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Clinton, Stein, Gabbard, and the Deconstruction of RussiaGate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/24/clinton-stein-gabbard-and-deconstruction-russiagate


I’m not prone to violence, but, if I had the opportunity to punch HRC in her face…I think I would.

Or perhaps, I could just fantasize about it.


Good piece! Worth noting, though not an original thought: Russiagate has become the WMD of many liberals, the story about one’s foes (both left and right) too useful not to be true, no matter how feeble the evidence. The facts are fixed around the policy. Critical thought is swallowed by the singularity, never to reappear.


Hillary has shifted the blame away from her own culpability in losing to Trump in multiple directions, Russia just happens to be the most handy. Others include:

Bernie Bros
Jill Stein (remember, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian got 3 times the votes Jill got)
sexism (including the sexism of those who voted for Jill Stein!)
Wikileaks (as the author mentions, reporting, you know, the actual emails…)


serenade for the clintons and their DNC DCCC smarmy ilk- actually the title just about says it all

This is the best article I have read in weeks.

The DNC must be plotting against Sanders again also.


There is a link in the article to an interview with Glen Greenwald of the Intercept, a link which I wish everyone would follow, and then read the interview. (This will be my go-to reference the next time a “liberal” decides to “educate” me on what a brilliant strategist is Nancy Pelosi, and how she is dazzlingly outmaneuvering Trump and Republicans at every juncture.)

I have been something of a Greenwald fan for a long time, and based on what I can determine from the reading I do, his thoughts on the Russian stuff pretty much parallel my own. While Greenwald has sources and expertise that I lack, it is not at all hard to see that 13 people posting to Twitter and Facebook are very unlikely to cause 44% of all U.S. voters to stay home, considering the unconscionable amounts of money spent by domestic sources and the daily flood of propaganda from all types of media here. Even using bots and fake accounts, the idea that this small number of people could completely turn an election is nothing short of preposterous. Greenwald says: (Emphasis mine.)

“Then there’s the scapegoating, factor — we’re all tempted to blame bad things always on other people because we evade responsibility ourselves. That’s a natural human tendency. So, if you’re a Democrat in particular, being able to say, “Oh, the reason we lost isn’t because we have fundamental flaws in our messaging or we’re totally corrupt, or we nominated a shitty candidate that everyone hated who nonetheless reflects the core values of our terrible party. It’s because Trump cheated and this autocratic villain manipulated everything.” It relieves Democrats from responsibility and guilt.”

I have said and continue to say that Hillary Clinton, for decades so hated by the right and despised by the progressive left, was the worst possible candidate to run against any Republican. Did I see Donald Trump, the reality TV star, racist pervert, and poster-child ignoramus being elected? No, I did not. But I did suspect that, based on too many polls and my own gut feeling, that Clinton would lose to any of them. Again. I was right, and arguing that she “won” the popular vote is a useless waste of my time, since presidents are not elected that way in the first place, something again pointed out in this article.

As SkepticTank points out above, (or below, or wherever it appears) all the talking points of the Democratic Tribe faithful can pretty much be summed up thus: "Hillary lost only because of:

Skeptic leaves out the part about how everyone who points out Hillary’s failures is simply a Russian agent or bot. It seems that we have gone from 13 individuals to untold millions of Russian agents virtually overnight. To call that delusional is is to grossly understate the sorry state of mind of the Democratic Party faithful today.


So many bodies at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea because of this power hungry Clinton.


The worst result of Russiagate is the persecution of Julian Assange who had difficulty saying his own name at his hearing this week. Although Binney, ex-nsa cyber expert, has established that the emails were not hacked but were downloaded, the Liars-That-Be were determined to protect the fairy tale that it was Assange.& the Russians, I was so disgusted, that at age 80, after being a Democrat all my life, I left the party & if a third party gets started, I’ll be in it. But they have to hurry, I’m going on 84


It’s not just the DNC. Check out all the retirees on MSNBC all day every day.


My fondest hope is that you’re around to be blamed – like me – for next d-party loss.

All things considered, Ms Tursi, it’s badge of honor.


So, I’m reading Hate, Inc. by Matt Taibbi. He basically explains the entire media and political theater that is America. If you don’t want to buy it then go to your local library and check it out (as I did). In fact, you only have to read three short chapters:
Note to Readers
Why Rachel Maddow is on the cover of this book
An interview with Noam Chomsky
That’s it folks. You may well wish to read the rest but believe me, all you really need to know is contained in those few pages.



Was there any doubt? When the media refuses to show Bernie raising 1 million more than Warren & 10 million more than Biden last quarter…you smell collusion with the Dems who shut him out also. He has huge crowds…the Dems are ignoring him & pushing the very talented user, who chooses to align only when it benefits her but doesn’t hesitate to steal his ideas. .


From what I gather, this was another event the “media” chose to ignore. I’m re-posting the piece from Craig Murray:



DNC’s a Limited Liability Corporation selling our 1% protection against exigencies like Bernie Sanders, his platform, followers or any chance these very popular ideas might attract some attention of the reactionary white working class. It’s their sideline grift to sell protection to fahklempt yuppies, against US life-long Keynesian Democrats… as the La Resistance™ Without Assange & actual journalism on the web, we’ll never know, what’s coming at us next (“sew seeds of discord” per CD trolls?)


Unfortunately, the left needs to better understand the disinformation directed at us. Koehler’s article repeats Trump/Putin’s line that Russian interference was minimal - not true. Read “Russiagate, Syria, and the Left.” https://twitter.com/GeorgeMonbiot/status/1146752092884914176


Precisely. After the imaginary WMD’s of Iraq, Russiagate is the greatest PSYOP of our lifetimes. Perhaps even greater than the WMD PSYOP, because, as you say, it appears to have destroyed, forever, the ability of mainstream liberals to think critically about world politics. Being even slightly skeptical of Russiagate in USA gets one labelled as a racist homophobic misogynist lunatic anti-flouride anti-vax knuckle-dragging pro-Trump troglodyte. Russiagate is the ultimate weaponization of America’s liberals, by which they have zero effectiveness at blocking the right wing, but instead have achieved 100% neutralization of the left wing. The next few years are going to be horrible. And then, as climate change devolves society into a Mad Max hellscape, it will be even worse. And this is the good news.


Jane Mayer writes about how Russia swung the election to Trump - it wasn’t minimal interference.

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Gabbard is not anti-war.

Her “anti-war” claims are completely hypocritical since she supports the war on terror and, after her visit to the war criminal Assad, has been hard pressed to criticize his or Putin’s slaughter of civilians. She sympathizes with Assad and her website has an entire page featuring conspiracy theories absolving Assad for his well-documented war crimes.

She’s supported by Steve Bannon, who set up a meeting between her & Trump after he won, Alt Right leader Richard Spencer, neo-Nazis at Daily Stormer, David Duke, Hindu nationalists, Tucker Carlson.

In Nov. 2015, she voted with Republicans in favor of legislation to make it nearly impossible for Syrian refugees to come to the US.

Researcher Caroline Orr: It’s true that Tulsi doesn’t control what Russian state media says about her, but she does control her response — and every time it’s reported that Russia is boosting her, she responds by attacking the media instead of rebuking Russia’s support.” She disavows David Duke’s support, but not Putin’s.

Caroline Orr: “Lets look at Tulsi’s record on war: -Her 3rd largest source of funding in the 2016 cycle was the defense industry -She supports increasing drone strikes -She won’t rule out torture -She praised Russia’s air strikes on Syria -She called herself a “hawk”

People have been speculating for months that she is being pushed by Russia to become a 3rd party candidate and be a spoiler candidate - not just HRC.

Also, cyberwar is real and instead of the left dismissing it as “Russiagate,” we should learn about and oppose it. It is another way of waging war - much less expensive than military hardware but, in some ways, more effective. Greenwald, Taibbi, Hedges, etc. have done the left a disservice by pushing the Trump/Putin narrative that there was no substantive Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Read this article about an early experiment by Putin in cyberwarfare. https://newrepublic.com/article/145413/weaken-within-moscow-honing-information-age-art-war-how-free-societies-protect-themselves

Maybe you should read the responses to Monbiot’s tweets.

His weak arguments are getting shot down repeatedly. Aaron Mate’ tears Monbiot a new one.

Maybe it’s you who needs to stop drinking Russiagate-flavored Kool Aid.