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Closed-Door Testimony by Sessions Would Be 'Gut Punch' to Democracy and Transparency

Closed-Door Testimony by Sessions Would Be 'Gut Punch' to Democracy and Transparency

Jon Queally, staff writer

Alongside Democratic lawmakers, advocates of democracy and transparency are crying foul over indications that Attorney General Jeff Sessions' scheduled testimony before a congressional panel on Tuesday will be shielded from the public by being conducted behind closed doors.

What small frightened little mouse, " you have to pick him up just to say hello"


Like so much that has been being done over the last 40 years has not “been a gut punch” to democracy!?!


As per usual te repubs are trying to hide more from the American people that this group of repubs are such scumbagts - that goes for Sessions, Trump, McConnell, Ryan. They’re all spewing out the scum.

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The Keebler Elf is an ‘Uncommonly Good’ Liar, like his Pathological ‘Liar-in-Chief’ Boss.

If and when the ‘Repthugnicans’ lose control of Congress, an effort to limit ‘Closed Door’ sessions of testimony must be legislated, and passed into law.

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. A runt pig by any other name. Another jerk in a long line of administration hacks.
Even if impeachment happens, what about all the other administrative appointments and background players?
I have been amazed by the lack of highlighting of Trump’s outright treasonous campaign dialogue, when he blatantly and publicly called on Russia to hack Clinton’s emails. Trump’s tax returns would shed a lot of light on his dicey Russian business ties and probably monetary loans.
Also, Erik Prince’s back channel Russian communications need exposing and investigation.


The deep corporate state has, since Reagan, set the course for an increasingly ‘in your face’ take down of the blathering propaganda of being ‘exceptional’ squeezing the delusions for all they’re worth through ‘consumption’ (also the nickname of a disease) to shove down the throats of western ‘marks’ of the con game. The hand from the stacked deck has been shuffled, played, re-shuffled and played and re-played again suffocating every step of the way.

The “exceptional” card cannot be played if the mafiosi ‘exceptions’ for their wise guys are aired out in the open, for all to see as the bumpers for the hit squads. The latter, another name for the likes of Blackwater associated attacks on the Department of Education and, by **%!!%@ definition public education included!

Foaming the Congressional runway so AG Sessions slides safely by perjury charges during his confirmation hearings. How many times do you get to lie ( under oath ) if you’re a Senator? How many times do you get to correct your previous testimony, without legal consequences? Sheeeesh!
And, then still not " come clean " on a meeting you were videotaped, being at? Give us all a break!
I have known people who received additional longer sentences, and ended up doing more jail time, for less than what AG Sessions has already been caught up in. Of course, they were in front of a judge in a court room. They also had to go through the public humiliation of admitting they lied under oath. All this for leaving the scene of an accident, while under the influence, where no one was injured. A fender bender gone stupid, really.
But, what higher standard as a sitting U.S.Senator applying for the AG position, will he be held accountable to answer to? No wonder our Congress has an approval rating just above the swirling waterline in a public restroom urinal.
The people’s right to publicly watch our gov’t officials, and know they’re performing at least as well as a 24 year old male on a weekend gone wild, seems like pretty basic stuff. Unfortunately, we’d all be wrong about that. Again and again wrong.
The petty and large criminals running things in Washington has been a bad running joke for some time now. The American people can expect no improvement in the foreseeable future, obviously. It isn’t illegal if the Congress, by looking the other way, says it isn’t. Got that, kids?

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“The very word Secrecy is repugnant in a Free and Open Society.”

JFK April 1961
President of the United States
Murdered by CIA/Military/FBI 1963


I just received this from the WaPo:

Sessions will testify in open hearing before Senate Intelligence Committee
Jeff Sessions, testifying before Congress for the first time since he was confirmed as attorney general, is expected to receive questions about his contacts with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign.

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True, but he can use exceptions to not answer questions he is uncomfortable with. Shielding himself, and others, to fight another day. On Twitter, no doubt.

Sessions has already purgered himself, lied on security forms, lied to Congress under oath, etc. Does anyone think he will incriminate himself tomorrow? He should be asked from a legal point of view what could have been done to prevent Russian meddling, leaking, and hacking, and what should be done to Russia regarding the interference with our elections. If you can get him to answer any of those questions then why isn’t he doing that.

Not unlike Coats, Rogers, and Rosenstein during their “hearing.” Sessions will pull the Alberto Gonzalez stunt…"I don’t recall or “I have no recollection.” His hubris will bring him down (and he is so low to the ground, he does not have far to fall).

The Republicans will not toss anyone overboard. They’ll let them jump overboard by their own power, but nobody takes the present makeup of Congress, down. They’ve waited too long for this opportunity. Almost 75 years, to be exact. They’ll kill what’s left of the New Deal, if it kills all of them, and us.

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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is so far right that he makes Genghis Khan seem like a screeching liberal. He is clearly a white racist bigot and intellectually challenged.