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Clinton May Take the Nomination, But Sanders Has Won the Debate


Clinton May Take the Nomination, But Sanders Has Won the Debate

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Eight years ago today, Hillary Clinton ended her presidential campaign after a long and bitter Democratic primary fight. Tonight, by the time the votes are counted in California, Clinton is expected to secure enough delegates (including pledged delegates and endorsing superdelegates) to make her the party’s presumptive nominee, even as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to press onward until the Democratic convention next month.


Katrina, taking a break from the sipping of Mimosas and munching on truffles whilst taking in a Chukkar of polo, has a problem. How to get Hillary and Bernie to make nice to each other so that the dreaded Donald and his rogues gallery of village idiots (aka the Republican establishment) don't take over the entire kit and caboodle in DC.
Feigning the role of a partisan Katrina declares:
“His run has already created the space for a more powerful progressive
movement and demonstrated that a different kind of politics is
possible,” we wrote. “This is a revolution that should live on, no
matter who wins the nomination.”
And your proof is?...
Katrina then asserts:
"Sanders will play a major role over the next five months. At the
convention, we will witness a powerful demonstration of the passion that
Sanders represents. His allies will seek to ensure that the Democratic
Party platform incorporates the fundamental reforms that he has
To paraphrase Stalin on treaties, party platforms are like pie crust, made to be broken.
Unfazed, Katrina then gets down to business:
"He will use his prime-time address to lay out the next stage in the
political revolution, while showing that stopping Trump is vital to its
Yes, that is the price for Bernie to have a seat at the table, to do a Kucinich and urge everybody to kiss this pig of a candidate named Hillary Clinton.
But wait, there's more:
"Looking ahead to 2017, if Democrats take back the Senate, Sanders is in
line to become chairman of the powerful Senate Budget Committee. As a
leading member of the Democratic caucus, he can wield the influence he’s
earned during his campaign to keep pushing his colleagues — and,
hopefully, a Democratic president — to embrace more progressive
positions on key issues."
There, that should be enough to satisfy the editors of WaPo--back to polo!


Does Katrina ever rub elbows with real people, real flesh and blood people? Does she really think Clinton can capture the enthusiasm of the millions of Bernie backers, let alone their votes? Enthusiasm, hope, and the joy of standing for change that are hallmarks of this journey with Bernie are not fungible. As far as moving Hillary to the left, that won't wash, nor will a few nice planks on a Party platform, a platform not worth the paper it is printed on. Bernie or Bust!


Sanders didn't just win the debate, he created the debate. Had he not entered the race no other Democratic Party or GOP candidate would have initiated discussion of the issues of substance that Sanders put on the table.

That said, winning the debate without being nominated plus two bucks buys a good cup of coffee (three bucks in the high rent districts where many Hillarybots live).


What's with this flood of opinion pieces about making Hillary into someone she's never been? What is this? Make lemonade out of lemons day?


A Wall St liberal? More like a neocon 'progressive'?

It's the new and improved - original formula - Hillary!


What would happen if leaders of Progressive media all challenged the veracity of the vote counts, the voting restrictions, the constant preemptive announcements that Hillary won, etc? Instead, they concede without a fight. I find this piece sad...


No, apparently not. And, yes, it seems she believes in miracles.


To answer your two questions:
Katrina lives in the world of magical thinking and has carved out a very comfy niche for her kind of elite mystical radical chic. As the evangelical Protestant altar call refrain goes, "Only believe, only believe, all things are possible only believe".


The perfect oxymoron. Like dynamic impotence or military intelligence.


Chukkah, please, old chap, what?

Another British word that originated in India. Ah, the Glory of those days.............!


"Wall Street liberal". Quite appropriate. Making free with your money.


or sipping vodka and olive juice:
Katrina vanden Heuvel at home---drinks and dinner:

"When it’s not warm, I will make myself a vodka with a little olive juice. We have about five different kinds of vodka in our freezer. It’s like a not-very-well-done dirty martini. We will do Chinese, maybe pizza and salad, Indian or sushi. I will have a big dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. We set it up so it’s kind of elegant, even though it’s takeout. My husband is a basketball fanatic. If it’s a big game, we will be watching that. I will tweet if we’re watching basketball."


Another attempt to fly under the radar with a "time to get behind Hillary" message while seeming oh so reasonable.

Sanders has already nudged Clinton to the left on key issues during the campaign, including trade policy and the minimum wage.

Does anybody believe this? The only argument would be how long it would take a president Hillary Clinton to support TPP after she arrives in office. (If it hasn't passed in the lame duck session.) Hillary did not come out repeatedly and vociferously on the campaign trail against the TPP. She made statements some time ago opposing it and nothing since.

And how nice for Katrina van den Heuvel to mention Hillary's support for an increase in the minimum wage, but just not $15 an hour or maybe just not for everyone.

van den Heuvel ignores that Hillary pushed fracking and GMO's on the world while she was SOS. Also forgotten are the $225,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs and the hefty donations from Citigroup or perhaps the author of this article doesn't think it's important. Or repeatedly backing dictators and thugs around the planet (think Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has donated at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation)

Van den Heuvel is editor of The Nation magazine. It has been going downhill for years as it has adopted a more and more establishment tone.


Too funny. Thanks for posting this.


Americans are ignorant foolsasshown by the governments they elect. In a democracy, or as some obtuse pundits like to say, a "republic", you get the government you deserve. So if you believe it will be Clinton or Trump then enjoy!


Is she delusional or just an enabler? but thanks for throwing Bernie some crumbs.


She should be in jail. Not running for President!!!

I wouldn't vote for her if she was the last candidate on Earth because her and DWS' obvious rigging of the election has proven she is totally untrustworthy.


I agree.

The only campaign I'll get behind involving Hillary Clinton is:

Hillary for Prison 2016


Looks as if Hillary is winning CA.

I believe that a Bernie Sanders presidency would have redirected the unfortunate drive toward an Empire in decline. Hillary or Trump will just further move our country toward an overbearing 1%, solidifying an Oligarchy.

feelthebern.org with regret