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Clinton's Big Wall Street Reform Plan: Not Reinstating Glass-Steagall

Clinton's Big Wall Street Reform Plan: Not Reinstating Glass-Steagall

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hillary Clinton on Thursday put forth her plan for Wall Street reform, absent from which is an element progressives see as key: the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall.

In 1999 Sen Bernie Sanders spoke in opposition to repealing Glass-Steagall.
His predictions, what would happen if repealed, are absolutely spot-on.


Can’t be for reinstating Glass-Steagall without upsetting the banking industry that is funding her campaign.


Oh look, the bankers are making it look like their puppet is dancing on her own.

How cute!


Just any (natural) inclination to honor her husband’s legacy at all costs invalidates HRC as a candidate in my book. (Look what happened when 43 tried to outdo 41…)


If Sec. Clinton’s wealthy benefactors didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t know what to think. Her integrity is non-existent. She’s so fixated on being president for the sake of her being president that the people be damned. She’s sold out on so many issues, she’s so venal and so corrupt that she’s completely unlikable.

This whole President Hillary Clinton thing is never going to happen.


Obviously because I know the future. I’m just wasting my time on blogs until my perspicacious foresight lands me a lotto jackpot.


Hope you’re right, but if Bernie doesn’t get it, there’s a whole lotta people out there who will vote for HRC.

I don’t understand why Republicans can run 15 candidates and Democrats only 5, being the largest party.

And Hillary provides more reasons to vote for Sanders daily.


Because everyone else is too busy figuring out how to best place the blade when they stab their colleagues in the back. Infighting among Democrats always hurts their plans.

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Clinton and her husband have ALWAYS been about the money going back to their roots in Arkansas. They are the proof that prostitution and politics are tied for first place as the world’s oldest profession.

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From Yahoo Finance:-

“Clinton needs more Wall Street backers. Critics claim she’s too cozy with bankers. She may not be cozy enough.”


“Troubling?” No it’s another reason to vote for Bernie.
Clinton is a liar, she doesn’t care about me or mine.
God, if I have to vote for her I will, then run out and VOMIT