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Clinton Wins Big in California, While Sanders Digs In for Final Stretch



I DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND!!!! It was rigged. They spent all night and all morning rigging it for her!!!!! We need that revolution NOW. Bernie was drawing crowds in the thousands in California while Hillary's 'crowd' was less than 1/10 the size. This is FRAUD. You cannot believe any of these results when they are tallied by the corrupt system!!!


My hunch is also that the two tallies presented were really switched. It was probably the other way around. I read that is very very easy to do with those machines.


I also believe that election fraud took place not only in California, but many states.
It certainly cannot be done by one person, many, many people are involved.
I hope that someone will be able to get to the bottom of this with actual proof.
With all those involved, there must be someone who will be willing to be a whistleblower.
This needs to be done before the convention takes place.

There needs to be something caught on tape or film, simply someone writing a report will go nowhere. The report by Greg Palast is informative, but we need something that will convince even those who would say it can't happen in the U.S.


No exit polls. Something definitely rotten. Curious to see how the numbers add up - new voters, etc. Bernie's dead even in the polls and then loses by double digits?? See this article "How California is being stolen
from Sanders right now" (and others) by Greg Palast at:



'Clinton, of course, would prefer that Sanders end his campaign and embrace her as the reform leader.'

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..............oh I thought this was a joke!


The world cannot wait for the debates 'tween Trump and Clinton, the heirs presumptive.

Two lizards locked in a death dance on a Third World prison farm.

Democracy in action, they will call it.


You don't have to believe it was a conspiracy, just understand the confusing process even Californians have for voting. I listened to a journalist from San Francisco try to explain to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! News how their system treats independents in CA. It's as bad as it was in New York's closed Primary. If you are a "No Preference" independent in California, and you wanted to vote for a Democrat, you had to request a "Cross Over" ballot, either to be mailed to you in May, or if you show up at the polls, request it at that time. SInce I am guessing most of those hundreds of thousands (literally) of new voters who registered recently in CA were independents, they would have had to do this to vote for Bernie.

One great move of Bernie's campaign has been to demand changes in the way people vote in the states, make it understandable and easy, if you want to keep calling the U.S. voting process democratic. If 38-40% of voters reject a party affiliation, then move to open primaries!
I am so proud of Bernie's campaign and supporters!


It will be ugly. It will be disgusting. It will be a cesspool of vomit and bile. If this is the best America can give us, then I guess we deserve it, and those of us who fought hard against it will have to suffer along with all the rest.


The Revolution wins 22 states for starters!

♫♫ Go Bernie! ♫♫

Convention Countdown BEGINS!

Philly will be Yuge!


We've all been waiting to see what happened in California when Bernie was favored. You got it, ballot switching!! When Independents went to vote they were not told they needed, get this, a cross over Democratic ballot. If they didn't ask for it specifically poll workers were told not to tell them they needed it and they were given a provisional type ballot. That my friends is why he lost.
Now, some would say he needed to tell everyone about it but I'm not sure he even knew. In any case it was yet another screw job by this sick and corrupt democratic party.
They ignore us long enough we will be in the streets. We will have to be at some point anyway. They aren't going to give up power easily.
Bernie or Bust!


Palast has the answers to this corrupted system.


Clinton Wins Big?

So we're supposed to believe that a woman who couldn't rally enough people to fill a High School gym had a turnout at the polls greater than that of a man whose rallies filled stadiums?

We're supposed to believe that a woman who was only 2 points ahead in recent polls somehow leads by 12.6 points?

Well, let's check the exit polls...

Oh right. They cancelled them because they showed Clinton's wins somehow magically didn't match the exit poll results.

What we need is an investigation into all the voting 'irregularities'.

It's beginning to look like we aren't in a democratic society at all. Voting is a mere formality. A bit of theater to convince the masses we're calling the shots.

Nothing to do with who actually runs the country.


lots of voter repression, suppression and all the rest. we are not going away neither is Bernie. The movement is growing as a result of his magnificent efforts and the future is in the hands of we the people, especially the young. pushback at every moment and every move of the shillary if she can even make it. the dems are going down the road that the republithugs have already travelled. we need a strong new third party and I do mean new, not the greens who have gotten hardly anywhere in all these years. Take heart comrades, the future is ours and I will be working daily to make it better here in Berkeley, I hope you will be doing the same wherever you find yourself. be well and be present and kind.


Thanks for posting the link. I've always appreciated the hard-hitting articles of Greg Palast.


I hope that was written in sympathy. But I also hope we Sanders supporters did not deserve it. It does contravene what we have been working for.


The polls in no way shape or form match the results. In virtually every other State where sanders was showing significant gains in the polls he received significantly more votes than was first expected.

California seems to be an exception and thus the results should be suspect.

I implore US citizens not to give up on Sanders. Ms Clinton or Trump as President will not only be a disaster for US citizens but one for the rest of the world as well


That's certainly possible, but she had the Democratic nomination before the first vote was cast. The worst kept secret in Washington is that Hillary's coronation happened in '08 when it was the terms she negotiated with Obama to drop her campaign. Remember the meeting in Unity, New Hampshire? This is where that agreement took place.

In exchange, she was given the promise of an uncontested nomination in 2016, with a stint as secretary of State thrown in to bolster her foreign policy creds. To disguise the subterfuge, Obama first offered secretary of state to Bill Richardson who had pre-agreed to decline the offer.


Just the start!. 22 states! WE THE PEOPLE live in those 22 states that couldn't be fixed. WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT EXACTLY WHY they couldn't be fixed, so the criminality of the 1% can never repeat. They got to AZ, NM, CA, NY, NJ and MASS (and others). People got an eye full and ear full of the truth when Bernie was able to speak, without the "the chains that bind" (i.e. the massive wealth of the corporate Earth destroyers).

Many of We The People, already have freed ourselves from the corporate media bs and social media sites that circulate un-fact-checked (assertions of fact), that are often inserted into "tweets", then passed on and recirculated as fact. "Likes", inserted by the paid trolls of the Clinton-2 crime machine. Somehow, the establishment wasn't able to fix the 22 "rebel states" - the truth will come out in the laundry, eventually).


Reminds me of Florida....

This Primary Season has proven that
1- the system is rigged and we cannot change it.
2- Hillary was truly coronated from day 1.
3- There are many people who are drinking the kool-aid of "The 1st Women President>"--(OK what else does she bring to the table?).
4. This is True Theater on both sides serving to distract us once again with a perpetual campaigning season.

Not sure what is more dangerous to the world.....
a person who knows what they are doing to wield power and does not care of the impacts to planet & people, or someone who does not know what they are doing in a position of power wielding power.....Both types are up for election and serving the Powers that Be.