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Clinton Makes History; For Sanders "The Struggle Continues"


Clinton Makes History; For Sanders "The Struggle Continues"

Robert Borosage

Hillary Clinton became the “presumptive nominee” of the Democratic Party Tuesday night, and will be the first woman ever to win the presidential nomination of a major party.

Clinton won primaries in New Jersey, New Mexico and California, the large states at issue. She will finish the primary season having won a majority of the votes cast, a majority of the primaries contested, and a majority of the pledged delegates.


We are not in charge. HRC shall roll on. "History" says so...


I hope Secretary Clinton shifts her weight so Mr. Borosage can smooch her other cheek.


It is not a victory for women to have a female in the WH who is an unapologetic warmonger; who murders Muslim women and children through wars, invasions and sanctions; who cannot tell truth from lies; and who enthusiastically embraces Israel's racism, apartheid and genocide. Rather than a victory, Clinton's election will mean the death of more women in foreign lands, and the death of feminism and all progressive movements. But the problem goes beyong this particular candidate. Clinton's nomination reflects the racism, elitism, warmongering and corruption of the Democratic Party. The Dem Party is in its death throes. Trying to "reform" it is a fool's errand -- only a Third Party will provide enough leverage to counter the Dems. It won't happen at once, and we may have to tolerate a Trump in the short term, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. To paraphrase Eugene Debs: I’d rather vote for someone I want -- and lose, then to vote for someone I don’t want -- and win.


You are not alone. Here's small comfort -- Hillary Clinton is one of the most despised presidential nominees in history, and progressives can make her presidential tenure a living hell.


Never Hillary, even if...


The media's "historical" aspect means nothing to most Americans when you consider how many third party female candidates Americans have already had the opportunity to vote for.

I voted for two female presidential candidates, McKinney in 2008, and Stein in 2012.

Of greater consequence is the more telling historical metric that both major party candidates are facing indictments...first time in history !


I smell tag-team... another "Progressive" for Trump.

And calling the Democratic party sexist (elitist, racist) is rich. It's the Republicans who are working 24/7 to push women back into kitchens barefoot and perpetually pregnant while under-funding public schools so that every American kid grows up in the faith of the born again Christian.

That's progress?


Another day in paradise folks. The queen can't wait to wear the crown so she colludes with AP to announce her victory, with her sending out the email Monday night and AP announcing her the winner on Tuesday. Doesn't that just make you want to scream? A full on voter suppression tactic used on a national level and no one says anything, except Bernie supporters. The people in this country are so sick of watching her claw her way to the power levers it's scary.
I hope she plans to fix the general election too cause I know I won't vote for her. She has made no move to respect Bernie's millions of voters or try to include them, she just assumes we will have to follow her cause...Trump.
The revolution is just beginning and isn't going to stop over an election. It was always going to be a fight and now we need to stay with Bernie as his wife has said, he plans to lead this revolution whether he wins or not.
To quote another post, SEE YOU IN THE STREETS!


Since her "foreign policy" speech last week Clinton somehow seems to have taken her candidacy to a new level. She is not known for being a good speaker but the speech last week and the speech last night were much better than any of her previous speeches during the campaign. She has really hit a groove taking on Trump. And surprisingly she has made the fact that she is a woman breaking glass ceilings a central theme. Meanwhile the Republican Party seems to be coming apart as its leaders are trapped between supporting Trump and calling him out for making racist remarks. Trump appears to be trying to save his candidacy. The Republican Party at the moment is in as serious trouble as any of the major parties have been in recent memory. The big if is what is Sanders going to do. He has run as Democratic but doesn't really seem to be a Democrat. Right now he has a juggling act going trying to balance working within the party to stop Trump and leading a movement outside the party against the very the party he is in. He is caught in a contradiction. He can't be both with the party and an outsider against the party. For, example, he has attacked Superdelegates for being part of the corrupt establishment and is trying to get their votes to become the Democratic nominee. I don't think he can make up his mind exactly where he stands and that is what we are seeing play out. Where he will wind up seems to be unclear.


“Americans are not going to elect Donald Trump president of the United States, no matter what passing polls suggest. But Clinton would be well advised to put forth a bold vision and platform for change. Without that, this campaign will disintegrate into a spitball fight, at which Trump excels.”

Robert Borosage----are you SERIOUS? Of course Trump could get elected.
And as far as Clinton putting “forth a bold vision and platform for change” as a measure to prevent the campaign from disintegrating into a spitball fight------- that seems to be over the top wishful thinking.

If most people in this country cared about platforms, visions, TRUTH------ HRC would not even be in the running at this point, even with the rigged system as Glenn Greenwald pointed out yesterday (https://theintercept.com/2016/06/07/perfect-end-to-democratic-primary-anonymous-super-delegates-declare-winner-through-media/)

That seems to be the pathetic and tragic reality. This is a country founded on genocide. This country will end by playing a huge role in biocide with either Clinton or Trump at the helm. For those who think we have a few more election cycles to get it right, I advise you to update yourself on the facts related to the melting Arctic, ocean acidification and CO2 levels (and many other tipping points that have been crossed). Humans have run out of time to get it right.


If that raving lunatic wins it will be b/c she rigged the entire election -- there are a number of articles out there that talk about how the primary states that she supposedly won were accomplished by cheating. I think these primaries were the test run so that they could use the verified dirty tricks in the general and win.


In the last midterms I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for every office that was open. In the 2012 presidential election I voted for Jill Stein, but this time I wil probably write-in Bernie b/c it's too important to just do a 'protest' vote -- this one needs to count!


Dear wicklund,

I just now signed up with Common Dreams so that I could respond to your comment this morning. For years I have refrained from commenting online because our government is no longer a democracy and now spies on its citizens. But your pain truly touches me and I have liked your previous comments consistently, so I will break my silence for you.

First, I (like millions of others) share your deep pain this morning over Bernie Sanders losing the Democratic nomination for the Presidency (so far) to the very corrupt Hillary Clinton after a year of dirty tricks and corruption by the Democratic Party (national, state, and county), and by the corrupt corporate media and their corrupt talking heads. You (and all of us) have a right to mourn for as long as you need to. The stakes are very high for all people (and all living things) in the U.S., in every nation, and for life on Earth. This U.S. election matters very much. So, yes, your feelings matter and deserve respect.

Second, since you asked for others' help, please let me humbly offer my current thoughts. (I don't know all the answers either.):

1) Care deeply, but try your best to not care too much. I truly respect that each of us is unique and some of us have more sensitive, emotional biology and psychology. But given who you are (and who each of us is), try to balance caring with calmness. Try to maintain a longterm, philosophical perspective.

2) Most immediately, do positive behaviors to help comfort and console yourself. Take a break from politics and the news. Take a nap. Take lots of deep breaths. Go outside and enjoy the soothing beauty of nature. Take a walk or a bike ride in the park. Go see the ocean and walk along the waves and smell the salt sea air. (If you can't go to the ocean then listen to a tape or a CD of the sound of the waves.) Listen to music that either gets you to dance out your pain and anger energetically or evokes your sorrows and tears. (Crying releases your pain and brings relief). Then listen to music that soothes and comforts you, and then listen to music that inspires and uplifts your spirit. Read your favorite poetry or short stories or novels. You get the idea. Actively do the things that will help you heal your hurt right now and build your health and happiness again.

3) As for your friends' and family's politics, I have learned that most other people do not change their political views, even when presented with many facts and proven examples. I have learned to just accept (and try to respect) others in my life who have political beliefs that I am very disappointed in. Again, try to cultivate a philosophical attitude and your own equanimity and peace of mind. Try to accept (and love) your friends and family as they are, and try to focus on enjoying the values and goals you have in common with them. Life is short and they or we can die at any moment. So fully enjoy the time we share with family and friends.

4) As for political activism, if and when you want to (and are physically and emotionally strong enough), consider contacting the politically active groups whose values and goals you share most in common with. Either locally or online, there are many people with whom you can share moral support and acts of political activism to advance your and their political goals. (Personally, I'm joining the Green Party today. The Democratic Party left me long before I am leaving it!) But please pace yourself. Try not to overwork, over-emote, or over-stress yourself, emotionally or physically. Again, try to develop a longterm perspective and a philosophical attitude. You (and each of us) will "win some and lose some." And "this too shall pass." Again, it's important, right, and good to care deeply about things that truly matter. But again, try not to care too much, which can be harmful to your health, life, and relationships.

5) Lastly, whatever happens at the Democratic convention or in the national election this year, dear ol' Bernie Sanders (bless his soul!) has worked so very hard and has accomplished so very much for our nation and our world. The movement (that Occupy Wall Street was and is a part of) will continue. The common people are awakening (continuously and increasingly) -- and the terrible conditions of our lives in the U.S., in other nations, and on our beloved Earth will guarantee that this movement for democracy, equality, justice, and humaneness WILL continue. But I want to caution (and cushion) your hopes: please try to take comfort and satisfaction in simply caring and doing the best you can. We may not get all (or any) of what we strive for. But in our efforts and in our movement we can take satisfaction and (if need be) consolation.

Wishing you much healing and peace.


A pig wearing orange ballerina leotards and a mudfish wearing green lipstick were dancing under a tall pine tree when lightning hit the tree. After a blinding flash and deafening thunderclap Hillary Clinton was standing under what was left of the tree wearing orange leotards and green lipstick.


Let everyone here, at least, reason out with friends, colleagues, relatives and other Americans why no one should ever vote for HRC, whether the alternative is a write-in for Bernie, or voting for Stein, or simply staying at home. For the time being, let CD be one of the areas where we can continue to communicate, to plan a government by the people, of the people, and for the people.


Donald Trump is about to "take her candidacy to a new level."


Hillary Clinton will never have "won" the nomination. With widespread election fraud, rigged every time in her favor, she may come away with the nomination, but she will not have legitimately "won" it.


Thank you: generous and heart opening suggestions and reminders.


You're welcome, Empire, and thank you.