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'Close the Camps!' Protesters March to Trump's Planned Prison for Migrant Kids at Site of Japanese, Indigenous Incarceration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/20/close-camps-protesters-march-trumps-planned-prison-migrant-kids-site-japanese


Always good to see anybody protesting any form of government intrusion on rights.

Our immigration policy is absurd and in conflict with reality.

Alas, the world is over-populated with humans.


Mari Matsuda: " THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE".

I would put it another way: this is not how we should be, but unfortunately…THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE! AND THIS IS WHAT AMERIKA HAS BEEN FOR A LONG,LONG TIME!


Right we go around creating misery and mayhem everywhere around the world with our monsantos and our military but refuse to face the blowback of our war on everyone and everything policies.


History repeating its self. I’m sure there is a lesson here.


"Burn It Down, Burn It Down, Burn It Down."

Put some heat to good use, and, "Burn Down Ft. Sill."


The Smithsonian Museum of American History recently had an exhibit on the Japanese-American internment camps. My daughter-in-law couldn’t bring herself to go through the exhibit. Her parents were in those camps.

So, they want to put utterly innocent people who have done no more than run from death, people who under treaty (e.g. the law of the land here) have the right to request political asylum, and they want to put them in these camps?


Ice doesn’t even have an office in Lawton, the closet one is in Dallas. They don’t knock on doors there.

The lesson is if Trump gets in in 2020, we have not seen anything yet!


You are probably right about that, we can’t rely on old stereotypes and keep making the same mistakes. This is different, What better place to look at sovereignty than Oklahoma, which was formed by ending NA sovereignty in favor of statehood in 1907, not entirely but to a large degree.


Does Tulsi believe that? Does she support abolishing ICE?

Right. The protesters are going to end up in Fort Sill with the refugees.

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Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is working hard to redefine oppositions to fascism as terrorism. “Good Americans” don’t protest. “Good Americans” can’t see any racism. “Good Americans” see refugees as terrorists. “Good Americans” see our country as a lifeboat about to sink under the weight of non-white humanity. A puny, weak, selfish little country that can’t afford to be fully human. Our former greatness is memorialized as a poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

“And then many things became very clear… we learned perfectly that the life of a single human being is worth millions of times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.”

Ernesto Che Guevara


Yes, who is next? Protestors, who are vilified by Trump and the fascist, media as un-American?

Everyone, anyone who stands up against this fascist menace or is the wrong race, gender or political stance.

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Unless they have an army of their own, best not to march against a whole army base. That’s too uphill for any protest.

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As you must be aware the US America makes treaties it does not intend to keep. Ask the indigenes.

The 1922 movie NOSFERATU does a good job of describing Donald Trump except maybe for the ending. It’s on-line and for free.