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Clinton: No US Ground Troops in Iraq, Syria; Trump: Steal Iraqi Oil


Clinton: No US Ground Troops in Iraq, Syria; Trump: Steal Iraqi Oil

Juan Cole

The NBC Candidates Forum continued the shameful corporate coverage of the Great American Meltdown that is our election season.


At the time of the 2003 invasion, the GOP and its Congressional Democrat enablers serially broadcasted the myth that the oil the US would steal from Iraq would pay for the cost of the Iraq invasion allegedly due to shock and awe strategy that would bring the invasion to a fast conclusion. Thirteen plus years later ....

Trump is just parroting what the DC politicians already jammed down our throats.


I think what Clinton meant is the US would have no combat troops in Iraq. There are no regular combat forces there now although the special forces could be said to engage in combat during special operations. With all the talk about defeating ISIS no one seems to realize that ISIS is almost defeated. The bombing has worked very well but most importantly Turkey has cleared all ISIS forces away from the Turkish border which is a devastating blow to ISIS (see link), It seems now to be just a matter of time before ISIS is cleared out of Syria and Iraq. Obama said there would be no caliphate and it looks like he will be right. Although it seems likely all fighting will end in Iraq after Mosul is recaptures, which seems like a sure thing but it remains to be accomplished, there will still be the problem of fighting in Syria between Assad's forces and the rebels. That will probably have to end by negotiation but it will take some doing.


'The NBC Forum didn’t really challenge either candidate on implausible statements, but on the whole engaged in a lot of badgering of Hillary Clinton while letting Donald Trump get away with outright misstatements of the facts and tossing him a lot of softballs.'

Not entirely. Lauer tried a gotcha on Trump when he asked him this loaded question: "How can you be friendly with Putin when he annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine"? Both were lying assumptions, but if Trump knew it and called him on it, he would have confirmed Hillary's accusations that he was coddling Putin, the newly designated enemy. And Trump would have lost points in the debate with all the made in the military conservatives.


What an amazing comment: "'cable “news' is mostly infotainment as a placeholder between ads for toilet paper." Perfect! And that's not true just of Faux News, but of all the mainstream media, generally.

Is it a wonder that our so-called 'Democracies" are in such drastically undemocratic condition? All we've been getting for years is "infotainment as a placeholder between ads for toilet paper." Where are Morrow, and Cronkite, and other the masters of solid journalism?

That's why our countries are in such terrible shape.

Lord, have mercy!


So Mr. Cole thinks there should be ground troops? According to the your article the Sunnis initially welcome ISIS, how do you expect the to persuade Americans to fight a war in which ISIS was essentially invited in? It seems like you want us to get involved in a regional civil war.


These kinds of political shows including the upcoming "debates" are all just like the national news media, all "one-dimensional"....there is no room for a three dimensional version. It's all one way.