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Clinton Transition Team Headed by Anti-Climate 'Powerbroker'


Clinton Transition Team Headed by Anti-Climate 'Powerbroker'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hillary Clinton has named her transition team should she be elected in November, and the roster—as many feared—is a who's-who of establishment figures, including former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who has a maligned track record on climate.


Like a bad penny you have showed up in the change.

Rory Gallagher


Maybe Jill Stein could mention these appointments tomorrow in her CNN town hall meeting.


My father worked for the National Park Service (part of the interior Dep't) and I am quite certain he is turning over in his grave seeing what is happening with his beloved Park Service! As the article stated: "Personnel is policy" no way in hell will I vote for this postmenopausal, Parkinson's-addled banshee!


Hillary Clinton has named her transition team should she be elected in November, and the roster—as many feared—is a who's-who of establishment figures, including former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who has a maligned malignant track record on climate.

Metastasizing before our very eyes!
.. thanks, Hillary!


Secretary of the Interior is a job with a lot of juice, responsibilities, and the war lover is giving the people a Ronnie Raygun James Watt clone.


Of cour$e.
The choice between a corporate warmonger, and a fascist charlatan.

Just so #1.


Me too for my parents -- a number of years ago when we were at Boys Town Hospital having Jonathon tested we came back to the living quarters we were staying in to find a garter snake ambling down the hallway, so I took one of my high heels off and killed it; my father was sooooo angry at me for that, and I have never forgotten it (I have an entire family of garters in my yard now, and go to all the trouble to pick them up and move them to safety when I'm mowing). My dad truly was a Wiccan b/c he wouldn't even let us pick any wild flowers that we saw growing on the many National Parks we visited as kids!


Demexit, Save the planet vote Jill Stein.


Just Google WilmerHale law firm and British Petroleum to see where Ken Salazar ended up. Keep in mind that Ken Salazer was US Sec of Interior at time of BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. Ken supposedly represented us (US) and WilmerHale represented BP in the resulting law suits against the firm by the US and others. WilmerHale created a new office in Colorado for Salazer after he left office and put Ken in charge of it. Salazar's deputy in Interior, Tom Strickland, went to the WilmerHale office in D.C.! Salazer recently brought the former head of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission into the WilmerHale Denver office.


Why is anyone surprised that the woman who stole something like a dozen Primary elections from Bernie Sanders, the PEOPLES' chosen candidate (proof now available on the Internet), turns more and more into the whore of the very people and self-serving groups who already crashed our country and what it once stood for? Crimes were committed to get her into the candidacy she claims now, and her rate of criminality against the American people will only grow over time. Every state that had a Primary election difference of more than 2% variation between exit polls and the "official" vote count needs to hold a new U.N.-observed PAPER BALLOT Primary. Yes, it will be costly, but compared to all of the blood spilled to have a country where citizens could vote on their future, the financial cost of honesty is negligible. Besides, the DNC should pay all costs,since Hillary is THEIR fraud thrust upon America.


She would!
"Salazar is also opposing an anti-fracking ballot measure in his home state of Colorado". Colorado got stuck with this corporate sell out years ago when he ran a liberal campaign and then quickly shifted right once in office. He is the typical sell out you see in John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet.
We thought we were rid of him but up he pops in Clinton's transition team.
These three men and some others have been instrumental in selling out Colorado to Big oil and gas.
A couple years ago the northern part of the Colorado plains was flooded from rain and snow melt run off and guess what? All that fracking and drilling flooded out too and ran into the rivers that feed Nebraska and Kansas. This is also the area that people could light their tap water on fire.
No instance of damage huh? The lying sack.
After he was elected I kept thinking that his brother in New Mexico was so much more liberal than Ken. Sure enough they are not the same.
Clinton is going to make my head explode before this is over.
Jill Stein 2016


Thanks for reminding us of this. I forgot to put that fact in my post! Do not forget any of these names. Hickenlooper is Colorado's governor and Bennet our US Senator.


Check out her "climate army" that was touted in Grist and some environmental blogs:


Heather Zichal on board of Cheniere
Carol Browner shilling for Exelon

and a host of other people affiliated with the Rhodium Group:


I'm buying gas in Denver for $1.98 a gallon. Obviously there is a lot of oil out there right now and not as profitable as before. A dying energy source to boot.
Still they fight and insist we let them frack and drill in the most pristine places in Colorado. They're sick!


Possibly our society is just as sick for allowing these people to lie their way into office and then letting them stay there once their lies have been exposed! Why is anyone going to vote for any of these frauds who are destroying our future and getting richer while doing it.




I love Rory . Vastly underrated. Have about 6 of his still on vinyl and duplicated on CD. Hendrix thought Rory the best.


To me it seems evident that Clinton is trying to bring together the centrist and progressive wings of the Democratic Party in order to move forward. I would expect a mix of centrist and progressive people in her choices. Clearly on the platform as well as her campaign promises she moved in a progressive direction. But she picked Tim Kaine, more of a centrist, as her vice-presidential running mate. I think if she wins progressives will be very happy with some cabinet choices but not with others. Perhaps the most important thing to look out for is who she picks for an economic team. Progressives should demand that Wall Street types not fill almost every position.She has promised sort of an Obama third term but the appointment of so may Wall Street types should not be included. People who support the Green Party may not feel any need to unite the Democratic Party, in fact, they want to see further division and a complete breakdown, but certainly Clinton feels that need. And it is a tough challenge with the people who supported Bernie Sanders on one side of the party and the more centrist people on the other side.


Wow. So getting ahead of the Obama 2008 schedule. The guy conned me into the lesser vote (my choice had been McKinney) in fear of the GOP. Last time for that nonsense. But, back to the timing. Obama waited until a week after the election to show his economic advisors. All of them were the people who had a hand in either creating the mess or not noticing or predicting the mess such as Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, unlike Brooksley Born, Sheila Bair, Susan Bies or Dean Baker (economist/columnist), all of whom predicted the mess and in the case of Bourne. Bair and Bies, who were federal regulators, tried to stop it long long before it got to the cliff.

Brooksley Born was head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the 1990s.
Sheila Bair, was chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. from 2006 to 2011.
Susan Bies was a central bank board member from 2001 to 2007.
URL to a McClatchy article from 2012 which put them together.

So, anyway, already redux, pre-election redux. And doesn't Salazar look like a character whose slime just rolls right off him, straight out of Central Casting.
P.S. Let's not forget that Hillary, as secretary of state made trips overseas for heavy-duty sales jobs for fracking to other countries. Don't listen to anything out of her mouth. Just watch what she has already done. Talk is cheap.