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Close Encounter with Majestic Sperm Whale Should Inspire Action


Close Encounter with Majestic Sperm Whale Should Inspire Action

Jaime McClain

After exclaiming “What the heck is that?!” a chorus of “wow’s” erupted as scientists realized a sperm whale was paying a visit to their ROV during a deep-sea dive. Though the scientists are on a six-month long expedition at sea, they still marveled at their unexpected guest as it swam near a remote camera on Tuesday. Sperm whales, which can average a whopping 52 feet in length, are currently listed as a vulnerable species, making the encounter rare.


Whale song just might be what holds the Earth intact...

Think of that Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk has to head back to the 20th century to rescue the last whales in order to bring their song to a space probe otherwise bent on destroying Earth.

The whale's mating song literally encircles the earth. That music may be the one thing keeping Earth Mother from not exploding in constant volcanic eruptions out of madness for what too many of her progeny are doing in the way of war, angry chants, and senseless criminal disregard for the integral systems that make for the sustainability of sentient living forms.


Yes, inspired. On the west side of the continent, a federal judge recently ruled in support of the marine mammals that have been getting pounded with military sonar. http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2015/pacific-sonar-testing-04-01-2015.html