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Clinton Toned Down Her Hawkishness


Clinton Toned Down Her Hawkishness

Robert Parry

By most traditional standards of marshaled facts and detailed proposals, Hillary Clinton “won” the first presidential debate over a sometimes rattled and erratic Donald Trump, but perhaps her best decision was what she chose not to say: she steered clear of her most hawkish rhetoric that has unnerved the anti-war Democratic base.


There are no more Anti-War Dems, that's for sure.

Obama taught Dems & Libs to love war.

Hillary's job will be to make Dems & Libs forget that peace was ever an option.


Not American. Don't like Hillary but if I lived in a swing state I would be voting for her. The Donald even admitted that he would have had an Iranian navy vessel destroyed because the sailors were taunting the US ship. So war with Iran it is.


Hillary "negotiated" us into more war. She keeps her finger on the nuclear button to fall back on in case her negotiating fails again. That doesn't inspire much confidence.


Trump may have (I don't know if it's true) said he'd destroy an Iranian ship. Clinton the War Monger Blood Luster pyschopath who wants every war that comes along her path said she'd destroy the WHOLE FREAKING COUNTRY.

Gosh, wake up!


Yes, Trump did say that. Clinton was part of the cabinet that negotiated the Iran deal. So if she wanted to destroy the entire country she has a strange way of showing it.


But she said it. Said it and laughed that laugh of hers. Actually the deal happened after she left.


She mentioned "taking out" people numerous times with no hint of awareness of laws or justice or the murder that "taking out" entails. She talked with the blandness of an accountant crossing off numbers. Absolutely cold blooded sociopath.


The point is that Trump is by far more likely to bomb Iran or any ME country into oblivion.
Like I said I'm not American. I'm a European born Canadian. The outside world does not want Trump.


Trump says he would negotiate with our enemy du jour instead of making war. Lesser evil Hillary has to show she has a pair of balls to her paleocon donors and has proven it by invading, bombing and destabilizing other ME countries.