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Clinton May Think She's "Done," but Sanders Campaign Begs to Differ


Clinton May Think She's "Done," but Sanders Campaign Begs to Differ

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Bernie Sanders campaign struck back at Hillary Clinton on Thursday for her statement that the Democratic presidential nominating process was "already done," pointing to not only the nine remaining contests, but also poll after poll showing Sanders outperforming Clinton in hypothetical match-ups against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.


I'm sick of Hillary's presumptuousness to being the nominee. In this country, it's nobody's "turn" to be President, let alone that evil, corporately-owned B#$ch. We will do scorched Earth to make sure she doesn't win in November. Bernie may insist on playing nice, but those of us who are hard-core Clinton-hating leftists will not. We're here for Bernie, and only Bernie. There is no "coming back to reality", or "coming home" for us. The Democratic Party is not our real home, even if we are registered there to have a place to vote in primaries. We are committed to the cause first. We mean to overthrow the established order by seeing that the establishment loses this election and can be overthrown. #NeverHillary.


Regardless of who you like -- Hillary is a losing candidate. She's impersonal -- represents hegemonic global polices and miserable regard for social issues in the U.S.. Trump seems despicable, but he at least sounds like an actual human -- not a political entity with "winning" policy statements ready to broadcast via a recording device implanted by his handlers. Bernie's wife stated that Bernie will not be "the spoiler" for the Democrats -- but the actual spoiler is HC's personality. We don't really have to journey to the moon and back to discover this reality -- for those who disagree, get ready for a big surprise come November.


That B*TCH! She already knows the FIX is in for her! She knows she is guaranteed that spot no matter what the hell the people want. ARREST HER BUTT NOW! Why wait? Indict her already. She's going to LOSE to Trump, and then let's see what happens then. God help us all.



What an insult to the people of California and the other state primaries that have not had a chance to vote. According to HRC, you should forget voting for Bernie, because your vote is irrelevant to her since she claims to have the democratic nomination all wrapped up!


IMO Bernie's last speech, his last stand, should be to tell his supporters that they must vote their own convictions in Nov. and not formally endorse Hillary.


Until this morning I believed that "Hillary has three million more votes" meme. Turns out it was trickery. See this piece in HuffPost:

"Debunking Hillary’s Specious 'Winning the Popular Vote' Claim "http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rob-kall/debunking-hillarys-specio_b_9972312.html


It would be great if the citizens of the 6th largest economy in the world honestly had an opportunity to have a real voice, it would be even more so if Hillary honored he word and debated Sanders in California before the California primary.


The same poll found that 52 percent of Democratic primary voters would
enthusiastically support Sanders if he were the nominee, compared to 44
percent who feel that way about Clinton

And when you factor in the independent voter, who overwhelmingly favor Bernie, it is obvious who the stronger candidate would be.


The time has come to cast off this nonsense. The DNC, Hillary and the rest of the machine continues to lie, cheat, malign, and dismiss those that don't vote as their told. They don't give a shit about your vote, you are a fool if you believe they give a crap about your needs. They only care about those that feed the machine.

Finish off all of the primaries, then announce to run as an independent Bernie. If you are serious about beating trump, run as an independent. Hillary is sinking like a stone in the polls. Falling in line behind her guarantees a Trump presidency. The only chance we have is Bernie making an independent run.


wow....gotta disagree with you on that!


I too hope for something similar but am afraid that even Bernie is afraid of the Trump boogyman.


No...just stop that nonsense talk.


"Why Voters Might "Respectfully Disagree" With Clinton's Declaration of Victory"?
I do NOT "respectfully disagree", I strongly disagree without respect, but with a growing fury and contempt for the candidate, her handlers, the DNC establishment lackeys, and all the Killary Kool-Aid drinkers, lapping-up Hillary's distortions, deceptions, lies and ignoring her deplorable record of serving the 1% banker/wall street/corporate thieves/pirates and empowering the war machine! Cackling/laughing at the murder of Qaddafi and her Goldman speeches, ties/servitude tells her status-quo tale..........

"'Are Democrats on track to nominate the wrong candidate?" THAT is clearly obvious to anyone paying the least bit of attention!

Bernie or Bust! Occupy Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!


I believe that Bernie should move forward even after the convenstion. So that people might have a choice other than a crook and nut. It is essential for this country.


Clinton is declaring victory because she has not won.


Someone somewhere recently wrote an article about the Dem's "March To Folly."


The people who are funding Clinton are not that concerned about Trump taking office, though perhaps they would be just as happy without the drama. They do not want Bernie Sanders in office.


Clinton is a crooked right-wing politician continually driving the Democratic Party further to the right. She's a student and fan of Henry Kissinger, among other relationships - including the people who wrecked the economy and belong in prison - and the health insurance & pharmaceutical cartels that have been - more or less - murdering 45,000 Americans every year for record profits.

I wouldn't vote for her if she were the nominee, either. In which case, the general is fake election with 2 right-wing candidates, each better or worse on any number of subjects. Take trade, for example. Take repealing that piece of ka-ka legislation that most certainly is unconstiutional in any number of ways.

Just face up to the fact that the people need to create their own party - and that it may take time and any number of setbacks, which you will experience, regardless -- in my view, too, the alternative in supporting such a candidate as Clinton is far worse because she is ASSUREDLY driving the nation into greater income disparity, greater loss of democracy and heightened fascist take-over - corporatism - which Americans will find HARDER to fight their way out of. You cannot reinvent the wheel. People just have to get off their effing arses and fight.

The ACA is NOT a doorway to singlepayer - for example. It is a prevention to single payer at both the national AND state level - which voters were lied to about. Do you see why? Because you are handing these criminals MORE power - they have GREATER control over the government. Meanwhile, they have a knife at people's throats because its their access to their very health - medicine - life. Do you know what they can do with this kind of control? People are crazy to allow this. Wake up.

Stop voting for these fraudulent crooked politicians - criminals, even - like Hillary Clinton.

If Bernie were on her ticket - which is highly unlikely, but possible - I still wouldn't vote for her. Because then it would tell you where Bernie is on his way to, then.

Obama - who isn't even as much of a hawk as Clinton - just signed over a trillion into worthless nuclear arms "improvements" while once AGAIN cutting the food program with the 1 party order.

Don't vote for bribed politicians. You're voting for the people and interests who pay them. And as far as I'm concerned, they can K.M.A.


The voters have spoken. In a democracy you accept what the majority votes for. If you don't like the outcome you try to win the next election. A large proportion of Democratic voters in many of the larger states are African Americans and in almost every state they voted for Clinton by a wide margins. This seems to be the main reason that Sanders is trailing by almost 300 pledged delegates. Sanders won either 8 or 9 of the whitest 10 states but those states tended to have smaller populations. Most likely he will sweep the 3 mostly white states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana, all with small populations. About four-fifths of the remaining pledged delegates are in California and New Jersey, both of which have large minority populations and he has trailed in the polling in both of those states. That is why Clinton said she will be the nominee. Obviously some unforeseen circumstance could occur and Clinton would have to withdraw in which case the pledged delegates and Superdelegates at the convention would probably choose Joe Biden as the nominee.