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Clinton Healthcare Hit Backfires as Evidence Shows Sanders 'Literally' Right Behind Her


Clinton Healthcare Hit Backfires as Evidence Shows Sanders 'Literally' Right Behind Her

Jon Queally, staff writer

Another questionable salvo aimed at detracting support from rival Bernie Sanders may have come back to wound Hillary Clinton on Saturday after comments about his stance on healthcare reform efforts in the 1990's was countered by a flood of evidence which revealed exactly "where he was" on the issue.

As political correspondent Amy Chozick first reported for the New York Times:


More proof, that she is basing her campaign largely on deceit and misrepresentation. Sadly the corporate press refuses to call corporate Hillary out on that. That is,why it is up to us to do via social media the job, that is the press’ primary objective, but it neglects sadly, because it has been bought and wrapped up by the corporate establishment. .

I am not anti capitalism. A sound and functioning profit incentive economy is essential to finance the desirable social programs, I want to see initiated.
But that capitalism needs to be tempered by ethics, a social conscious and an assumption of responsibility toward the poor, needy and underprivileged.

Our hyper-capitalism is worlds apart from these essential qualifications


And the distortions just keep on comin! The true character of the Clintons is on display for all with eyes to see - it’s too bad more have not opened theirs!

The more Bernie shows his character, and integrity, and moral compass, the more voters he gains and the more desperate Hillary and the DLC/corporate wing of the Dem Party becomes. Always trying to score points with some demographic, but more and more lately missing the mark and resorting to obvious falsity - if there weren’t so much riding on this election it would be sad…

The hand-written note pictured reads: “To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real health care access for all Americans and best wishes. HRC - 1993”

The Real Deal is Bernie Sanders and more and more people of good conscience are flocking to his banner!


I could be wrong but I’m sensing real deterioration on the part of HRC, that is more than just the usual lies. Say what one will about her, she was once much sharper than her latest mistakes. It makes her even more scary.


Everything else aside, isn’t the fact that she’s proving to be a world class idiot sufficient to abandon her vulgar little campaign junket?
On top of just being awful, she’s also remarkably stupid. No competent politician should lie as much as she does so recklessly. It’s insulting.


I had a similar thought while writing my comment UnclePo. I don’t wish bad things on anyone and Hillary is no exception - Karma you know. I do hope we are not witnessing any tragedy. Hill did suffer the 2012 concussion and reported blood clot.
I will criticize Hillary or anyone on their positions and actions regardless, and my support for Bernie is grounded in his integrity and principled positions.


Or into the middle of a Trump rally.


the more she says, the more we Bernie folks love it because we know who she is - and in the end she is making her own defeat a reality - very sad for her very good for the nation! - Bernie’s platform remains the same, tell the truth on all issues and no need to apologize for anything he ever said or stood for - ! GO BERNIE GO!


In the video linked, That moment when Hilary sways left to shade Bernie and Bernie then scratches his nose and dodges further left back into camera view, priceless.


What does one expect from Hillary, she was fired for " lying and unethical behavior " as an attorney for " Watergate "! She should apologize for her " praises " for margret " racist " sanger! Just an undercover Barry Goldwater Republican, her words.


i think some heads will roll among her campaign staff. maybe someone on her team is sabotaging her… doesn’t she fact check anything? doesn’t she recall Bernie at her press conference(s)? can she be that stupid?


The problem is, that she makes these statements on the corporate media, where almost everybody sees and hears them and those media, once these statements are disproven, do nothing to correct or retract them.

They and the misconceptions they create are out there lingering in the minds of the ignorant and gullible, each one of whom has as much of a vote as any genius. So for all intents and purposes she gets away with these lies.


See my post below. Once lies are voiced, they are out there fermenting…
… and could well be put out there intentionally, knowing fully, that they will never be called out by the corporate mass media.


Q: How can you tell when Hillary Clinton is lying?
A: Her lips are moving!


I think she’s just a reactionary who has consummate faith in her pr team to bail her out. I can’t really blame her, there. The fact that more than half of the party’s faithful have zero idea who this person really is is a testament to the skill of her handlers.
So blurt out a few whoppers and hope they stick with some of the shakier people and then let your janitorial crew clean up the rest.


Or if they are, that it’ll get buried like most corrections do.

Still risky as hell, because when they do backfire, they backfire big. But it’s true that the agressive lie has the advantage of being printed first as a scoop.


Golestan –

We can see from the many attempts to privatize services that there is NO benefit of
capitalism and privatization.

How does a government or its people benefit when you privatize a service which requires
adding a profit margin?

Capitalism is suicidal as we see from Global Warming and the exploitation of Nature and
Natural Resources –

Unregulated Capitalism is merely organized crime –

And today we have what is being called Vulture Capitalism –

We need to rid ourselves of an economic system where everything is reduced to the yardstick
of a dollar bill.

And, btw, it is people - citizens – who create economies and it is capitalists (bankers, financial
institutions) who manipulate those economies for their own profit/benefit.

Capitalism is without conscience, without intelligence, without human need -
corporations have none of this – neither do they breathe.
But the pressure of corporate-fascism does give us fanatics who sit on our Supreme Court and
nonetheless pass laws which suggest that they are human.

Corporations at this level represent corporate-fascism –
if we want to talk about Trump’s fascism – and we certainly should – we also need to talk about
corporate-fascism –

Without Capitalism’s greed/corporate corruption and their influence over government, would we have
the high levels of pollution which are causing citizen illnesses, poisoning of the planet and animal-life?
Would we have such high levels of impoverishment of citizens?
Would we have war on any level?
Or the damage that it does to the Earth and our soldiers and innocent citizens?


QUOTE: Without Capitalism’s greed/corporate corruption and their influence over government, would we have the high levels of pollution which are causing citizen illnesses, poisoning of the planet and animal-life? UNQUOTE

Yes we would have. Every system, which has ever existed since the late 19th Century, throughout the 20th and into the 21st has indulged in the riches, which first coal and later oil provided, regardless of political philosophy. At first it was blissful ignorance of the consequences.

Then after WWII the lure of nuclear energy was added to the toxic mix. This led to proliferation of radioactive waste, which will contaminate this planet for millions of years, .

It was only late in the 20th Century that science made itself heard loud and clearly with concerns for the planet. But in a world addicted to ever more energy consumption these voices were ignored for a long time and when finally the masses realized that disaster was brewing, corporate greed was firmly in control.


You know, a bellicose demeanor is another manifestation. You may be on to something.