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Clinton's Comments on the Reagans and AIDS Demand More Than Apology


Clinton's Comments on the Reagans and AIDS Demand More Than Apology

Steven Thrasher

Talking about former first lady Nancy Reagan on MSNBC on Friday, current leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton credited “president and Mrs Reagan – in particular, Mrs Reagan”, for having “started a national conversation” about Aids.


“Misspoke” is getting someone’s name wrong or a date wrong or getting a little turned around on the facts. Rewriting history, insulting the memory of all those who actually fought and died to overcome the deliberate obstructionism of the Reagan’s is something else. The author is correct. Clinton owes more than a few lines of apology in tweet and a pathetic “I misspoke”.


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And the unbelievably intelligent, really really bright, “she gets it”, “boy is she smart!” Hillary has the audacity to think we will believe her when she dismisses her comment as a misspeak for which she simply needs to apologize?
Her “misspeak” was a deliberate, calculated attempt to appeal to the Reaganites and others who don’t want Trump. She wants them to know that she is their gal.
& she has the arrogance to believe us stupid little people (after all we’re not part of the “best & the brightest”, nor are we “masters of the universe”) us stupid nobodies Hillary thinks will fall for her lies.
Well, she is WRONG!..show how unbelievably intelligent she is…


I’m pretty sure this party’s taking the votes of ALL their members for granted these days. “Where are they gonna go?”, said Rahm.
Hillary is a Reagan Republican, so these comments are unsurprising. She’s just so unbelievably thoughtless.


To be fair to the former first lady and secretary of war, er state; she takes all of her support for granted once the oligarchs make their wishes clear. There is no human in her purported constituency who has been helped by her policy action in office.


“Clinton’s Comments on the Reagans and AIDS Demand More Than Apology” – Only a Sanders presidency will suffice.