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Clinton’s Imperious Brush-off of Email Rules


Clinton’s Imperious Brush-off of Email Rules

Ray McGovern

State Department functionaries faced a hopeless task as they tried to spin their own Inspector General’s matter-of-fact critique of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s imperial attitude toward basic security measures everyone else is required by law to follow.


I wasn't sure what imperious meant but when I looked it up it had HRC written all over it.

synonyms: peremptory, high-handed, commanding, imperial, overbearing, overweening, domineering, authoritarian, dictatorial, autocratic, authoritative, lordly, assertive, bossy, arrogant, haughty, presumptuous;


Only one of a number of reasons why many feel little but contempt for Clinton. The Clinton "faithful" that lap-up the Klinton Kool-Aid like Mother's Milk, will vote for her because "she's a woman", or "Bill played the sax", or believe her "experience" and "she gets things done" BS.
With "experience" like Hillary's demonstrated, and record of corruption and terrible judgment, in and out of office, a Clinton presidency would be a very dangerous thing, and continue the rule of the 1%, banker/wall St crowd........Emails? What emails?


With apologies to both Scott and McGovern:

Until, of course, sh*t hits the fan
And makes a mess that no lie can
Conceal - that's when it's time to go
As Hillary is soon to know...


Now the e-mail, How many more "looking back I should have done differently" excuses is Hillary (Hindsight) Clinton going to use. I don't want a president with hindsight, I want a president with foresight.


I am not seeing much being made of the fact that the report documented a number of instances where they found emails involving Hillary that were not in the pages that she had turned over.

That is, she destroyed emails that were actually public records and claimed they were "personal" when they were in fact government business.

The document deletion for 30,000 personal messages was always the part of this that I assumed was going to nail her. I've never heard of someone having documents that might be subpoena'ed and then unilaterally deciding to delete half of them because they are not relevant. She claimed they were all yoga appointments, etc, but this report gave lie to that statement (like so many others)


"Haughty" covers it for me. :grin:


Bernie still has one major feature that none of the other candidates has, and there's nothing the others can say or do to change Bernie's advantage in this department: credibility.


The LA Times ran the story today, but also today officially endorsed Clinton for president.


We all need to be prepared for clinton's loss as I'm sure she will not go down gracefully!

Where's clinton's imperiousness when that happens? :sunglasses:


"But it was bizarrely clear that their instructions included taking a bullet for Secretary Clinton. It wasn’t really her fault, you see. It was actually the State Department’s fault, collectively. There were only a few variations on the meme: “We could have done a better job ensuring that people understand security policies;” “We could have done a better job at preserving emails;” “We have not lived up to all our obligations.” In other words, “we” failed the Secretary, not that Clinton failed in her duty to ensure that government information was properly secure."

This is a good example of how the WE frame works to hide the actual responsible parties.

It therefore makes sense that employed Tag Teams would make such ample use of the meme. After all, like the State Department's low level dupes, everyone BUT the responsible actors are destined to take the fall. That's the way the games of propaganda and subterfuge operate.


There's a LOT more to it. I don't plan to vote for Mrs. Clinton but do consider the following:

  1. Latinos have FAR more to fear in terms of their safety or chance for remaining in the U.S. given the way that Trump pontificates against Mexicans.

  2. Women have FAR more to fear if Trump gets in and panders to the religious right by pushing further Draconian cuts to women's reproductive rights.

  3. Blacks have far more to fear since at least with Democrats, there's the semblance of empathy along with a less muscular policy of exclusion. (Although Obama sure didn't do much about the overt racism displayed by too many U.S. police departments).

  4. Environmentalists have MUCH to fear in a Trump presidency since this goon doesn't even acknowledge Global Warming... and the Climate Collapse Clock is ticking fast.

  5. Muslims have MUCH to fear in a Trump Presidency since he demonizes the entire religion and its followers.

Then there are those who don't believe Sanders CAN win since that's been the Mantra since Day1 from the MSM.

It's easier for white men to say Trump is no big deal because they don't recognize the level of threat groups who are not white males justifiably feel in facing a potential Trump Presidency.


And Nixon is looking down from the nether worlds saying, "Why couldn't THAT happen to me!"


Why not just toss in the Protocols of Zion, while you're at it?


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The editorial ends with the recommendation: “We urge the FBI to finish its own investigation soon, so all information about this troubling episode will be before the voters.”

am i missing something here? oh, i do agree that voters should have access to all pertinent information before stepping into the booth. by definition it is impossible to make an informed decision when the decider, voter in this context, lacks information. in my convoluted definition of democracy as in "a government by, for and of the people" which requires "the consent of the people," that government would keep NO secrets from the people. if this governing body were truly open and aboveboard, why would it insist on a secure, hacker-free server?


I almost spewed my mouthful of beer out my nose when i read that many emails deleted were yoga appointments, I just cant picture her doing a full lotus ....or any other pose , and you can only do one pose at a time , and she is already posing as a caring human being.