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Clinton Has His Vote, But Sanders Vows to Stand Firm Against Dem Backsliding


Clinton Has His Vote, But Sanders Vows to Stand Firm Against Dem Backsliding

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to hold the liberal establishment's feet to the fire come January, vowing to work toward making the political revolution a reality once the task of electing Hillary Clinton to the White House is accomplished.


Why will Hillary work to empower progressives and enact a progressive agenda? Knowing that the republicans will unite against her post-Trump and nominate a more mainstream and electable candidate in 2020, Hillary will govern from the center-right and pursue a hawkish foreign policy to diminish attacks from the right. This is wishful thinking on the part of Bernie and center-left Democrats. Look at how Hillary treated Bernie and his supporters at the convention. Progressives are being used and will be discarded come November 9.

A more effective way to influence Clinton is to get Green Party to 5% so she understands progressive votes can't be taken for granted, and could tip the balance in 2020.

Vote Stein/Baraka.


They could have done a whole lot worse if they had not paid the price for Warren's and Bernie's endorsements. Bernie's not stupid enough to say this stuff to the WaPo without knowing he's reminding the Demo establishment of their promises.


No Stein, no peace; know Stein, know peace.


LOL . . . Sure, Bernie, like she really gives a crap what you say.


"22 states and 46 percent of the pledged delegates, 13.4 million votes...and a majority of the younger people, the future of the country."


I wonder how much political clout Bernie has left. Many of his supporters have moved on. And if the Democrats gain control of the Senate then most likely Chuck Schumer will be the Senate Majority leader. He will have a lot more say into what happens in the Senate than Sanders. He certainly will not let a small group of progressive Democratic senators take over the agenda. Sanders tends to overstate his hand anyway. During the primary he kept talking about his pathway to victory which really was nonexistent during the latter stages of the campaign. He ignored the polls showing that he was well behind in a number of states yet claimed he would win and of course he didn't. I think he will try to do what he says he will but I think his odds at succeeding are not that good.


Every step of the way, conservative Democrats make clear their contempt for liberals and lefties. Sanders can "stand firm" all he wishes, but the Democratic power structure will take him for granted with impunity. QED.


Apparently enough to be asked by the WaPo. And btw, "Many of his supporters" are not the ones writing on CD. The young ones are elsewhere and undeterred.


Not nearly so, not nearly yet.


If they could resurrect Eugene V. Debbs, the Dems would work their mindtricks on him, and before you knew it he'd be hot to privatize Social Security, pass TPP, drone everyone, and start WW3 in either Syria or Ukraine (whichever is faster).

The Democratic Party takes good intentions and turns them into bullets, bombs, & barbed wire.


WaPo sez: "The senators, Sanders said, also plan to ... pressure Clinton to appoint liberals to key Cabinet positions, including Treasury secretary."

I suspect that Treasury position has already been filled. And not by Clinton.


The main difference is that in 2009-2010 (the last time the Democrats controlled the Senate) Bernie was a new Senator with no committee chairmanships. Assuming the Democrats control the Senate (about a 3 out of 4 chance right now), both he and Elizabeth Warren will chair committees and write the legislature that gets voted on and hold the hearings that draw national attention.


I have to protest your flagrant violation of the 11th commandment: "Thou shalt not take the name of Debs in vain."


Took the words right out of my mouth. Well you were a bit kinder toward Sanders belief she will do any of the things he's asking for. But over all, exactly.
Go Jill Stein



Bernie Sanders is still okay in my book. He is an honest man which is why he backed Clinton in the General Election. He said he would do so and has kept his promise in the face of some really nasty opposition. That makes him even more trustworthy in my opinion. He never said he liked the bitch, he just promised to support her to prevent Trump from being elected. That means he has kept his promise no matter how hard it was for him. I give him another thumbs up for his courage and resolution.

We really do need to use our force and get behind Mr. Sanders. That is where we the people get our power is through solidarity. Come on y'all, you may be miffed at Bernie conceding but put it behind you and let's work together. Bernie didn't let us or anyone else down. He was cheated and the DNC is trying to make him look like an ass. Hillary loathes progressives so I think we need to hook up with Sanders and show her she is fucked without us. We will take her down next election and send her packing. If you will just stop and think for a minute about what Mr. Sanders has tried with all his might to do for the American people, then played by the rules so as to retain his position of influence and power, Bernie can't be beat. As W.C. Fields once said, you can't cheat an honest man and you can't keep an honest man down. Bernie Sanders is that man and I support him 1000%!!! By the way, have already voted by mail in ballot and yes, I supported Stein/Baraka. That doesn't mean I don't still support Bernie though!!!


Totally unproven charge. Why would WaPo go to Vermont to speak to him?


Right with you up to the presumption that Bernie was cheated. Bernie got further and more than even he knew he could go, and the only disappointment is how many older lefties are whining and moaning about betrayal. Bernie knows how the current system works; he had to to break it. This WaPo interview is all about the other side of Warren's campaigning with HRC today, and that's because Warren is in a better position to get under DJT's skin.


Bernie is a lot of hot air. But he sounds authentic. He is an exaggerator but he sounds very convincing. Listening to him he sounded like he was winning the primary when if fact it was all downhill after South Carolina. Had he been dependent on large corporate donations like most candidates his run would have ended after Super Tuesday as his money would have dried up. But he was able to convince millions of people to keep pouring money into a seemingly lost cause. On the positive side he did get some issues out there that usually don't get discussed and are now at least potentially on the agenda. And he got a lot young people interested in politics. He also moved Clinton to the left on a number of issues and assuming she wins she will have to try to fulfill at least some of her campaign promises. He also greatly elevated his stature in the Senate which may lead to important legislation down the road.