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'Close But No Cigar': PBS Plan to Run Impeachment Hearings Online Not Enough to Show Whole Story of Trump's Misdeeds, Says Moyers

I agree completely, except to say your still grossly understating it. The English language itself may not be up to the task. There’s a herd of seldom mentioned elephants in the room, that I would like to mention, who are backing Trump up 100%, and on the other side of the isle, a congress which has done everything but deliberately cover up Trumps high crimes, rather than prosecute them - reiterating “off the table” every few seconds, all in lockstep, and as if nothing these past few decades had gone amiss. Two years of Mueller this, and Russia that, only served to cover up the fact that democrats handed the election to Trump, when he didn’t even really want, or expect, to win. It also took the spotlight off of the countless atrocities he committed during that time, and the unflinching support the republicans had for his excesses. The current political and media focus only insures that when he’s gone, another just like him will become president, if not this election, then the following one. Hell Michael Bloomberg is already fixing his sights to take up where Trump left off, and as a democrat! That should tell people something about where the democrats are in all of this. Kinda reminds me of the lone gunman approach to spinning the story - If we all focus here, they won’t be looking everywhere else.

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I think we were so sure trump would get his along with just about everyone in his administration that didn’t quit or were fired. A lot of jail time already on the books.

I don’t know the Rep/Dem demographics of PBS, but I suspect more Dems watch PBS. I, for one, deduct a monthly pledge to my local station.

Now if there were a couple million of us who might withdraw such monthly pledges, our calls to the local station might cause severe revenue drops–despite their multi-pronged corporate support. Frankly, I doubt that the corporations could come up with that much shortfall by this Wednesday.

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If this country reelects a trump or a Roy Moore the democrats are going to have to run some rapists and baby killers to be able to compete.

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I understand your skepticism, but as of right now, all we have are the Democrats, and they aren’t all bad.
They’re the ones doing the impeachment and other investigations.
Obviously we want them to be as tough and strategically correct as possible.
Waiting until the bad Dems are ousted isn’t an option. Trump and the GOP are far worse than the Dems.
AOC and other Dems are taking on this fight, and to wish them anything other than success is what a Trumper would do.


You are right that not all democrats are bad, but I’ve done the math and I place an extremely over optimistic estimate at 3.6% of democrats between the house and senate who aren’t “Bad”. Nancy Pelosi the house leader said it herself, “only 5, maybe 6”. The rest are on on Exxon’s payroll. Trust them if you want to. I won’t be charlie brown trying to kick the football once again.


But people ought to have the option.


Maybe PBS could fund raise off the hearings, rather than show reruns of Peter, Paul & Mary, John Denver, or Patti Labelle concerts. Of course, they would break in just at the critical times to make their pitch and give out the phone number to call.

I totally agree. This is going to come back and bite the Democrats in the ass – to try to impeach him on this particular charge. Biden is at least guilty of nepotism and a conflict of interest with his son, and the Republicans will beat the Dems over their heads with that, convincing Trump’s rabid followers and even many independents that Biden was no less guilty than Trump. In the end the Senate will kill impeachment before it even gets through the front door, Trump will probably gain in popularity, and it will be enough to propel him to victory in 2020, as the Dems will no doubt appoint some milquetoast corporate-owned tool as the nominee. Once again, the arrogance and the self-serving nature of the Democratic establishment is mind boggling.They are not the least bit interested in doing “the right thing,” they are doing what they think is best for maintaining this oligarchy and their position within it. They would actually rather see four more years of Trump than to see a progressive like Bernie as president.

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Imagine: A country (and a world) without corporations.

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Schiff is hardly “damaged goods.”

Definitely a plausible, if not likely, outcome if all precedent serves, and I would add that it is an outcome the leadership of the democrats is not only aware of, but is decidedly a preferable outcome to them over a Sanders presidency, as you’ve indicated. The Criteria is the right wing corporatocracy and oligarchy first, a political victory second, and to the American people, nothing.