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'Closest Thing to a Concession' Trump Could Muster, Say Observers as GSA Approves Biden Transition After Weeks of Delay

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/closest-thing-concession-trump-could-muster-say-observers-gsa-approves-biden



Hey Donnie, I guess there are some things you cannot bully, cheat or cure with a temper tantrum. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


We often get caught up in the “duopoly” narrative here at CD and there is certainly much to be concerned along that theme, however there are fundamental differences between the parties. As a lifelong Independent I have observed that the Republicans have grown into obstructionists and wear that mantle with a childish pride. The Democrats pass the baton with grace like adults. If I had progeny I know who I would want them to emulate.


Let’s keep our eyes on Trump’s vengeful possible new war on Iran. We cannot afford to exhibit the same inertia exhibited by too many in positions of power and not just Murphy.


Why didn’t the House Oversight Committee immediately open hearings into this
refusal by Murphy?

Is there something to also rethink there – if we make changes – might they not work the
way we’d like them to if Trump were on the other end of it.


There is no “concession” from the malignant trumpenfuhrer or his crony environmental rapists! They are using the transition time to continue and accelerate the sell-offs, destruction, pollution, transfer of public and tribal lands to exploitation and profits above all else - scum and thieves to the very end! A very strong environmental protection effort must be built by Biden and the crimes and environmental pollution/exploitation by trump & co must be prosecuted - along with all his other atrocities and crimes against the people and Natural World!

" A dozen south-western Native American tribes have strong cultural ties to Oak Flat. But the trump administration, in its waning days, has embarked on a rushed effort to transfer ownership of the area to a mining company - Resolution Copper. with ties to the destruction of an Aboriginal site in Australia" - “the date for the completion of a crucial environmental review process has suddenly been moved forward by a full year”

The Biden admin. as well as all other agencies with influence must be pressured to stop the last moment thefts and crimes by the most criminal and odious regime in American history!



If that comes to fruition, i doubt americans would have much say in it. (Or the rest of the world.)

You believe that “there are fundamental differences between the parties.” If you were to read Lance Selfa’s most insightful book The Democrats: A Critical History you would find that the second largest corporate political party in the world is where, as Selfa notes, social movements go to die. And let us not overlook an issue which most Americans have little interest in and that would be foreign policy. As Dennis Perrin persuasively lays out the case in his slim but most informative book called The Savage Mules the Democrats are even more militant and bellicose than the Republicans.

So let us not be fooled by the fake populism of the Democrats as they have done everything they could to make sure that no viable third party would ever arise which could challenge both major corporate political parties [see Nader, Ralph in the 2000 presidential campaign when the Democrats tried to make sure that Nader’s name did not appear on ballots throughout the country. That was the reason why investigative journalist James Ridgeway stated, with much justification, in the documentary An Unreasonable Man why the Democrats are the meanest bunce of motherf…s whom he has ever seen.]. To borrow from your words, the Democrats will always pass the baton to another Democrat while doing all that they can to make sure that no genuine leftist third party will ever emerge which would challenge the stranglehold which both major political parties have implemented upon the people of the United States.


she is just a STOOGE , just like SENATORS /CONGRESS in office, they obey the invisible hand which is not the will of the people…

Actually, the Constitution does no such thing. Instead it carefully delineates the checks an dbalances in our governance.
That the constitution has been subverted by extreme right wing members of the now radically right GOP, headed by a consummate con man named Mitch McConnell.

Yes, to me one is overtly corrupt and evil and the other is covertly corrupt and evil!


Once again, we need the senate in order to make changes. Even then, if we don’t see a push for voter/voting reforms within six months we will be griping again in 3 and a half years.