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Clinton Inflames Progressive Base with Choice of Tim Kaine as Vice President


Clinton Inflames Progressive Base with Choice of Tim Kaine as Vice President

Jon Queally, staff writer

Hillary Clinton's Friday announcement of Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia as her vice-presidential running mate stirred immediate disappointment and outrage among the progressive wing of her party and the army of supporters inspired by Bernie Sanders' historic and visionary campaign.

"I'm thrilled to tell," Clinton texted those on her mailing list just before 8:15 PM EDT on Friday evening: "I've chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate."


Now more than ever: Jill Stein 2016


they look so happy...because:
Hi Ho Hi Ho...it's off to the bank we go.


Guess there's only one thing left to say: Seig Heil, President Drumpf ...

Gotta hand it to Hillary, she sure knows how to try and grab defeat from the jaws of victory ... time and time again ...


She makes this important announcement at 8:30 pm EDT. Friday being the day when governments, and others, dump unpleasantries it hopes will be forgotten by Monday. This is surreal.


Absolutely expected and a disaster. Welcome TPP! The DNC/Clintonites are a cabal that has become Nixon/Reagan Republicans. No more "lesser of two evils", because, actually, .00001 percent better isn't really "lesser". Jill Stein 2016 - let's build an alternative party for the future (provided EITHER of the mainstream candidates leave us one).


PLEASE BERNIE DELEGATES Be our voice and walkout of Hillary's speech.


I think that means I will be resigning from the Democratic Party and the county committee I have served on for a while. There is a limit even for those of us who elderly.


I was already shifting my support from Bernie Sanders to Jill Stein before this unsurprising, disappointing VP pick. This choice confirms that the Democrats have elected to move forward with Triangulation and other cynical actions that can only be categorized as 'Establishment' or 'Politics as Usual'.

For those of you thinking that I am 'throwing my vote away' let me give you another way of thinking about that concept: When you vote for someone who does not represent your worldview, policy objectives or sense of ethics -- you are throwing your vote away.


Kind of unlikely in this case as we should be so lucky if the candidate for Vice President were to go away by Monday.


For me that was when the other Clinton was in office.


Be sure to follow up your support with a contribution to Jill Stein.
It's Stein Time! I'm with her.


Next question how many bankers will be in her administration?


She KNOWS this will alienate the progressive base that had backed Bernie which suggests to me she knows something else, that being that progressive vote does not matter.

It's all preordained.


That's a beautiful thought but it ain't going to happen. Bernie delegates are not walking out on the candidate endorsed by Bernie and the platform blessed by him as the most progressive in Democratic Party history. You lose all your bargaining power when you endorse the devil -sorry - the lesser of two evils. The barking sound you hear is that of a sheep dog who done his job real well. Your job is to roast your wiener over the open flames you're now surrounded by.


Well at least Ivanka and Melania are nice to look at.


This will seal the deal for Jill Stein for me. The TPP and the TIPP are both environmental and business disasters letting them do most anything including not following environmental rules in the name of the mighty PROFIT. To bad Bernie got cowed to support HRC. Go Green!


What a Clinton/Kaine ticket makes clear, according to Jacobson, is that progressives now have a serious "fight on their hands, not only to avoid the election of an unapologetic fascist, but to ensure that the only person claiming the progressive mantle actually means what she says."

Huh? Progressives have a serious fight on their/our hands but it's not "to ensure that the only person claiming the progressive mantle [Hillary Clinton? Seriously? ] actually means what she says. " Good grief.


CD knows better than to push people to vote for Hillary. Some of us Sandernistas have donated to CD for the first time - because they have not pushed HRC.


Yes. She is obviously courting the Republican vote--that which disdains Trump.