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Close the Wall Street CEO Bonus Loophole


Close the Wall Street CEO Bonus Loophole

Sarah Anderson

Over nine million American families lost their homes in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and millions watched their retirement savings evaporate. Meanwhile, the Wall Street banks that caused the crash were doling out executive stock options that would generate huge windfalls once bailout funds had pushed up their stock prices.

Then, thanks to a perverse loophole in the tax code, the banks could write off the entire cost of these options and other bonuses, leaving ordinary taxpayers to make up the difference.


Suggesting that we close Wall Street bonus loopholes is nice, but closing the entirety of Wall Street would be a better demand.


Restoring the New Deal regulations that kept Wall Street under control for more than a half century AND eliminating the Clinton loophole is essential to preventing the next crash.

Three guesses as to which POTUS candidate will even discuss this possibility ?


Asking the congress to close a Wall Street bonus loophole. What, congress is feeding off the loophole.


It IS, after all, the best Congress money can buy !


Neither the Democrat or the Republican.


Then maybe we should do away with congress?


My first thoughts, exactly. An alternative American society? I still think elimination of television use is helpful. In Germany, and Norway, television use is very limited, sports, and news.


If that's your plan "count me out."


Brain- storming. I fought authority, and authority always won. Keep on trucking.


All subsidies will need to be ended so that whatever systemic changes are made don’t throw any babies out with the bathwater. No subsidies for any enterprise. Start with energy and agriculture, they will take awhile to unravel. Advertising becomes free speech, no longer a tax deduction. The list is long.