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Clinton, Fundraising Juggernaut and Wall Street Darling, Presents Plan to Get Money Out of Politics



"expand the franchise" - ironic that, as she talks about getting money out of politics, she uses a phrase that monetizes democracy....


Who believes an alcoholic when they till you they will quit - just as soon as they finish this last bottle?


When HRC says get money out of politics it is something like when Bill said: " I never had sex with that woman"!


The amount of money wasted every four years by the USA in electing the POTUS convinces me that a Constitutional Monarchy is the only way to go. At least we can ensure that our Monarchs have been adequately educated and have learnt good manners.


The day she discloses the names of those individuals raising enormous amounts of money for her campaign will be the day I believe she is serious about campaign finance reform.