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Clinton vs Sanders vs O’Malley On Fixing Banking

Clinton vs Sanders vs O’Malley On Fixing Banking

Dave Johnson

How do we fix Wall Street, a.k.a. “the banks”? How do the candidates compare? This question came up in the first Democratic debate and there has been lots of online commentary on this since.

Ah, yes. Who do you trust? ( Like the game show, only less so ) Well, the Clintonistas turned out to be pretty flexible foxes in the late 1990s when they, and their buddies, were guarding the henhouses. I like Krugman on some things but not so much on this one. No do-overs here and on this particular issue, please. I’m supporting Bernie and would trust him, after taking counsel, to get the foxes out of the henhouses the best way possible. And, while I hope he would select a woman as his VP running mate, Martin O’Malley would have my vote as the next Attorney General should the Dems win. But, O’Malley has lots of guts and savvy on this issue, and would be miles ahead of any Clintonista. too. One of the things missing here is the concept of a State Bank, similar to N. Dakota’s set up, for all the 50 states which would like to participate in such a plan. If sunshine is still the best disinfectant, I’ll take mine close to home instead of Wall Street; thank you very much.

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Loved O’Malley’s video. Great song for a great message.

In addition to no discussion of public state banks, the article implies that Glass Steagall was Bill Clinton’s only gift to banksters There is no discussion of Bill Clinton’s other bankster friendly actions like the commodities futures modernization act.

As payback, Bill has earned an 8 figure annual corporate speaking fee income since 2001 ($17 million in 2013 alone) so Hillary is NOT going to derail that gravy train.

A candidate for the 99% should have a similar income or will not understand their concerns. Bernie is the only one. But the only way he will get things done is if we back him up with our votes. Congress needs changing. The SCOTUS needs changing. Can he count on us?

Sigh, no Sanders isn’t “the only one” - Stein is better …

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Well, if you are into State Banks, Stein is the candidate for you (smile) …

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Trust. We should trust what Hillary Clinton has to say. Question for those disposed to trust Hillary. How does one accumulate between 15 and 55 million while spending most of her time working for the government. Surely not from the salaries she earned. So just how was that accomplished and what does it have to say about trust.

Sanders is worth $300plus and O’Malley around $250K.

These figures are not the whole story in determining whether someone should be trusted, but they are enough for me to decide who to trust after all the promises are made.

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