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Clinton's Wall Street Donors Revolt After Warren Emerges as VP Contender



No news here.

There have been dozens of CD posts during the past six months reminding readers that Philadelphia convention sponsor Wall Street will have zero tolerance for any potential VP candidate or cabinet appointee who lacks a record of pandering to Wall Street.


Yeah, right - the banker/wall street parasites of finance have a lot to worry about with their bought and paid-for Shillary in the Oval Office - Warren demoted from Senate to the superficial role of VP and her voice (such as it is) silenced - that isn't at all planned.........what rubbish phony "revolt" from Clinton's Wall St donors!


This entire Warren selection as VP has been a smokescreen to placate the progressive base from now until the convention. Money talks bullshit walks. Hillary will listen to the money first before ever listening to the people.
That is why I'll be damned if I'm voting for Hillary Clinton!

I haven't forgotten. Guess she's still looking into it.


The only thing I have to add is that if Warren is chosen as VP then the fix is in, she has already been compromised and any "reforms" she is able to promote will just be changes on the fringes. More theater and Hillary is probably reassuring the Daddy Warbucks crowd as I type.



What 'Progressive darling'?! Warren as Hillary's VP is the epitome of political opportunistic hypocrisy.


Put lipstick on and dress up that pig anyway you want. I'm still not voting for that war criminal. A warning to Senator Warren. Hillary Clinton is toxic just like Fukushima. Please stay away from her so you don't get poisoned. ; )


Nah, look for a polished Ivy League Hispanic, this is pre convention smoke.


I'm with you, @jimboz. But it makes me awfully nervous that H has said she would put Bill in charge of the economy. I believe her poorly thought out comments more than the carefully strategic gesture of suggesting she might consider Warren for VP. But I'm afraid Warren has trusted H and her managers and already given the payoff endorsement. I guess we'll see.


She could name him VP. Wouldn't that be something. We'd get double the Clintons and she wouldn't have to have somebody else's name on her ticket. Clinton/Clinton Whichever way youlook at it, it sucks or blows, depending on your preference.


Well, based upon this article, it is clear that we need to understand that finance capital considers Warren a threat. Of course, it had kept her from heading the consumer financial services agency she created. They howled so loud that Obama appointed some non-entity to head the organization.
I digress. The bottom line is that Elizabeth Warren's stock should go up among progressives. Forget resentments about her not supporting Bernie. Bernie understands, believe me.


"we [Wall Street financial capitalists] just can't trust you [Secretary Clinton], you've killed it..." -anonymous bundler

My sentiments exactly. I just can't trust Secretary Clinton to do what's right for the working class, poor and elderly.


I say we take a strategic approach and push Liz. Hillary would like to play identity politics with the VP. Liz is policy, not identity. Wall Street truly hates her.


So this is why Senator Warren declined to endorse Senator Sanders before the Massachusetts primary! It makes perfect sense now.


If ever there was a better example of how Wall Street feels they own Clinton, I don't know it.

"If Clinton picked Warren, her whole base on Wall Street would leave her," one top Democratic donor told Politico reporter Ben White.

I read in this message is "We own you and you better not pick her".

And this ending was even better:

Another senior Wall Street executive brushed aside the argument that Clinton needed Warren on the ticket, stating: "There will be plenty of time to galvanize the left and get them to come out. And Warren would be a nightmare to try and manage."

The implication here is that Hillary is "easy to manage", but Warren would actually have a mind of her own and would not be as easy to push into doing whatever Wall Street wants.

But, of course, we will hear how this money has nothing to do with how Hillary will operate in office, despite these major contributors obviously expecting something for their money.


Elizabeth Warren becoming a VP for HRC will make her a useless ineffective lame duck under the red queen. She better off staying in the senate where she can do more good moving forward the people agenda. Like the "people's summit' this is just another smoke and mirrors trick out of HRC's bag of tricks.


I wonder about her true motives now endorsing the red queen means she has a evil side too.


Exactly. And it makes for great headlines: "Hillary Defies Wall Street With Warren VP," when it's really "Hillary Neuters Warren."


Ya, I agree. It's just to suck us in.

Did we hear from Biden once thees past years? No. And we wouldn't hear from Warren, either.


I was truly saddened to see Sen. Warren's signature on the recent letter to Obama saying Israel needs a sharp increase in military aid to increase its ability to "defend" itself.

The letter:

Salon's analysis: