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Clinton Wraps Last-Minute Endorsement of Iran Deal with Hawkish Threats of Military Force



She's been prepared for war, since '64. Goldwater Girl: Bombs Away!!! She'll kill people with a missionary zeal, too.


What a horror!


How many family members has she lost to the country's wars since she came of age? How about her husband's family? How about the Bush's and Cheney's families? If she's so patriotic why didn't she become a nurse after college graduation and volunteer to go to Vietnam? " Chicken Hawkin' Hillary " ; yeah, that's the ticket!


Hillary Clinton is a disaster. I call on all who are working within the Democratic Party to deny her the nomination to take serious action if she secures the nomination with big money and establishment rigging. I call on you, if this happens, to shake the dust off your sandals and leave the Party.

Let them know that a Republican neocon, neoliberal doesn't get your support by putting a D after her name. Let them know they can't take the base for granted anymore.

Right now, I wish you good luck on ending her political career by supporting Sanders.


Biden isn't much different. But, he may not tip over Assad as much as partition the upper/western part of Iraq and eastern portion of Syria. A new plan ( are the Russians willing to let that base go ) from the Empire?


You do realize, don't you, that Sanders said essentially the same thing?

“If Iran does not live up to the agreement, sanctions may be reapplied,” he added. “If Iran moves toward a nuclear weapon, all available options remain on the table. I think it is incumbent upon us, however, to give the negotiated agreement a chance to succeed. That is why I will support the agreement.” (emphasis added)


[[[[[`-I am not paid to post. I assert that Hillary Clinton is disgusting and oppose her being president.-]]]]]


Yeah, she will act decisively the way she has acted with her waffling all over the email issue that she has so vehemently discussed while waffling around like it was some bizarre kind of waltz she wanted to never end.

Oh, yes, she is a war-monger who loves wars that never end. Waffling is her idea of decisive!

She will continue clinging to her waffling! That is decisive!


Which one do you think would pull the trigger, quicker? I bet Adelson and Sen. McCain, Sen. Cotton and " Rabbi Joe " would put their gov't pensions on " Chicken Hawkin ". And, if it was President Stein, wouldn't she be in violation of her oath if she didn't defend the country, too? The trouble lies in the " the intelligence " community and, " who's zooming who " the best. Bernie didn't buy in the first time he heard the sky is fallin' about Iraq, Homeland Security, etc. Hillary is closer to Cheney than Bernie on this treaty, imo.


Yeah it worked so well in Yemen and Afghanistan and Libya and Iraq and Syria.

So where will the 12 million plus refugees from Iran flee to when the US war pigs turn another land into a war zone or will the western countries bitch and moan that it the fault of Putin ?


What has this woman done for peace, ever, in her life? What country is more peaceful now than before her term as Secretary of State? She is so deep snuggled in the pockets of the war industry and Wall Street, I don't think she's known for 30 years what she herself thinks. Even in this speech in 'support' of the Iran deal, it was so qualified and equivocal it sounded like she was against it. She wants to be on every side of every issue . . .TPP, Keystone pipeline, climate change, Iran, GMO's. Her speeches are a continuous stream of insults to our intelligence.


She, like Trump, sound better in the original German.


I agree with you.
The Blue Dog, Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party has to end.
Did you see mealy mouth Trumka on the Sunday propaganda Spree?

Union Members, Call the Afl/Cio, Teamsters, Carpenters, IBEW, all of them. Bernie supports US, and Unions.
He is viable.


Mein Furheress?


Ah yessss, finally the Hillary we know and mistrust. So this agreement is a dead end before it starts according to her. There is no chance of it widening to allow a developing agreement between our countries? I will wait for the intelligent adult on this campaign to weigh in before I start digging my fallout shelter.
Sanders For Peace before War.


Hillary: I support this deal. I would never had made this deal. I abhor this deal. But my advisors tell me since Obama made it I'll tick off too many Dems if I don't support it. So let me make it perfectly clear: I support this deal and won't bomb Iran until the first hint they might be considering violating it. Again: I would never have made this deal myself. We have perfectly good bombs just waiting to be dropped.

My advisors also tell me I need to seem more like a real human being and less like Dick Cheney in a girl suit. So let me tell you about my mother. Did you know her parents abandoned her? What? No, it wasn't that they thought she was the Devil's spawn and would be the mother of his baby. Where did you hear that?


Many years ago my father, in trying to understand the insanity of USAian foreign policy and the fact that USAians run around shooting each on an unprecedented scale, explained to me that it was because USAians all drove cars to go anywhere at all and used too much lead in the petrol. I think Hillary C is of the right age to have been brain-damaged by the lead that was formerly in USAian petrol.


TPTB continue to maintain this artificial division among the American people. They emphasize abortion rights, gay rights, gun rights, race, illegal immigration and a number of other issues to polarize the nation. This allows them to trick us into going to war against our best interests. It also allows the people to be manipulated into voting against their best interests.

Truth be told Jeb or Trump wouldn't be a whole lot worse than Hillary and certainly not much worse in the arena of foreign policy. All three would positively suck as president and continue perpetual war policy.

It's a damned shame what has happened to the Democratic Party. It can be traced back to the DLC and Bill and Hillary.


Bernie is the lone choice for president if we want to straighten this country out. Of course Bernie isn't perfect. But compared to the alternatives...whew! No contest.


Criticizing a political candidate such as BS does not make one a "provocateur". It's exercising one's freedom of speech.

When Hillary is elected and wants to continue and/or expand the current American wars, Mr. Sanders (if he hasn't retired) will voice concern but vote for every military appropriations bill he sees, - as he has done for most of the past three decades.

I keep hoping that some of the Sandernistas would consider looking at his voting record on military spending. Hillary will be glad to send some of Bernie's F-35s into action...oh, wait, - the few that have been built (with the 1.2 BILLION allocated) barely fly...