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Clinton's 'Broken Promise' on California Debate Called 'Insult' to Voters


Clinton's 'Broken Promise' on California Debate Called 'Insult' to Voters

Jon Queally, staff writer

Bernie Sanders calls it an "insult" to the people of California while many others consider it a promise broken.

With no apparent upside for her campaign and despite an agreement earlier this year, Hillary Clinton has said she will not participate in a debate with Bernie Sanders in California ahead of next month's crucial primary in that state.


I think Her Royal Candidate's demeanor has said it all. &%#$@!


NO one can trust Clinton (if ever they did previously) after this betrayal of honor!
When she thought Bernie was winning, Clinton asked/begged for more debates and Sanders agreed, now when she thinks she doesn't need them, reneges! THAT is the measure of Hillary's integrity and moral compass!

A public servant must (should) have integrity (usually not the case unfortunately) and when Clinton shows open contempt for the democratic process, the voters, her opponent Bernie Sanders, and especially the people of California, she proves she is NOT honorable enough, qualified, or responsible enough to serve - she is wholly a corrupt political creature that cannot - must not - be trusted! Bernie Sanders shows all the qualities needed to be the nominee and president, and deserves our full support!

Bernie all the Way! Occupy Philly! No Justice, NO Peace!



They're scared shitless something stupid will fly out of her mouth again.

Hey, Cali is full of creativity. Howzabout a mock debate? Surely there's a good ventriloquist out there somewhere with a dummy while Bernie can play his good self.



Why would anyone expect otherwise from her? I mean really . . . can you imagine HRC behaving in a manner that indicates she is a woman of integrity, truthfulness and compassion?

This is in keeping with her pattern of behaviors since . . . her teen years? She is part and parcel of a pathological system that some people still believe is a democracy.


Clinton’s ‘Broken Promise’.

How many times will we see this headline if the lesser of two evils (which is still totally evil) becomes president?


Hillary had advantages on the East Coast but she doesn't have the West Coast as wrapped up. Plus there are many intelligent voters in California who are well-aware of the issues. In other words, the lies told often and artful bamboozles won't work as effectively.

I think Mrs. Clinton (and her handlers) made a tactical decision.

This kind of hubris reflects the certainty of having the contest tied up. She believes that all of the contrivances that lent her undue advantages ensure that the throne is hers, and hers alone.

As a Scorpio, if she did lose, she'd make sure that Sanders paid.

The Clintons were neck deep in the drug trade in Arkansas and there were plenty of bodies buried in that enterprise. Moving on to CIA involvements, support for numerous bloody coups, and other "statecraft" makes them pros in the Personal War Department.

However, Karma happens.

This election may prove the Great Anomaly that so many are waiting for... many of whom thought that transition would come with Obama only to find themselves SORELY betrayed.


Hey 1964, na na na na, na na na na, hey, hey, good bye!

Those were the Goldwater days, my friend, I thought they'd never end...


The "Goldwater days" have NOT ended !

If Goldwater came back and ran in the GOP primaries, he would be rated a moderate. If Nixon came back, he would be considered too liberal for the GOP or Democratic Party nomination.


No surprise here. Fox News has provided fairer coverage of the Democratic nomination than either of the 2 Clinton networks, MSNBC and CNN.

There was no chance Hillary would have let Fox News ask her questions that her own networks have hardly touched--her secret server and the FBI Investigation, the FBI investigation of Terry Mcauliffe, the Clinton Foundation 'pay to play' scam, the way the DNC picked her before the first vote was cast, and the election fraud throughout the nominating process.

Fox News would not have thrown Rachel Maddow softballs at her.


Seth Abramson suggested Bernie debate Trump.


I sincerely hope that Sanders sweeps California with at least 70% of the votes.


hillary's campaign advisors understand that in a debate with bernie she has nothing to gain, but everything to lose.


I have zero faith or belief the Dem establishment or Clinton & Co, will do anything to honor any commitments or any "progressive" platform sops to gain Sanders voters. All they want is more power and opportunity to rule to gain wealth and provide client campaign contributors (actually corruption by big-money) favorable policy decisions, legislation and opportunity to buy even more power and corporate/financial domination over the 99%! They all are corrupt pathological liars. Bernie must not fall for this garbage , I know a majority of his supporters will not!
The only candidate with any morality and integrity is Bernie Sanders (and Jill Stein)........Bernie or Bust!


Except the respect of the voters (albeit a remote possibility).


The debates between Clinton and Sanders have gotten so nasty that I don't know why either would want to participate. Well then again Bernie seems to feed on anger. It is like his fuel. Hillary seems like someone who would rather sit down at the computer and come up with a ten-point program for something. The race has been between the anger machine from Brooklyn against the Wellesely wonk.


What a stupid decision on the part of her people and of course of herself for going along with it..


Hillary seems to be making a lot of questionable decisions and statements lately. Almost as if there is something going on that is distracting her, keeping her attention and energies elsewhere. Hmm. What could that be?


Clinton's decision to break an agreement is typical of her campaign and approach to governing. This is why she is the establishment candidate - because this is how the US government has historically acted. Make an agreement...break an agreement. That is how the corporate imperialists operate.

Can't trust Clinton. But don't be fooled into supporting Trump...he's an imperialist bully too as well as an impulsive hothead and not to be trusted either....he's just more direct in his bullying while Clinton is more calculating.


No surprise here. Fox News has provided fairer coverage of the Democratic nomination than either of the 2 Clinton networks, MSNBC and CNN.

Oh my. You know things are upside-down, leftside-right when it's Fox F'ing News that's being even-handed in the Democratic primary side, compared to the supposedly 'liberal' networks.