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Clinton's "First Major Betrayal"? DNC Surrogates Defeat Anti-TPP Measure



No surprise from empress Hillary integrity. During times of deciet truth is revolutionary, go Bernie.


From the article:
[John] Nichols said, "Democrats must offer a clear, coherent alternative that recognizes the failures of the past (NAFTA), that commits to avoiding new failures (TPP), and that frames out a vision for the future that repudiates both crude nationalism and crude corporatism."

The slavish Nichols will never be able to acknowledge that Clinton and the DNC cannot "frame a vision for the future that repudiates... crude corporatism" because Clinton and the DNC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of crude corporatism*.

(*Accepting Nichols' use of "corporatism" as the word is used by some today; not corporatism as a political doctrine, such as the corporatism at the heart of Mussolini's Fascism.)


Elizabeth Warren a few months ago on the TPP: (http://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/senate/267991-warren-congress-should-reject-obama-trade-deal)
"I hope Congress will use its constitutional authority to stop this deal before it makes things even worse and even more dangerous for America's hardest-working families," Warren said Tuesday.
She added that the agreement "would tilt the playing field even more in favor of a big multinational corporations and against working families."

Elizabeth Warren today joyously embracing Hillary Clinton
(the song Happy Together by the . . was it the Turtles? is going through my head). Liz looks downright giddy in these photos:



Hammer, hammer, hammer, another nail in the Clinton/DNC coffin.


Guess Warren wants access to the Wall Street hospitality suite at the Philadelphia Convention.more than she wants the playing field leveled.


Did any rational, independently thinking progressive really think that allowing five Sanders delegates on the platform committee was anything except window dressing? I'm hoping that even Bernie didn't, and he went along to show what a sham the entire process is, so when it comes right down to it, he will be totally justified in refusing to endorse Hillary at the end of the convention, and allowing his supporters to do what they will (not that we won't anyway!). Let us also not forget that she has called all of us who support the BDS movement against Israel to be anti-Semites, which I'm really pissed (but not surprised) about.

No, this should be more than enough reason for the vast majority of Sanders' supporters to just walk away from Hillary and the establishment Dems, and to the Green Party for this election, to vote en masse for them and to show the establishment that we mean business, that making them lose is the beginning of the take-down of the Clinton faction, and the rise of The People in taking over the Democratic Party for the rest of us! #NeverHillary.


Like the conqueror eating the heart of the conquered.


I cannot see why any position taken by Clinton and those supporting her should be viewed as a "betrayal". Betrayal connotes an action contrary to what had been pledged. Clinton has pledged nothing contrary to the interests of her financiers and foreign friends, state and private.


The Clintons doing what the Clintons do best...selling favors.

They are the easiest people on the planet to understand as their mission is so simple.


"First betrayal"? There will be nothing of substance from Clinton that doesn't include betrayal. Her MO and the smarmy ways she evades a direct answer or changes the subject or weasels her way into a non-answer tells a person all they need to know about the red Queen - everything about Clinton is a charade and betrayal! The people used as pawns, wage and interest/debt slaves, serfs to big-money and profits uber alles!

We of conscience who have vowed to never again fall for the corrupt Dem establishment "lesser evil" con will not betray OUR integrity - or our brothers and sisters - by voting for any evil - Trump or Hillary!
The stakes are too high and if we don't vote our conscience and issues now, we might as well give it up.

Hopefully Bernie will see the truth that the only way to get anything BUT betrayals from the anointed Dem candidate (just like we got from Obama) is to go third way, perhaps with Jill Stein (Warren's failure to stand-up already reality) running under the Green Party banner.........when the people and our candidates are betrayed and lied-to, deceived, and our issues thrown in the rubbish, we owe them nothing - say it with me Bernie - we owe them nothing!


It took even less time for B. Sanders to snap to !

Reality check in order. Collapse is the only way out.

Bring this system to the ground.


Mendacious tossers, all.


I don't necessarily doubt that you are correct, but evidence? Where are you getting your info?


On the political front, there is no doubt about the need to form a new party.


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" Whether they like it or not, we're going to open the doors of the Democratic Party."
That's great Bernie, but you had better wear a gas mask.


The purpose of the Democratic Party is to elect Democrats. The Party has no obligation to an outgoing President's ego or feelings or perceived legacy.

Whatever strategery the DNC is considering should be about getting Hillary elected, not passing Obama's failed trade policy. Furthermore, TPP is on life support. The upside for the DNC is "ten to the minus 7th." The downside is a huge gash in Hillary Clinton's credibility.



A charnel house. Where hope goes to die.


Why do you think they started giving military weaponry to local police departments?