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Clinton Should Tell Obama To Withdraw TPP To Save Her Presidency


Clinton Should Tell Obama To Withdraw TPP To Save Her Presidency

Dave Johnson

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but is having trouble convincing people to believe her. Imagine the trouble Hillary Clinton will have trying to build support for her effort to govern the country if TPP is ratified before her inauguration.

According to Politico’s Wednesday Morning Trade, the Obama administration is launching a “TPP blitz” push to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),


As Bruce Springsteen said, sooner or later it all comes down to money. remember it is her husband who signed NAFTA. It is her husband who signed the bank deregulation bill. it is her husband who gutted welfare. Who do you think Hillary is beholden to. She will come out with a strong statement against forcing the legislation through the lame-duck session of Congress, but behind the scenes she will smile and say mission accomplished. Does anybody trust anything this person says?


Clinton will never stop the TPP and the other so called "Free Trade" agreements. Once the TPP is passed it is game over for Democracy, at that point the megacorporation's will no longer have to care or worry about what the 99% think. After that they can destroy our environment at will, as much as they want to squeeze the last dollar out of the earth.


The Democratic Party could lose the presidential election, if they give this issue to the Donald.


I don't disagree with you about TPP passing - this is a distinct possiblity. And the consequences will be devastating. But you sound very passive in your response like you can do nothing about either preventing it from passing or acting in case it does pass and go into effect. Are you going to just sit cynically idol or do something about it.


"Passing TPP would destroy Clinton's Presidency before its starts" ?

Even if TPP doesn't pass before January 20, the newly inaugurated Clinton (following Ronny Raygun's lead when he removed the White House's photovoltaic panels that Jimmy Carter had installed, and Obama's lead of criminalizing everything Occupy Wall Street (OWS) did within six months of OWS' emergence) render impotent, by legislation or otherwise, all of the issues upon which the Sanders and Stein campaigns are focused. This vanquishing of the losers will send the message that Clinton is in charge and the next progressive that gets in her way will get even more lashings.

If TPP passes before January 20, the 35% of voters who are dyed in the wool Hillbots will scold the Bernistas for getting in Clinton's way, the 35% of dyed in the wool GOP voters will be relieved that, like NAFTA and the ACA, the Democrats are taking heat for voting in and implementing another GOP program, and the 30% block of swing voters will wonder why voting for the lesser evil didn't work out better this time than it did with the other lesser evils they voted for during the past half century.

Hardly the definition of a "destroyed presidency".


Thankfully, there are advocacy groups who are very vocally opposing the TPP but what about your average John and Jane Q. voter?

Trump is using anti-TPP rhetoric to gin up support----but do those Trumpeters get the layers of destruction the TPP would bring? They may get the selfish part (the jobs part) but the big picture environmental devastation that comes with the TPP is something they could care less about.

Democracy is gone (did it ever exist?), corporations are controlling everything and many are still uneducated about the TPP and don't seem to care (from what I have gleaned).

I see nothing but further collapse of empire with Clinton or Trump which I don't feel is despair but acceptance of the reality that is before us.

Yes, Clinton telling Obama to withdraw TPP would make sense if there were any sanity or a hint of wise,compassionate leadership in Clinton/DNC land. I haven't seen any to date.

Does anyone really believe she cares about all the things that are wrong with the TPP and would fight to kill it? Maybe, just maybe if it would mean securing the presidency . . . . . but then what policies will she support even if TPP is knocked down? Strong measures to break up oligarchy?

And on a final note---worth repeating (imo):

We must not forget the "unprecedented secrecy surrounding all aspects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership".

Once again we have to thank Wikileaks for being one of the few news sources to bring the nefarious truth about the TPP into the light:

“The TPP draft chapter released by WikiLeaks shows that the U.S. has classified the text to keep it a secret.”


That is a rather bizarre comment and judgement about someone you know zero about. By the way it is “idle” not “idol”.


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And you really think a petition will get her to denounce the "Gold standard trade agreement"? I hardly think so. She is certain of her win and if Obama doesn't get it done for her, she will do it.
I think he's trying to ram it through as cover for her, so she can say it was already done, she has to accept it.
In addition, I really don't think she is too worried about a divided country. She is now seeking Republican votes, not ours. That should tell you she doesn't care.
Divide and conquer is still a thing and she has us right where she wants us.
Divided. I'm sure she relates to Emanuel's claim that progressives are retards.
If we don't support her the Republicans will. And you think there's a difference between her and them?


I don't think my comment is bizarre at all. Not passing judgment (spelling) on you, just pointing out that your comment sounds passive. Thanks for the word correction.


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i believe Dave Johnson is sincere and his heart is in the right place.

At the same time, his writing is delusional about who Clinton is, who she works for, and what we can do about it.

Such "appeals to Clinton" by sincere progressives are counterproductive now.

We should denounce Clinton as a liar. She is lying about "opposing" TPP. There is zero question about that. Appealing to her is just pandering to her phoniness. At "best," this whole framework of appealing to her just helps her get elected.


Perhaps there should be a huge Anti TPP, TTIP, TISA march on Washington with concurring marches in big cities across the US. Better yet, if it can be coordinated by marches Internationally.


"According to Politico’s Wednesday Morning Trade, the Obama administration is launching a “TPP blitz” push to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),"
I predicted this months ago...I still hope I'm wrong


that's a great idea...I'd wager its already in the works


Give it up. Google "Hillary Clinton and the TPP," refer to established, reputable news sites. Before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. This didn't surprise us, since her husband had stuck us with NAFTA. Don't even give us that crap about Clinton opposing it, urging her to beg Obama to reconsider. Obama had stated last year that he was uncommitted. Either way, Congress makes the decisions. They can make revisions to the bill if they want. Then they can pass it along to the president, who will then sign or veto it. If vetoed, it goes back to Congress, and Congress decides whether to revise it some more, or set it aside. The Democrats in Congress are virtually all Clinton wingers, and support the TPP. They will pass it, and if pressured by Dem voters, will (guaranteed) whine that they "had no choice."


Blunt, but yeah.


After a bill is passed, signed, does the president have the authority to now pull it out and order Congress to reject it? Congress agreed with the bill, sent it to Obama, at which point Obama could only sign or veto it. If Obama vetoed it, it just goes back to Congress, and they either set the bill aside, or revise it and send it back to the president.


Clinton is gaming us. Talking about being against the TPP, but still aligning herself with Obama and his accomplishments which include the TPP he SIGNED. She hasn't asked for a coalition to oppose the TPP. Or marshaled any of her resources to oppose the TPP. How disingenuous can she be and still expect to be elected with my vote? What an A$$.