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Clinton Rolls Eyes, Trump Lashes Out as Comey Announces FBI Found Nothing New


Clinton Rolls Eyes, Trump Lashes Out as Comey Announces FBI Found Nothing New

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a letter sent to members of Congress on Sunday, Director of the FBI James Comey said that a week of intense review of emails possibly related to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server ultimately did "not changed [the bureau's] conclusions" of their investigation and appeared to put to rest the idea that anything explosive was contained in the recently discovered data or the charges would ever come in the case.


You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days

Well, yeah, you can. It's called a key word search and can probably be done in a lot less time than that.


Apparently Director Comey was paid a visit by two gentlemen that had to remind him why he dropped the original investigation. :wink:


This conclusion by Comey was expected but it will not satisfy Trump's paranoid supporters. They are convinced Clinton is guilty of a crime and if elected will take their guns away. They also think the election is rigged. And of course they think scientists are rigging their published papers to create fear over climate change. These people are so far removed form reality that it is mind boggling.


They only reviewed e-mails to or from Clinton. That was a small fraction of the e-mails.


This crazy election is not over yet.
I won't be surprised if WikiLeaks has one more big leak before Tuesday,
A couple of weeks ago WikiLeaks said they would release info on Donna Brazile and Tim Kaine,
The release of the Brazile info got her to quit CNN.
Will the info on Tim Kaine come out before Tuesday?


Just waiting for Trump's confession speech, er, I mean concession speech. "It was rigged!" will probably be the tweet from the Twit.


The takeaways here are: Obama is an idiot for putting a right wing zealot in the FBI slot in a Dimocratic Adm. The actions of Comey, Rudy G., Gov. Crisco and the 5th column FBI right wing cell nutcases in NYC and N. Jersey are surely criminal and, possibly a risk to national security. Bipartisanship is no reason to look like a fool ya' dumbass, Obama. Unless, of course, you're a DINO, too. Hmmmm......?


Doesn't work for altered spelling or changed vocabulary.


Evidence is already published elsewhere, but it looks like this is where government shall rest for the moment.


"...with the FBI's integrity in the balance."

The FBI's history ought to be considered before its lack of integrity is blamed only on the latest Corporate Clone in charge.


It would be pretty hard to come out with anything bigger than what Wilileaks has already dropped, which includes high treason, war crimes, and child trafficking. Much like with Nixon in '72, enough is known; there just is not enough time for it to sink in.

It might be moot.

Per Edward Luttwak's work on coup d'etat, which he did decades ago in a different media environment, the basic is that the persons executing the coup need the executive, military, and communications at once. Silence from the media or inability to call in police or military is adequate. If they have that for five minutes, generally the act is done.

Of course, nowadays, the media is a more difficult proposition, but the same principle applies, particularly since so large a population prefer their heritage large-end commercial sources. We know that Clinton and the DNC had most of the commercial media conglomerates as of mid-summer, when they were taking dictation from Wasserman-Schultz for their copy concerning the primaries.

The executive was apparently already implicated, given Obama's actions in selling presidential time and favors for campaign funds during the nomination. In the US, the relevant military bodies are probably intelligence agencies. It seems likely that the impressive string of Wikileaks releases may have been sourced from somewhere in the American intelligence community, although that mostly is just a guess based on capacity and motive. However, Comey's obvious decision that he is outgunned suggests that these came despite the collusion of the higher agency brass with the executive, and not because--which, given the Bush family record and the 60s assassinations, is probably what would be expected.

This is going to make a very rocky road for most of us. Clinton will move us towards the way that her Middle Eastern funders have paid her for. That means high energy use, probably wartime inflation to be followed by bust, increased coercion to support a war effort and especially a crackdown on journalism with predictable accusations of sexism, no green projects, and consolidated control of upcoming elections.

Let's hope that we at least dodge around a war with Russia, which may be a wind that blows no one any good.


I don't know whether you're saying this tongue in cheek or not, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this actually took place. Representatives from the secret state saying "we want her in, let it happen or else..."


I've seen lots of imaginary innuendo from Republicans.

We don't need that from the so called Left.

Got any proof? No? Then please find something else to do.


This is not acceptable to me.

Both parties, the Dems. and Repubs. may "allegedly," be involved in her coverup and this is much more
vast than we could ever imagine.

The Dems. have already demonstrated their involvement through their actions.

The Repubs. could actually legally impeach her right now as I speak. They have enough
evidence that she is guilty of a multitude of sins and legally the Repub. House can impeach
her before the election.. which many people do not know.

As a person who leans to the left side of the aisle, I still respect the intelligence of Jason
Chaffetz, Chairman of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, representing Utah,
and also Congressman "Trey Gowdy," rep. from S.C., par excellence, both Republicans who
displayed excellent skills in the courtroom as far as examination of everyone from Clinton, Comey,
Lynch, and others.

I predict there are two reasons Congress is not impeaching Clinton. They "allegedly" want to wait
'til after election in order to get the bottom of the ticket won in house, senate. They don't want to be
seen as "bad guys" to the electorate before the election.

Second and most important reason is that "allegedly" these actions by Clinton and husband are so
far-reaching that the House, as well as Senate members are involved especially with a connection
to The Clinton Foundation. It is a possibility that at least half of Senate and Congress have "invested"
in this Foundation, with alleged profits or percentages of interest, just as a bank would give an
investor interest. There are possibly so many people involved in our present government that it
would take years and years to prosecute them all, and tie up any forthcoming Bills or gov. business
coming through the House or Senate. I predict, that allegedly,there are more people involved
from our present White House, House and Senate than we could ever imagine, and the entire
octopus would strangle the U.S. if pursued fully... and we have World War III to deal with.

IF H.C. is charged and gets any type of sentence, I predict IF she IS incarcerated she will walk in
the front door of prison and directly out the back door into a waiting limo, never to be seen again.

Will the general public see pictures of her on the TV, and various websites eating, sleeping, allegedly
incarcerated, .. you be the judge.


Yeah, the FBI's "integrity" is an oxymoron.


This is a fake site. There is no denver guardian.


What happened to the Mark {pardon me Bill) Rich FBI continuing investigation?


Why is Mr. Comey still employed?


I made the same mistake too, but it's interesesting that the fact that we've seen this stuff happen before (many times over the past 25-30 years) was enough for us to believe that it happened again. So there was no need in our minds to do a rigorous fact check.

Eh, fool me once...