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Clinton Super PAC on Attack as Dems Double Down on Dark Money


Clinton Super PAC on Attack as Dems Double Down on Dark Money

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite all of the high-minded rhetoric put forth by mainstream Democrats to overturn Citizens United and end the influence of money in politics, those very same politicians are increasingly relying on dark money groups to serve as campaign strongmen when the going gets tough.


Let's go right to the stupidity issue. Hillary and David Brock are desperate for something, anything, apparently. ( Brock is losing lots of money, I'll wager ) The heating oil program with Venezuela and the Northeastern States was started by the sons and nephews of the Kennedy Family Dynasty. That will really appeal to the base of the Democratic Party; ya know, attacking Sen. Sanders for aligning his state's need and interests with the party's favorite political family. Tone death, cheap, low rent, despicable and desperate. Oh, excuse me, we're talking about the Clinton's political maneuverings. Well then, never mind. And, what's wrong with aligning with Venezuela, anyway? Even Pope Francis can't call Socialist policy a sin with a straight face anymore, can he? ( Now, about that liberation theology, Frank ) That the DLC/DNC/RNC and Big Oily & Gassy don't like them tells me the Chavez and Maduro led gov'ts are doing a lot of things right for their country and their neighbors. More and more we are seeing the Clintonistas and the possible Bidenbots showing their true colors, concerning foreign policy; aligning with the right wing fascists ( neo-cons ) who usually are found in the Republican Party. Maybe Hillary can do another photo-op with Mr. Brock kissing Henry Kissinger's a.. er, ring. Yeah, that'll change the trajectory of the campaign. More scum rising every day from the swamps of The Establishment & ( CIA, NSA DoD, ? ? ); go figure. Why can't they give it a rest: $$$$, of course.


"It is difficult to get a politician to end money in politics, when his salary depends upon his not ending it!". (Apologies to Upton Sinclair)


The Clinton PAC is just dipping their toes in the water to check the temperature. They've seen the writing on the wall and know if they can't do something to reverse Bernie's momentum he's going to be the Democratic nominee.

They're in a double-bind because if they do nothing they lose but their only other options, attacking popular policy issues or attacking Sanders personally, could also lead to backlash that could cause them to lose.

So they're taking tentative steps to check people's reactions.

Bernie 2016!


Well we knew the dirty tricks ala oligarchy money would have to happen. At first they hoped to ignore Sanders but people kept hearing his message. The MSM helped by not covering Bernie's attracting the biggest crowds of any candidate but he kept attracting more of them. Then they followed his lead and tried sounding like democrats who actually opposed the Republicans but that was new territory for them and they were unsure of their footing and besides it confused them as much as it did everybody else. They were democrats, by cracky (what the hell does 'by cracky' mean anyway?), not republican opponents!


Then in their confusion about treading new ground, they found themselves saying things like they would overturn Citizens United and what was worse, several of them almost meant it! Naturally more experienced heads and deeper pockets are attempting to restore order out of this chaos. They said that this bizarre idea that money should not rule was going too far. Who knows what could happen if the people decided things instead of money?

With great fervor and considerable dedication, lawmakers rushed to defend the principles of money and influence that bring patriotic tears to their eyes on cue. Sincerity of purpose would be their only desire and "clarifications of certain fundraising loopholes" their trusted guide. They stood valiant, they stood firm, they held the line in defense of money and privilege with open hands and waiting pockets.

With unprecedented bi-partisan support, both parties joined hands and shared donors, to preserve the American corporate citizen and patriotic pac money campaign donors. Both parties swear to protect oligarchic influence now being threatened by the crazy idea that the people of the USA should rule.

Can you imagine? Of the... By the... For the people... and they really mean it too!

Oh that Bernie! Where the heck did he come from anyway? He's not taking the money and he is still winning...

Hey ...is that allowed?


Yepper, got that email from my friend Bernie Sanders asking me for another $3.00 donation :smiley: -)))...Just 3 bucks is all he wants, last time I sent more, this time I'll send even more than before...I love this guy, he only wants a small part of my wallet, not all of it and he sure as hell isn't stealing me blind either...now about climbing that hill???? well ya know what?, I just ain't up to it right now...don't rightly know bout them superpac's, is that some sorta diet thingy to help me climb that hill? and dark money? is that what I see when my wallets empty and it's too dark to see down to the bottom?...lots and lots of questions I got and I'm positive none will be answered correctly...


Interesting interview on Democracy Now about how the DEA is trying to tip over, or at least damage financially, the Morales led gov't in Bolivia. Charging them with cocaine production and smuggling without " kicking back " at least 50% of the profits. :wink: They'll never give up trying to steal other countries' natural wealth and resources on phony pretexts and media muggings. Bolivia's cocoa production has been cut by1/2 since Morales came to power. Maybe that's why the DEA is pissed? Hadn't the Taliban had similar success in cutting heroin production in Afghanistan prior to our " liberating efforts ", there ? What is it with our law enforcement agencies and federal drug war policies? The average guy would think we overthrow democratically elected gov'ts to increase illegal drug production and trafficking, not reduce it. Maybe all this will become known when we find that $2 Trillion dollars the DoD has lost track of over the last 20 years. In fact, I'm sure of it. :sunglasses:


The choice has never been more clear. Fascist Oligarchy or Democratic socialism. Clinton and all the clown car occupants represent the former.

Economic tyranny or freedom?

There are no free markets. Capitalism is despotic captured markets.

Resources are finite. They belong to everyone.

The commons and the general welfare must be the measuring stick.

Welfare for the well off must end.


The fact that they have had to resort to this ridiculous guilt-by-association smear as their maiden effort indicates that they have nothing on Bernie.

And can someone remember why the American people are supposed to hate Venezuela? Have they invaded us or blown up a Trade Center? Taken jobs away from mediocre American-born players in the Major Leagues? Oh, I remember - evil dictators (who keep getting elected in fair elections).

Yup, providing discounted oil to poor people in Northeast in danger of freezing during the winter was quite the insult to our national pride!

Sterling character, consistent honesty, incisive intellect, and a good heart shield Bernie from negative attacks. All that will work are outright lies - and they won't work long. In Vermont, attack ads boomeranged on Bernie's opponents.


Someone on Huffpo wrote that Secretary Clinton is increasingly desperate because she knows she's "Bernt toast."


That's rich! The DEA should try to pin cocaine smuggling on the CIA.


heh heh. right on time comes the DNC red baiting strategy. Anyone else want to know why so many of us on the left despise not only the Clintons but this party? And the tragic part is after all this hash gets slung, many of you--maybe even most of you--will wind up voting for this evil monster because you'll have been made scared of the crazy GOP. Again. And we'll do this all over again in 2018.


Many @ CD wanted Bernie to run as an Independent initially. I did and I was wrong. It's misguided and nasty efforts like these by party apparatchiks which will sink a DLC nominee and split the party. And, not some left center conspiracy/duplicity that some would like to propagate in the 2016 primary. There is no good will effort here to save the Democratic Party, per se. And, Deborah Wasserman Schultz is going to be gone soon, too. She projects the same bad vibe as Hillary and can't even seem to see the trees or the forest, let alone discern the differences. Totally out her league, methinks. So, I wear your spite as an honor and add that you're as full of it, or yourselves, as Hillary's bunch is.


This article is about the reason that Bernie Sanders is worth our vote and Hillary is not. When I vote for a candidate I want to know that there is a chance that they are listening if not to me but the electorate and not the people/cabals/organizations that can raise a couple of million in an evening. If we want representative government we had better get behind Bernie because he and only he is going to be able to listen. He is perhaps our last chance for a government based on the constitutional principals of for, of, and by the people. Obama is a corporate animal, so is Hillary and the folks on the right don't use the toilet without getting permission to leave the room. The funding of campaigns has become more and more a corporate affair and our useless legislatures reflect the trend. Really is this what we want?
When the going gets tough the PACs get lyin'. There is nothing they else they know how to do but they are right good at making things up.


Clinton and her money are showing the American people just why they dislike her. Attacking Senator Sanders is more likely to turn all the people that crowd Bernie's speeches more against wall street Clinton. No one wants more of the same and that is exactly what Clinton is. Why does she think she is losing? I think her super pac attacks will backfire on her and her overseas wealth.


Onedman, good for you. I just made a monthly donation to Bernie. Not a lot but every month for twelve.


These latest attacks on Bernie are sooooo stupid that they are insanely, laughable ( too close to Corbyn ).

Looks to me like HRC has gone from nervous to panic!


Great comment. My understanding is that ALL the people of Venezuela are doing well which is more than you can say about US citizens. Some experts were discussing this on the radio the other day. Sorry I do not remember who.


"They" can't do it any other way, because it's all they know. The Hillary et al. crowd live, at their own risk, in a bubble her husband helped to blow and now it's time for it to burst. This old guard is not 'in touch'; remember Hillary's honest shock when she learned about the Palestinian BDS movement against Israel a few months ago? My god, that movement has been going on and succeeding for at least 10 years. For resting on their (laurels?) arrogance, the elites are going to be flushed down and out of the tubes.


A few thoughts from Jarvis Cocker and his song "Running the World." To most of America's politicians and .01 percenters this song is directed. Enjoy...

Well, did you hear, there's a natural order
Those most deserving will end up with the most
That the cream cannot help but always rise up to the top
Well I say shit floats

If you thought things had changed
Friend, you better think again
Bluntly put in the fewest of words
C**ts are still running the world
C**ts are still running the world