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Clinton Responds to Student Debt Voters – and Sanders and O’Malley


Clinton Responds to Student Debt Voters – and Sanders and O’Malley

Roger Hickey

Many young people are discovering a historical secret: There was a time, only a few decades ago, when almost all Americans could find a way to attend college or university (like the University of California or New York University) and emerge with a degree without going into debt. Today, a new generation has begun to rebel against an education-financial system that seems to take for granted the imposition of huge debts – often over $200,000 in student loans – for the privilege of competing for decent jobs in a Hunger Games-style economy.


A progressive society knows that education is the key to progress. It is an intrinsic value that should not be measured to death (NCLB…) nor borrowed against. A solid education system with opportunity for all is a deep expression of faith that humanity can improve. Regressive forces serving as trolls under our bridges continue to dump their problems on society–and society is PISSED.


The U.S. has access to TONS of funds. The problems are two-fold: Capital (Big business/corporations) and Big Militarism (the MIC) rule. The banks, like vulture capitalists, lurch onto both.

With countless trillions PRINTED and handed to banks, and countless TRILLIONS wasted on foreign wars (that benefit weapons’ contractors, oil moguls, and banks), and yet more TRILLIONS wasted on lax tax policy towards corporate predators when these entities are not getting fat on subsidies…

It all comes down to PRIORITIES.

Reducing student debt is an obvious investment in the nation’s future, but the corporate overlords could care less about our nation. They have already fleeced it like a carcass left to rot and are moving on to plunder-based pursuits in India, China, and “developing” nations.

Everything is now commoditized.

How about CANCER being a big business with individual treatments running up to a million dollars for Chemo?

All of the environmental toxins that now infuse our water, soil, and air… to end up IN our cellular tissues are the cause. But rather than ameliorate, or Goddess forbid, eliminate CAUSE, the medical establishment is just as enthusiastic about the practices of Disaster Capitalism as the worst arms merchant.

Programs that take advantage of others along with those that capitalize on HARM DONE are items that should be heavily taxed or done away with, altogether.

However, so long as Big Capital runs the show from media, to marketing, to elections, to policing and extending into foreign theaters of war… citizens will be lucky to see any improvements to their lives made.

Obviously, Sanders and Ms. Warren have rocked Hillary’s victory ship. THAT is why she’s talking a new Progressive Line.

American Dynasty just might be enjoying its final days of (dark) dominion!


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“Obviously, Sanders and Ms. Warren have rocked Hillary’s victory ship. THAT is why she’s talking a new Progressive Line.”
Well this is one of the reasons Bernie got into it was to force her talk about the issues that concern the people. And it is working!
One problem with that is that Wall Street fully expects her to say what ever she as to get the votes, and won’t get upset over that. What they do fully expect, is for her to fall back into line when the time comes!
She will!
Bernie doesn’t owe them and plans on keeping it that way. If it really begins to look as if he is going to be able to mount a very real challenge to her nomination then the the fangs will come out.
Right now it to early and they figure Bernie’s momentum will die. MSM is playing along and not giving Bernie much time or name recognition.
He as their attention and they going to try and relegate him to the sidelines, early.


I don’t have a problem with requiring students to be able to do the work by passing entrance exams that are fair. As it is, something approaching 50% of incoming freshmen at some schools don’t graduate.

Does anyone really believe that Clinton really stands behind most of what she is being forced by Bernie and O’Malley to say? My guess is that she talks the Obama “hope and change” meme, and then it’s more giving all to the rich and more war to the rest of the World.


You can believe that any Clinton plan to reform student debt will end up looking a lot like the Clinton plan to reform health care: It will be resolutely corporate-friendly, and way more complex that it should.


Thank you Bernie Sanders for giving the leadership needed on this issue! #BernieSanders2016