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Clinton's "Highly Unusual" Private Email System Thwarted Records Requests


Clinton's "Highly Unusual" Private Email System Thwarted Records Requests

Jon Queally, staff writer

A deeper look into revelations this week surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email account while serving as U.S.Secretary of State has revealed that such a breach of protocol allowed the prominent politician and presumed Democratic candidate for president to avoid having her communications accessed by those making records requests, including both members of Congress and journalists filing under the Freedom of Information Act and similar laws.


This is the first slam against Clinton who did what all others in her position did because the new law was not passed until after she left office. Hard to believe this bashing came from the NYT’s. Bad article. Bad criricism. Given the desire to destroy Clinton by any means necessary, somehow Dems have never entered a level of reverse bashing that would respond with the massive crimes of Bush and family. Maybe totally shut down the nation in favor of petty chaos.


After years and years and years of being attacked by right wing Republicans, who can blame Hillary for wanting to keep All of her e-mails private. We have no media - except the net - that is not controlled by Corporate Profit Mongers. They hate the Clinton Clan even though they threw the public under the NAFTA Bus and deregulated the Wall Street Gambling Casinos. This just proves that Hillary is a very very smart woman who wants to be president…and the Republican candidates still can’t get off the clown bus. The American Empire and its military might is going to follow all the other great empires into history’s failure scenario.


Smart lawyer that she is, Ms Clinton may have found a loophole to avoid scrutiny of her official emails, at least for a while. She went to pretty extreme lengths, though, to conceal the emails - setting up a private server in her mansion. And while pages of records were turned over at last to the National Archives, those were selected emails that were provided by her staff. How many more emails were there that were not turned over?

I realize Hillary’s fans are motivated to see any negative reporting on her as part of the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’, but when a public official concocts a system that frustrates things such as Freedom of Information Act requests, that’s a serious issue.


A practice that is characterized as “highly unusual” by omission states: but not unique.
What is most revealing, in my view, is that it is yet another ‘metric’ if you will of the extent to which the ‘identity’ of what was ostensibly a “representative government”, is not.
The way a representative self-identifies, in having called for spying to try to identify personal weaknesses for advantage, for instance, can no longer be tucked away in the public discernment of the character of such practices and must realize how reminiscent this is of a profile of isolating for advantage, much as Nixon had been doing. Beyond this is the entire sphere of internalizing a ‘war’ mentality permeating so many aspects and practices to the detriment of continuity and capacity to evolve out of a siege mentality anathema to actual governance.


Behold in the photo an activity common among Empire’s oligarchs…powertripping.

But ultimately she is merely a millionaire lacky of the billionaire club. Surely the NSA hacks into her email server on a regular basis.


In the photo she’s asking Madeleine if she should brooch the subject.


No problem. She is friends with Melinda Gates.


After we see Queen Killary’s e-mails, then I want to see Bernie Sanders’s, Jeb Bush’s, Scott Walker’s, Mike Huckabee’s and Rick Perry’s! Trying to avoid transparency like this should be an automatic F*** You for the presidency! We need to set the character bar to a much higher level then we have been raising it for the last fifty years in all of our elections!


“… you know you just loved her husband, right.”

According to polls at the time, at the end of his presidency, WC had the highest approval rating of any president at the end of his term in a very long time, around 2/3 approval rating. If he could’ve run for a third term, he would’ve won.