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Closer to Justice as Palestine Joins ICC


Closer to Justice as Palestine Joins ICC

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The state of Palestine on Wednesday was officially welcomed as a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in a move many hope will be the first step toward justice after the prolonged occupation and last summer's attack by Israel.


“Ryan Goodman, professor of human rights law and co-editor of the Just Security blog, notes that settlement-building is a particularly important issue for the court “because unlike other war crimes charges, Israel will not be able to mount a successful challenge to the Court’s jurisdiction by claiming that it is conducting its own criminal investigation of such actions.””

Israel is already conducting ‘investigations’ in which, at best, individual low-ranking soldiers may be found responsible for misconduct. If it will hold off the court Israel will conduct a series of whitewash investigations that will somehow always result in the finding that no crime was committed by anyone in power.

““We will be looking at alleged crimes committed by all sides to the conflict, in total independence and impartiality, and without fear or favour,” she said.”

While I am glad that Palestine is now a member of the ICC, I will be pleasantly surprised if anything beneficial comes out of it. The ICC doesn’t have a history of prosecuting the powerful while they’re in power. The Israelis are powerful, the Palestinians aren’t.


What a morning! First Indiana, then Alabama, now this!

“Without fear or favour.” Yes.

May Justice not exacerbate these ancient wounds, but bring at last the balm of Restoration, of Remembrance of common Sources:

Elohim, one of the Hebrew and Christian names of the Divine, is a singular-plural that translates most closely as He-the-Gods. The singular form of this name is spelled, in Hebrew, Aleph-Lammed-Hay, and can be pronounced either Elah or Alah.

This is the story of how we begin to remember.


ICC courts are anti-Semitic. didn’t you know? anyone who dares cast aspersions on the saintly IDF is by definition anti-semitic and ok to kill.


I’m glad something positive is happening. Netanyahu should be prosecuted for war crimes. That’s as unlikely as GW Bush or Barack Obama being prosecuted for the wars in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria & the drone strikes.Saying criticism of Israel makes one ant-Semitic is like saying blacks can’t be racist.


Sure, as soon as the Palestinians start using the Court’s locale to lob rockets. :expressionless:


The IDF doesn’t wait for the Palestinians to fire rockets before bombing them.



Blacks can’t be racist because racism is a social construct invented by wealthy white men in positions of power to create fear of the other among the masses so we could be divided and controlled. And boy, has it worked. Black people can be guilty of discrimination, but never racism; only white people can be racists. But bluedolphin_9, you are right that it is far too easy to be labeled an anti-semite. In the view of many Jews, saying anything anti-Israel or pro-Palestinian is considered anti-semitism, even though thinking people in democracies know one can find fault with and still love their country. People who want to see a strong Israel should want to see a peace settlement with the Palestinian people. The occupation is doing irreparable harm to the image of the Israeli state and the Jewish people, who once had the overwhelming support of the world’s nations. Real anti-semitism and attacks on Jews outside of Israel rise exponentially following Israeli attacks on the Occupied territories.


It speaks volumes about our country and democratic institutions when we alone with Israel want to prevent the Palestinian people from accessing the International Criminal Court. It appears the world’s biggest promoter of democracy thinks that Palestinians don’t deserve justice. To prove the point, Obama utilized his big American billy club: U.S. President Barack Obama signed into law an appropriations act that would cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority if the “the Palestinians initiate” or “actively support” an ICC “judicially authorized” investigation “that subjects Israeli nationals to an investigation for alleged crimes against Palestinians.” The ‘aid’ referred to is humanitarian aid and is only a fraction of what we send to Israel for the purchase of arms to maintain and expand the occupation of Palestine.


Obama protects war criminals from justice because he is a war criminal. Now I know why he hesitated to prosecute “W”. He’s doing so much of the same things. If the Democrats stood up to the Republicans, they would not support any wars, would prosecute them for war crimes and would stand up to them for slinging mud at them.