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Clinton Sheds Progressive Façade with Bold Rightward Lurch


Clinton Sheds Progressive Façade with Bold Rightward Lurch

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From her call for a major air and ground war against ISIS to her attack on single payer, observers note that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is rapidly shedding her "progressive" façade as she grows increasingly confident she has the Democratic nomination locked down (an assumption which, evidence shows, is debatable).


I think Hillary is acknowledging that she is not comfortable pretending to be more progressive than she really is. Hawkish Hillary is seizing on this moment to jump the gun and decide foreign policy by advocating a what she would do war response.

Forget all that progressive stuff Hillary says. Watch me boys, I want to go to war too! Hillary the republican joins with her colleagues in the clown car and looks to create an image.

So how has 14 years of war worked out for us so far? More war is Hillary's solution but just maybe, ISIS wanted exactly that. You have to wonder what is their goal since what they do seems calculated to bring about a bigger war? Is that what they think will unite the Middle East into a them and an us separation?

The West vs the Middle East?

I wish we were smarter and creating an image wasn't part of the picture.


Not news to anyone who follows her objectively of course. And the dyed in the wool mainstream Democratic Party voters just patently refuse to believe that Hillary is not their liberal savior. I blame them for far more for their willful blindness than I do the poor dumb nimrods who reflexively vote Republican. Democrats SHOULD know better ( IMHO!) .... And apparently they actually do not....It sickens me.


"But as many others have pointed out, in the years since Clinton cast her vote in favor of the Iraq War, she appears to have learned nothing. "If Hillary Clinton wins her party's nomination," Vox's Zack Beauchamp warned in April, "she'll be the most hawkish Democratic nominee since the Iraq War began."

Seriously? That's the frame to use here?

Like the old car rental commercial where Avis says that they aren't Hertz--number 1--so they try harder, any woman trying to gain dominance within the Mars-ruled male command chain is going to have to out-Mars the macho boys.

Then, too, there's that "little item" known as the Military Industrial Complex. Its wars are the primary fuel for today's deadly economy. That means Hillary has to show that entity homage and not stir any threat to its hegemonic interests, controls, and policies... this is largely achieved through creating ongoing pretexts FOR war.

Learning has nothing to do with it. This is the language of Power in a system based on corruption, violence, exploitation, and ZERO accountability to both the rule of Law and The People (who that rule of law arguably serves and protects).


And to think that in just six months from now she will be the lesser of two evils. Now that's worth cheering


Clinton personifies the 21st Century Democratic Party. She is its quintessence. She is the secret Lieberman hiding inside Biden. She is that which Obama strives for (and usually succeeds). She is the true face behind the Bernie Sanders mask. Which is to say, simply the Republican Party with slightly better syntax.

Remember that when you hold your nose and vote Democrat in 2016, on the assumption that Republicans will somehow manage to be slightly more warlike, somehow give even more wealth to the plutocrats, and will make abortion even more punishing. Remember the moment because every four years when you do this, you reward the Democrats in their rightward quest to out-Republican the Republicans.


See now you've made me cry! That was a mean thing to say mainly because it could very well be true. Imagine Hawkish Hillary as being the better than the reactionary republicans candidate? Yikes!

Of course Bernie winning the nomination would upset that well financed apple cart!!!


An excellent synopsis of the history of the Democratic Party and its base from 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation to present in one paragraph.


Having to listen to her cackling voice will add insult to injury.


Hillary will win the privilege of losing to JEB!, whose turn it is to restore the family franchise to the White House. Hillary will either get: a think tank fellowship, a partnership in a Wall Street firm's Washington lobbying office (that way she doesn't have to be in the same state as her pretend husband Bill), or maybe (in a show of magnanimous bi-partisanship) a cabinet post in the JEB! administration.


I was thinking the exact same thing. The Paris attack came along at just the right time to show her true hawkish side. She feels confident that she has the Democratic/Left leaning Independents, and now she's going after Right leaning Independents/Republicans. Her healthcare plan as First Lady resembled a single payer plan and now she is against it because, OMG, can't have those insurance/pharma companies that give her the big bucks get their panties in a twist. Too bad that her insecurity as a woman and a woman in politics is so great that she feels the need to have a 10 pound set to lug over her male counterparts. I do believe that Hillary's ambitions have overtaken all reason to the point of being pathological. Hopefully, she'll tilt soon and show us all how sick she really is. And then we can move on and get Bernie in the White House and begin the process of taking our country back from the privileged and into the hands of the people once again.


I don't understand why someone with so much foreign policy experience has such bad judgement. Does she never learn?


I think that Hillary and Hubby wrote some of the rules, i.e., the Clinton Foundation.


I don't plan on holding my nose for once in my long life. I am casting my vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. He is not my perfect candidate in some respects, but he and I are in agreement more often than not. For once I won't have to hold my nose or 'vote for the lesser of two evils' because if Bernie doesn't win the Primary, I am writing his name for the General. If Hillary makes it, whoever votes for her can take the blame. And if a Republican gets it, whoever voted for her can take the blame for that, too.


Clinton's moral compass has no ordinal points.


another reason- if more were needed- to stay with Bernie.
he's the people's choice, somebody a person can believe. for all the fine talk Hillary just a well mended political windsock


Which way is the wind blowing carrying with it the smell of BIG campaign donations? HRC and WJC love the smell of money, especially when it is handed to them (with strings, of course). She is an intelligent woman but she apparently lacks common sense and the charisma of WJC. Her years spent in the political arena wherein she and WJC moved mercurially up the money ladder have separated her from the people whose best interests she was voted as Senator to serve. Now she appears to be self-serving and traveling a mighty crooked, twisting road.

Go Bernie, GO!


Stop bitching about a Hillary nomination and vote for Bernie Sanders. Keep calm and carry on. Bernie or bust,


Yes, no surprises here. She has always been the one to "out-Mars the macho boys" and hungry to be part of the power elite. Perhaps I'm being unfair, but I have always believed that Hillary's quest to be president is not because she wants to do good for this country, but purely because she wants to be remembered in the history books as the first female president. In my book, that's no way near good enough.


Yes, the Clinton's, like Bushes are George Wallace "Dixiecrats" or what is known better known these days as "Third Way" politicians, which is where for BOTH parties agree on everything to do with their $ money interest, but only differ on "social issues" to make it "appear" they are against each other, because they know that people will always be split on social issue. This how the the Plutocrats or Corporatists or Oligarchs or whatever name you want to give them--Third Way politician--from from "BOTH SIDES" divide and conquer the American people when it come to money.For all intended purposes a vote for a Clinton is the same as a vote for a Bush, they are ALL fellow Third Way/Dixiecrats, thick as thieves and as right-wing as they come when it come down to the money, although they are better at hiding it and making it smell nicer than Tea Party Republicans. Look, I don't "HATE" Hillary, I'm just vehemently against her and disagree with what she and Bill have done to the Democratic Party and the true Democratic progressive roots we use stand for pre Reagan. They've infiltrated so much over the last 35 years and become so powerful even Obama has had a hard time being a true progressive anymore.