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Clinton Must Reject TPP in Michigan Speech or Risk Losing Election, Groups Say


Clinton Must Reject TPP in Michigan Speech or Risk Losing Election, Groups Say

Nika Knight, staff writer

Following in Donald Trump's always-controversial footsteps, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will give a much-anticipated speech on her economic policy plans in Michigan Thursday—and progressives nationwide are demanding Clinton use the opportunity to roundly reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.


She will say anything, just like Obama. Why give credence to these things?


Bernie, you need to get back in the race. Run with Jesse as an Independent.




Thanks, you said it for me!


Will she or won’t she?

Without extreme pressure, she will go along with TPP.

A DC insider, worked for 30 years on federal budget, says that Bill Clinton not only signed the bill that ended Glass Stegal, but he actively worked to shape the legislation.

The Clintons have been pushing full speed ahead on the neo liberal economic agenda their whole career. If her “experience” is what matters, her experience says that she would sign TPP.

And the VP candidate has been in strong support of TPP until he changed his words recently.

Only if Hillary TELLS OBAMA DO NOT SEND TPP TO CONGRESS - and will Obama go along with what she says? Who knows. Obama has been working for the oligarchy all along and like the Clintons the facade of liberalism has enabled many bad things to happen that even the Republicans could not pull off.

The Bernie movement is just getting going and I hope that this rally can get the attention of the establishment democrats.

He is the book that I mentioned above

Every Four years, tempers are tested and marriages fray as Americans head to the polls to cast their votes. But does anyone really care what we think? Has our vaunted political system become one big, expensive, painfully scriped reality TV show? In this cringe-inducing expose of the sins and excesses of Beltwayland, a longtime Republican party insider argues that we have become an oligarchy in form if not in name. Hooked on war, genuflecting to big donors, in thrall to discredited economic theories and utterly bereft of a moral compass, America’s governing classes are selling their souls to entrenched interest while our bridges collapse, wages, stagnate, and our water is increasingly undrinkable.

Drawing on sinsights gleaned over three decades on Capitol Hill, much of it on the Budget Committee, Lofgren paints a gripping portrait of the dismal swamp on the Potomac and the revolution it will take to reclaim our government and set us back on course.

The book

The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government


Clinton associate Terry Mccaliff has already said Hillary is going to sign and implement TPP,she just Clintoning now…lie is such a harsh word.


To the 51% of the HRC Supporters on this website, you have got to ask yourself…why have both Clinton and Kane flipped their positions so easily in support of the TPP?.. And then ask yourself, what will really bind them to this position once they are elected, and have your vote?..Deep down from an intuitive standpoint do you really support and trust Hillary , or are you just voting against Donald Trump?

Jill Stein of The Green Party really does support so many issues of critical importance. The TPP being a significant one


Yeah, free trade agreements! Please! The only thing free about these agreements, is the oligarchs are free to screw us!


Hill’s a loser, before she started. Polls are still proving it. **It will **
be her fault that Trump takes the Whitehouse. Clinton-2’s outrageous,
single-minded selfishness, to be the first, without deserving it, has
zero resonance with the living former middle-class - only rhetoric.
Credibility = zero, unless it’s to the generals & wall street.
**Clinton-2 cannot ever win the hearts and minds of the poor, the **
immigrants, the youth and the 2.4 million incarcerated. Without the
coalition of the emerging disaffected progressive movements: the Greens,
student debtors, the never-H never-T low-wage earners, Dreamers and
Black Lives Matter - ex-Berners, mostly - Holy it. Ever been a
citizen / an employee of a country? Run like a casino or countryclub golf
course? I think that reality will be certain - a corporate coronation of one
of “our” owners, one of the “billionaire old boys club”.

**She needs to step down, or we the people become permanent serfs of our **
**newest owners, the banskters a la “a Donald”, hurled at us, just because **
we wouldn’t let fraud and power trump Love and People.


“urging”, “demanding” and I’ll throw in, “holding her feet to the fire” (see Portugal and France for the latest fires) . . . . .

we could add "hold her feet to the floods"while we’re at it!


Probably no matter who wins in November, TPP will be approved by the Senate in the lame duck session and signed by Barry Obomber, despite the wishes of the voters of both parties, because, after all, it’s the 1%'ers world and we just occupy a small, insignificant part of it. No, the only thing that makes a difference is the total upset of the apple cart. Hillary is the “Chosen One” of the 1%. She must lose. Then real change can begin. Trump as idiot place-marker for four years, 'til we can get a real progressive to run in 2020. I don’t like him, but I absolutely hate her. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Nationwide Watch Parties for CNN Stein/Baraka Town Hall

On Wednesday, August 17th, CNN will host a town hall meeting at 9pm Eastern Time with Jill Stein and her VP nominee, Ajamu Baraka. (Please note that CNN has re-confirmed the original 9pm Eastern spot.)

This event marks an important point in the campaign as Jill is getting a chance to share her message in a national event in prime time! Supporters will be hosting watch parties around the country.

Go here for more info or to host a Watch Party



This just in: Cinton’s word is worthless…


Talk is cheap is not merely a slogan appropriate to the Green Party, it is a life style choice for the party and its supporters.


True, but that is old news.


I am sure that Clinton is shaking in her shoes.


Donald Trump 2016. Corrected it for you.


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I hope some of the 51% here will try to answer this and if they do, judgement is withheld by those who (like me) hate HC and all she represents.

It would be helpful to have more of an understanding of this. Some of my friends are HC supporters and we can’t talk about the election----they get very angry with me knowing I will vote for Stein and in their minds, that is casting a vote for Trump. And the conversation ends.