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Clinton Machine on the Ropes as Sanders Takes Momentum to NY



Ms Clinton is going to use tactics that will alienate Sanders supporters of the hard and soft sort even more.

The reason Sanders has such large crowds is that he attracting a number of voters who do NOT see themselves as "democrats". From within the party itself, Sanders draws a number of Democratic party members who are inline with Sanders policy moreso than Ms Clinton.

I see absolutely no way she can ever mend bridges if she goes into attack Sanders mode. Attacking Sanders as they plan on doing will do more to help the Republican party candidate in the elections than it will help Clinton. This both stupid and selfish.


YAAAAY! I just sent Bernie another donation and it is $ well spent. But the one caveat is watch out for the dirty tricks from HRC! She still has many of the super delegates in her pocket and if we know anything, she will do anything to throw Bernie under the political bus.

My suggestion: if Bernie wins New York, Oregon and California and the corrupt super delegates still refuse to listen to the overwhelming will of the American people, the Bernie's donors need to descend on Philly and find out where these super delegates are staying and persuade them to do the will of the American people.


When all else fails, resort to calumny, insinuation, and outright deception:

"There's a big difference between Democrats and Republicans," she continued, digging in. "Sen. Sanders spends a lot of time attacking my husband and attacking President Obama. You rarely hear him say anything negative about George W. Bush, who I think wrecked our economy." (Sanders has previously addressed the criticism that he has never attacked the policies of Bush).

"Not to put too fine a point on it," she added. "I don't know where he is on the spectrum."

There is a NEW moon once every 29 days and according to Astrology, it sets the tone for the next 29 days.

Tomorrow is New Moon in Aries, the sign that is governed by Mars, the planet that exhibits the greatest degree of open aggression.

New Moon is the time when sun and moon merge forces, a celestial version of a marriage between the lights (which themselves signify Yin and Yang).

This new moon comes strongly under the influence of highly bombastic and competitive Mars. But that's not the end of the cosmic story. It just so happens that Mars' current position (at between 8 & 9 degrees Sagittarius) falls into a square (it's considered the worst aspect by professional astrologers) with Neptune. And Neptune is the planet that invented all forms of subterfuge, illusion, double-dealing, and deception.

My point is that things will not necessarily be what they seem; and that in the Political War, all sorts of under-the-radar tactics will come into use. Mars represents open actions and Neptune, extreme deceit.

Hillary is not planning to lose. She's a Scorpio and their stinger is legendary. Among clients, it's been stated many times that in divorces that involved Scorpios, that stinger truly came into play. This sign hates to lose (as does Aries and Capricorn), and since Scorpio signifies THE UNDERWORLD (and is an apt sign for all sorts of secret societies, Deep State apparatuses, and underground entities), whatever Hillary and her team have planned will advance under the radar.

She could well pull out all stops.

Accusing the Green Peace advocate of working for Sanders, and now stating these absurdities.... she KNOWS she's lost major ground. But Scorpions are never so dangerous as when they feel cornered!


Well, we all know that former Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton is not a Democrat. She was purchased wholesale by the Corporate Party long ago. Her support for NAFTA, GMOs, Fracking, Torture, War Mongering, Big Banking, etc all go against what it really means to be a true Democrat.

Bernie is far closer to the principles of what the Democratic Party should be. I only wish that the unDemocratic Super Delegates felt the same way.
Maybe they will come around when they see the ground swell support that Bernie has earned.
Bernie is our only hope against a Trump, Cruz, or (very unlikely) Clinton presidency.


Anyone notice that the usual chorus that attacks Sanders has gone missing?

Could it be that the immense sequence of wins, or the muscle with which the Establishment Democrats attack him have taken the wind out of their sails?

Or were they paid to post elsewhere?


No doubt she will have her "friends" in New York try to skew the voting totals like she did in Nevada, Iowa, Ohio. Dirty tricks are her M.O watch for them in New York. He can win the delegates he needs don't listen to big media trying to make up for her losses. He has a path to win. Go Bernie, makes me think this country is waking up. Amen.
If he is not nominated I'm going to write him in. This woman gags me like Ted Cruz does.


After being crushed in state after state after state, of course the Clinton camp wants to make this all about New York: independent voters are locked out of this primary and it's strictly dumb donkeys that will be voting. You thought place like Massachusetts and Arizona were corrupt - my bet is you ain't seen nothing yet.


Good article on the math showing that Bernie is going to make this a contested convention:



The neoliberal Clintonites HATE that Sanders is bringing millions of new and independent voters to vote for him as a Democrat. (Just like the Blairites HATE that Corbyn swept millions of people in the UK into the Labour Party.)

Clearly they are way more focused on defending their ideological ground as corporate Democrats - by any means necessary - than they are about winning elections. (Or serving the people, or the country.)


Yes, many of the super, corrupt delegates could care less about democracy.


Although Clinton alleges that Sanders is not attacking Dubya, he has frequently indirectly attacked Dubya when he reminds voters that he voted against the Iraq invasion.

Seeing how Clinton and other corporate Democrats were complicit in Dubya's corporate agenda on Iraq, estate taxation, bankruptcy "reform", Medicare Part D and other devious actions, Clinton best be careful what she asks for. Most attacks on Dubya are also attacks on Clinton's Senate voting record.

If Clinton thinks Bernie is attacking the Clintons and Obamas, they will be facing ten times more attacks from the GOP in the general election. In view of how fast Jeb was bumped from the primaries, expect the GOP nominee to attack Dubya as well.


Thanks for the astrology narrative. Sounds right on to me! My Mother was a Scorpio and she could definitely sting when cornered!


Common Dreams has picked up a couple Seth Abramson articles, they should run the one you linked as well.


No idea how surnames fit in your world view, but i stumbled across the derivation of the name Wasserman, which means Water Man and refers to Aquarian. FYI!


Wake-up NY!
The Clinton's have been central to corruption at the very heart of US dirty politics and corporate greed. From fracking & oil-gas ties, to Monsatan agribusiness, banking de-regulation, NAFTA, to catering to banker/Wall Street/hedge-funds and more, Bill and Hillary have sold-out ordinary people, the 99%, to enrich themselves and contributors!

Release the Goldman transcripts NOW Hillary!

"Hillary won’t tell us what she said to those banks who paid her over $1 million and are contributing millions more to elect her. So before you promise your vote to Hillary, don’t you deserve to know what she promised them?" What she said IS the smoking-gun of her collusion with banker corruption!




She did come to NY as a carpet bagger after all. Hope NY rejects her.


There is apparently a big difference in being democratic and being a member of the Democratic party, no offense to the honest people in said organization. But from what I've seen there doesn't appear to be much democracy going on with them. The party is apparently more important than the will of the people. If all you've got is tricks and dishonesty (not to mention outright lies) something is very wrong.


Hillary Clinton’s response to Chris Cuomo (regarding Jeff Weaver statement) in this clip is VERY bizarre.
It is replete with inappropriate laugh and Freudian slip (“ludicrous on the face of it”) :


The "Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated" line doesn't work well after a Bernie victory. It sounds like the pundit is rejecting reality in favor of cognitive dissonance.

Nor should it be used five days before another near-certain Bernie victory. I don't see why the Wyoming caucus results won't look much like the Utah and Idaho Democratic caucus results which were almost 80% for Bernie.