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Clinton's F-You to Progressives: This is How Trump Could Become President


Clinton's F-You to Progressives: This is How Trump Could Become President

John Atcheson

Here’s what Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kane as her VP tells us:


From the article: "Clinton’s brief feint to the left wasn’t for real."

Might one respond in the vernacular ? No shit.


What Jazzbo said redux me too.

Low turnout blues makes a body wonder could Trump pull a fast one and leave America wondering or weeping at the elites who made an all out effort to deny us our democracy by rigging the game against Sanders who was the most popular candidate?

Low turn out blues. Establishment Dems wanted Clinton and said to hell with democracy but Americans wanted Sanders.

Low turn out blues might just give us Trump instead.


"With Clinton’s lead at about 4% in polls, taking an action that was
certain to shrink the turnout was either arrogant, stupid, or
demonstrative of someone who is so out of touch with the plight of the
average American as to be clueless."

It is, of course, all three, with arrogance at the forefront. Corporate Democrats would rather lose an election than appeal to progressives. They would rather hug Henry Kissinger, wage war against Chicago teachers, and fight like cats for the interests of Wall Street. If Clinton does somehow lose to Trump, progressives will be blamed for not responding to the "f--- you!" with a pledge of fealty.


Selecting the non-progressive Kaine doesn't mean that Clinton is politically clueless. There's no more cynical, calculating pol than Hillary Milhous Clinton. And her calculation tells her that most progressives will do what they usually do -- vote the lesser evil, or vote party, or vote for Clinton simply because they have been bamboozled into believing that voting for a 3rd-party candidate is to waste their vote.

She did the calculation, smirked, and concluded "Where they gonna go?"

I hope I'm wrong this time. Vote your conscience.


I doubt if the financial elites really care too much if Trump is elected. He's no threat to them. Just that they probably prefer a more subtle, somewhat coherent beard like HRC to do their biding.


I agree


Yuppers... no more lesser-evilism, sure dos look like its time to vote according to conscience.

After the (s)elections the sun will still rise, the need for grassroots alliances across the board will be greater than ever, and we'll still need to keep up the pressure to bring back Glass-Steagall and taking down the abuses brick by brick and constructing systems with integrity. These to be done for the kids, the grand kids and all the people who have been abused by the predatory system.


This seals her fate with many of us die hard Bernie fans. Many of us will now switch to Jill Stein and reject the Republican-Lite of Hillary's Dem. Party. They would rather lose with Hillary and keep the corporate cash coming in than win over Trump with Sanders. A truly sad state of affairs.


The media created Trump, he was the only one they figured she could beat, and so we can expect more of the same. Trumps face and rants are on every website, TV news channel and most articles. They will double down on how insane he is and the talking heads will shudder at the thought of him as president. No doubt we will see more of him than her. The neoliberal tactic of creating a good enemy will be on full display. Are you scared yet? They are both trying to scare us into voting for them.
They really do think we're stupid.
Jill Stein 2016


I think of the line in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," "...we've always had the lottery," the old man says. We will always have a boogie man, someone to play the Trump role, to scare the high intellectual leaders to pronounce from on high that it is imperative for people to hold their noses and vote for the less murderous candidate. "The Lottery," for those not familiar with the short story, was a lottery, conducted by the assembled community, to select a member to be stoned to death. One of these election cycles might portend the last grab bag candidate. Think of Hillary and her fire breathing hatred of the Ruskies, with Vickie Nuland and her hubby Bobby Kagan in tow bringing along a crowd of, never having been in the military, warriors who can't wait to send some other mother's children to die. We will always have a boogie man/woman.


"Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
And it shows them pearly white
Just a jackknife has old Mac....Hillary, babe
And she keeps it, ah, out of sight
Ya know when that shark bites with her teeth, babe
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves, oh, wears old Mc...Hillary, babe
So there's never, never a trace of red"

How's that knife feel progressives?


I used to be Green

Until Nader the Nadir threw the election to W.

The effects of which are still being felt

The laughable part is Nader siphoned off enough votes to give Florida, and hence the election, to W. But that in the following presidential election, Nader got only 0.0 - ZERO percent in his narcissistic bid to show his muscle at the expense of every PURPORTED ideal. But this time, W and his thugs had sewn up the country. Too late, uh duh, there was no talking back the USA.

The parallel: progressives and Stein's who are nose-thumbing at Clinton. And the Nation as they prepare to try to ensure President Trump. The retort - ya need to break the egg ?

But we're not talking eggs and omelettes. We're talking about a monster who makes W look like Mother Theresa. Whose tactics and rhetoric stink of some parts of the world in the 1930's.

If he's elected, and The damage Trump will do will be irreparable. You say you will take back the country in 2020??

Maybe. Whatever is left of it after Trump.

But then, Maybe not.


The problem that nobody seems to get is that Trump is not a real candidate. This election is a domestic psyops program to install the candidate of the oligarchy, make no mistake Trump will take a dive as soon as the nomination is complete.
One only has to watch Bill Clinton to understand the trajectory of events. So, just as in his private confab with Loretta Lynch indicated what direction the DOJ would take on Hillary indictment, so to his phone conversation with Trump in May of 2015 indicated the charade they are perpetrating on the American public!
Mark my words, Trump will render himself unelectable after Hillary's nomination!
And yes we should all be very scared, Obama's presidency was merely a prelude to what will come! The past eight years have been spent setting the world up for total corporate GLOBAL domination. Which means major war making, and Russia is already set up to have to wage a two front war, which is never winnable, thanks to Hillary's good friends Victoria Newland and her hubby Robert can you say neocon Kagen!
OCCUPY THE ELECTION is the only solution and not allow this charade of an election to happen.


Just a note:

The really cynical thing was that Gore was the most environmentally oriented President you could get. But so many Greens still bought into Nader's egotistical nonsense and helped usher in the Worst president for the environment (up to that time)

So now, bite one's nose to spite one's face?


That's why over 200,000 DEMOCRATS in FLA voted for BUSH.

You are truly an idiot.


I also composed a response to this psyops bullshit using the word "idiot," but decided not to post. thanks.


Yes, low voter turn out but why? Because Obama immediately put wall street and industry into his cabinet. He immediately gave we the people the finger, not on everything but he truly defied his campaign rhetoric. People are sick and tired of being lied to and Trump is lying to us and it is more of a guessing game as to what he will really do. Clinton we know more of the same which has been disastrous for we the people but not oligarchs.


Yeah, funny, it just joined CD less than an hour ago, to post this garbage. It doesn't care if it's refuted, it just wants to post and re-post the meme: "Blame Nader! Blame Stein! Don't blame Clinton or the DNC!"


They don't do that. Comment sections are often glitchy on all sites . It happens to everyone. Please don't take it so personally. Exit the site turn off your computer or pad and reboot. Your comments will likely appear.... Unless you violated the guidelines - excessive personal attacks, content free trolling, hit and run posting, racist or very foul language etc.