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Clinton Foundation Receiving Millions From Proponents of Keystone XL


Clinton Foundation Receiving Millions From Proponents of Keystone XL

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Fossil fuel corporations and a Canadian trade agency that has promoted the construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline have donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, which is jointly run by Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea.


They will not be weaned off the Koch ā€œsupplemental contributionsā€ disguised by some altruistic/humanitarian-environmentally friendly-sounding think tank or ā€œnon-profitā€ created for the very purpose of self-promotion.


Who says there is no transparency in politics, this is a shining example!


I would definately question the motives of the Canadian connection in this article. As a Canadian woman, I have watched with increasing concern and distrust anything that the current federal government under PM Harper has done re: women and in this case, maternal health abroad. I expect that in the fullness of time, we will learn that the countries that benefited most from this noted largesse had/have valuable mining resources, something the Koch Brothers would appreciate,too.

In Canada, there are thousands of murdered and missing Canadian women(many being First Nations) that the current federal government ( behind the donation discussed in this article) has refused to back a national inquiry in to. Other Canadian governments have looked the other way, sadly, too but they didnā€™t have the spiteful nature to turn their attention away from Canada to ā€˜fundā€™ maternal health beyond our borders. It should be noted that this same government killed off a national programme that previously supported multiple needs abroad, called CIDA.


oh please disengage from the clintons!! we wont be fooled again!! glass-steagall, treas sec. rubin (derivatives and citibank),exxon and east timor slaughter and would somebody please tell me what the clintons did with the Haiti rehab money??? and you want to vote for them? well if they run they certainly will have the funds, but unfortunately they will be morally bankrupt in a bankrupt nation.


There is little doubt that Bill was a sellout, remember NAFTA. Hiliary may be the best hope for the democrats, but not for our planet, and progeny. She better start channeling Elizabeth Warren big time if she wants to win.


The coronation seems to be imminent. So is Bernie running? I canā€™t vote for this woman, obviously.


Money can never buy leaders, it can only buy stooges and we truly do have a prime wad of those.


Donā€™t make much difference what kind of animal runs Washington if they all dance to Wall Streetā€™s fiddle. They will both steal our shoes but the Republicanā€™ts will do it with pride.


Why is this no surprise to me. Secretary Clinton has never strayed far from the corporate faucet. I actually trust the Republican party more than I can bring myself to trust her. Too bad they are bought and indentured to the corporatocracy as they are the most honest swindlers in Washington.