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Clinton Skirted Public Disclosure Laws While Heading State Department


Clinton Skirted Public Disclosure Laws While Heading State Department

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Former Secretary of State and likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has for years skirted public disclosure and federal record-keeping laws by using her personal email account while serving her post as the United States' highest ranking ambassador, reports revealed on Tuesday.


Yes, but she was skirting public disclosure laws for our own good - to protect us from those evil terrorists, the evil Venezuelan government, and other threats. We ordinary schmucks are all to stupid are too stupid to understand the dangerous and scary world out there, you see…


The Clintons were the vast right wing punching bag for 8 long years with hideous accusations and personal attacks that were designed to be hurtful and damage the country just like today with Obama. If her government accounts were not secure and they probably were not, who cares. She no doubt has records of what she did as well as those around her in the State Department. After the treason of Boehner this week, other countries would be foolish to trust or invest in America that has gone off the rails.


Let the apologist rhetoric begin! Poor Hillary. Poor Barack. But it’s okay if they lie, cheat and steal because we can trust them to do the right thing in the end. “She no doubt has records of what she did as well as those around her in the State Department.” And I have absolutely no doubt she will willingly share that information with us common folk.

Besides, it’s all Boehner and the Republicans’ fault.

Pretty sad.


Keep you attention on corrupt politicians, not on the oligarchy job creators that own them or you are just jealous and waging class warfare.


"Clinton Skirted Public Disclosure Laws But Slip Shows."

Sorry, couldn’t resist… hee hee


Hey! My “Warren/Sanders - 2016” bumper stickers might not go to the landfill after all.


I don’t really care that there was collusion and chicanery as much as I care that this was just STUPID and vain. What security applied here? Was there a firewall? Anti virus? Were A N Y NIST guidelines applied? Was it hacked? Who knows with a dot com domain?

Putting state secrets on a site not under the watchful eye of our government’s own IT experts is just beyond stupid. To discover that our State Department has less security than DoD is stunning. What an amateur.

She probably kept state secrets on an unencrypted USB stick and left it in her hotel room too. This time I have to side with her detractors. I would like my next president to know how computers work, for crying out loud.

It 2015 already.


It is sad but clear that a Nixon would be an improvement over Hillary, Bill and Obama.


Nixon enacted the WIC program. Today’s republicans try to defund the WIC program denouncing it as a socialist welfare program. Can you name any republicans of today who’d enact such a program?