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Clinton’s Digital Task Force Breaks Barriers To Defend Her Donors


Clinton’s Digital Task Force Breaks Barriers To Defend Her Donors

Kevin Gosztola

A super political action committee, Correct The Record, which has direct ties with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, launched a “digital task force” to push out “positive content” and respond to “negative attacks” and “false narratives” spread within “online progressive communities.” The super PAC also plans to use the “task force” to “thank” and show support for superdelegates, who the campaign contends are under attack by supporters of her opponent, Bernie Sanders.


Bring it on, Brock.


Thank you, once again, Kevin, for reporting things other won't.


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Just more dirty tricks from the Clintons. Check out: youtube.com/watch?v=wK2K5v5bm0Q
Then sign the petition: socialistalternative.org/2016/04/17/kshama-sawant-petitioning-bernie-run-independent/
Bernie is not running for his edification! He wants to give control of the country back to the 99%!


Since Common Dreams is a major pro-Bernie site, I would expect it to be a target of these operatives big time. Indeed, they may have already appeared at various junctures, such as the day after a big Bernie victory (Wisconsin), or a big Hillary victory (NY) ...


Gosztola sez: "The 'digital task force' ... is the 'brainchild' of well-known Clinton operative, David Brock ..."

The only surprise in this commentary was that it took six paragraphs for this guy's name to pop up.


Nothing odd or unexpected about it. Everybody knows the level of morals of HRC. So this "Correct the Record" is sort of McCarthyian: by intimidation and smear, outright lies and goebelsian manipulation, they show how terrified they are before the prospect of Bernie's march forward next Tuesday.


This whole thing is hill-arious. Bernie has a battalion of tech savvy young people at his back. These folks have been online their entire lives and know a thing or two about virtual reality. While Clinton's online nazis may shut down some older folks who aren't used to how comment boards work, I'll be willing to bet the Bernie supporters will shut down more of the nazis, than the other way around. I second dakotalin:


"..while there is plenty of evidence there are anonymous “Bernie Bros” online who say sexist and repulsive things to women who support Clinton.."

Is there?

There was plenty of evidence on CD that a lot of progressives posting here are anti_Semitic - until CD exposed the Jewish grad student creating a torrent of anti-Semitic posts under multiple ID's trying to make it look as if CD had a lot of anti-Semitic bigots posting here.

Think about it. Progressives and liberals are against sexism. Does it make sense that they'd forget that when responding to Clinton's supporters?

There are exceptions to the rule, but my guess is the majority of sexist commenters characterized as 'Bernie Bros' are either Clinton or Trump supporters pretending to support Sanders.

And some of them may well be part of Clinton's Digital Task Force.

CD's own bout with false-flag posters


Absolutely. Remember what happened when a Clinton supporter created the hashtag "#HillarySoQualified"? The Washington Post: "But things quickly went south for Clinton supporters. Like other Clinton efforts aimed at social media — “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela,” the doomed student debt emoji — #HillarySoQualified quickly backfired. Every grievance, real or imagined, anyone ever had against the candidate, it seemed, could be sarcastically aired under this big tent. By early Thursday, more than 90,000 tweets, many of them decidedly Clinton-unfriendly, had gone out under the #HillarySoQualified banner."

David Brock + Brad Woodhouse + former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans + one presidential candidate who claims to wonder if you clean an email server with a cloth -- versus Bernie's young people. I'll need popcorn.


Tonight Chris Hayes was horrified by the people who are working for Trump------Maybe some day Chris Hayes will discuss the people behind Hillary---Monsanto,wall street,private prisons and the NRA?????


"Clinton was paid by corporations or groups with U.S. government interests
94 times. A third profited from government contracts during this same

Even someone less old and cynical than I might wonder if there had not been a conflict of interest occurring whilst Madame Clinton was Secretary of State.


Really Bill. It seems strange that Clinton says that if young folks had voted in 2010 incomes would be back. Actually for the couple that pulled in millions giving speeches to Wall Street banks ....seems his income is doing just fine........Bill also said that NAFTA would create millions of jobs he just did not say where.......Then there is Clinton's campaigning in 2008 described in a nice piece here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-rucker/can-black-people-trust-hillary_b_9312004.html The fact is the Democratic party needs to once again become the party of the middle class. BIll Clinton this year claimed "black lives " matter activist where defending thugs . Tell the truth Bill.


I love the fact that the millennial's were wrong for not voting - even back when many of them may not yet have been entitled to cast a vote?

No, Bernie Bros & your feminine equivalents ... Your Original Sin is that you support Bernie Sanders. Your Original Sin is that you did not drink that glass of Kool-Aid when the Clintons offered it to you. Bad Children. Bless your clear vision, access to alternative media, ability to think for yourselves, and possession of a moral compass that points due North.

I'm 66, and a member of the generation that helped to screw up the world, although in our defense, many of us were on the right side of the issues then ... and we remain there now. So you go, lead where the Clintons and the "Important People" are afraid to follow. You may just bail this country out of the mess it's in now.


The Clinton machine put in a million or more for trolls to try to counter the information sharing. lol Nice try but Bernie's people know his policies are not remotely like hers. They are desperate to keep this information out of the public. Bill is blaming millennials for the 2010 loss and is blaming them if she loses to Trump.
Get ready for the most corrupt election we've seen yet. Make no mistake the Clinton machine is powerful and will do what it takes. She's a neocon and for them the ends justifies the means.


Thanks Cookies.
Bill disingenuously left out the big azz factiod regarding the billionaires' influence of the Kock-topus' dark money monopoly-shell game.
2010 dem candidates were systematically targeted for defeat by the Kock-topus.


Yep, and so isn't Bernie Sanders considering that he has been in Congress for 25 yrs and hasn't done anything significant!!

What is funny is that Hillary wasn't in Congress, or was she Secretary of State at the time when she did these speeches..

And, maybe people like you should prove that any of those Speeches have influenced her stance on anything!!



And, here's some more sketchy content, this time from the Boston Globe:

The maximum that anyone, including a college student, can donate to a political campaign is $2700. 400 college students have donated this maximum to Hillary Clinton's campaign. 2 college students have donated the maximum to Bernie Sanders's campaign. Yes, the Globe started personally asking these students whether their parents were funneling the money through them.

In sheer numbers of college students that donated, Sanders is outstripping Clinton 2 to 1.


I don't take the wack actions of my generation personally either. It's all about individuals.

I'm waiting for the next generation to understand that they somehow need to occupy the space in their lives that Exxon etc. currently occupies.

A working community needs to go heat their own buildings, preferably with stored solar thermal energy. Wood is a poor second choice because of its various polluting by-products.

In a good local economy, the local Wal-Mart would sit there empty and nobody would use it unless they needed a bathroom break. This means that local people have to be in charge of both product distribution and of vetting all of the suppliers for adhering to community priorities.