served on the Board) to the pharmaceutical companies etc. the Clinton Foundation is loaded and tightly wrapped in the interlocking global PTB.



While HRC is schmoozing the wealthy donors in Miami, Bernie is speaking to a diverse(albeit young), capacity crowd in Poughkeepsie (youtube Bernie2016tv is live streaming).

He is speaking about poverty. "Poverty is a death sentence"

The Clintons and their ilk do not have a clue.

Great intro from Michael Stipe.


Monkeys would not be the strangest things that have been up there.


Thanks for the heads up. I'm listening to his speech now. He is really hitting his stride with his speeches, much less scripted than they were a few months ago.

The crowd is going wild in Poughkeepsie and Bernie is feeding their enthusiasm, his voice modulating their emotions and his arms working the audience like a conductor works a symphony. His words flowing like a might river.

He's going to get monumental crowds in Washington Square Park tomorrow and then in Prospect Park on Sunday. I'm expecting mythic performances, especially in Prospect Park fresh back from this trip to Rome, delivered in Shakespearean prose worth $225,000.


The environment and climate change (chaos) is my number one voting issue. Essentially my kids futures. We are currently in a steep climb up the Keeling Curve and if you're paying attention we are in serious trouble. I cannot vote for someone taking money from an industry intent on obfuscation and destruction. Not sure? Take a stroll through Robert Scribbler's blog, this is all based in science not doom speak, not a bright future...


Your comment reminded me of something I'm presently trying to understand--the Native American idea of wetiko, which the late Jack D. Forbes wrote about in his book, Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism.

The term has something to do with being so driven by something that it causes one to lose one's humanity and become less than human. When someone is detached from their humanity they can then do the unspeakable. This was a conflict for Native Americans when it came to fighting the White Man because they had to become the evil they were fighting. The other 2 options were to give up (reservations) or run away, which many tribes like the Shoshone did until they finally ran out of land they could run to.

Here's what Eileen M Luna-Firebaugh writes about the term in her review of Forbes' book:

"Professor Forbes's use of the term cannibals to describe Western society in its most rampant form is intentionally off-putting. He contends that arrogance, greed, gluttony, enslavement, terrorism, genocide, and the exploitation of the earth's resources amounts to wétiko psychosis, the disease of cannibalism, and is as awful as it is actual. The term wétiko comes from the Cree (for the Ojibway it is windigo, for the Powhatan wintiko) and is defined by Professor Forbes as "the consuming of another's life for one's own private purpose or profit".


HRC has a conflict of interest problem.


Were she anybody else but a member of the 0.001%, she would be indicted, tried and jailed for her war crimes and her criminal economic action.
* She took the same oath that most government employees take, including Senators, Congressmen, and Cabinet Officers: "I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God." This oath is mandated by Article VI of the Constitution and its text is set by statute (5 U.S.C., Sec. 3331).
* On the basis of the shattering of this oath in particular, she, and unfortunately about 90% of the Senate, House of Representatives, and Executive Branch, not to mention the Judiciary, should all be impeached, removed from office and tried by the People for treason at the very least.
* But since the traitors have been bought and are protected by that 0.001%, we'll never see it unless We the People get fed up enough to do it ourselves. After all, we did it in 1776.


Short and truthful answer - never happen, we love the money and want more and more and more as we can never get enough.


Not a bright future? Tell it like it is, there is no future for this species the only question is are we talking decades or centuries. It is looking, for this uneducated resident in the hills, more and more like decades.


Like fish in water, the Clinton's have swum in corporate corruption for so long they cannot see it as a problem. To them, the money thing is how the game is played. It's kind of like white privilege - most whites don't see it, it has to be pointed out to them, especially the institutionalized version, and then one has to be willing to engage in the process of addressing it.

The fossil fuel conflict of interest, along with other corrupting influences of money, is being pointed out to the Clintons. Now we will see how they respond.


Bastards, bitches....so what? We're all adults here. Call her for what she is. After watching "An Unreasonable Man" last night (it's true, I can't believe I hadn't seen the film either) and seeing how those bastards sicced the cops on Nader at that debate, be glad she wasn't called worse. She's at the top of that sorry-ass POS called the democratic party along with that POS "Debate" Commission so she's game for some harmless name calling, given what she's guilty of. If you haven't watched it you should--especially if you're new to politics. You'll see just what's ahead for Bernie (and Trump for that matter). Pay close attention to the seething anger, self righteousness of "these people" and you'll see just what we're up against. It's going to be one hellaciously hot summer at those conventions...


That's like asking Bill to quit masturbating. Ain't gonna happen.


Ordering the book. Thanks!