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Closing NYC Schools Amid Coronavirus Outbreak a 'Last Resort,' Says Official, Due to 114,000 Homeless Students With Nowhere to Go

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/09/closing-nyc-schools-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-last-resort-says-official-due-114000

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114,000 students homeless in NYC.
Somebody must be pulling my leg, I wouldn’t think there were that many nation wide.
Why isn’t this front page every day?

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Some made the claim that the Coronavirus was no deadlier than the Common flu.

From WHO statistics. Mortality rate of Common Flu .1 percent.
Mortality rate Coronavirus 3.2 percent or over 30 times higher.

Estimate of Mortality rate Spanish Flu from 10-20 percent.

Spanish flu infected about 1/3rd the world population and the world population was about 1/4 that we now have. As people are much more likely to travel and goods more likely to come from overseas then in 1918 it likely that as great a percentage infected as in 1918 which translates to over 2.5 billion. Unless this contained in some manner we are talking 10s of millions of possible deaths. 3 percent mortality rate might not seem high but when looking at total numbers of possible infections, it is huge.

“New York authorities say they can only shut schools during coronavirus as an absolute last resort because 114,000 of the school children are homeless & would have nowhere else to go.”

Well, this is idiotic. Simply close the schools, and with the addition of some bedding pallets, turn the schools into residential quarantine centers for the proportion of students and their parents who are poor and rely on school meals and bathing facilities. The cafeterias can continue to provide meals. This is what China did or is doing. Are the NYC public officials that lacking in creative thinking?

There is suppose to be Mass Casualty and Disaster planning in place, they should already have a plan. However, if they are saying it is a last resort it is probably true for whatever reason they are considering.

No, nobody’s pulling your leg. 40 yrs. of neoliberalism has turned this country into 3rd world status, or as Trump calls them, a “shithole country”.


But don’t we know, the virus is a hoax dreamed up by democrats to give trump bad marks on his presidency. That is so ridiculous, and in so many ways, it makes me want hurl.
These trumpies being interviewed make me embarrassed to be an American.
Maybe the republicans are right about one thing. Public education is turning out an awful lot of dumb asses.

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I have to say it is troubling when you look at the demographics and hot spots for this epidemic. Knowing there are no real clear boundaries when it comes to this sort of thing. Still.

There have to be approved plans in place, they involve both state and federal approval. Something like this:


You might be right, the real purpose of these plans is coordination between those affected and outside agencies. So that everyone knows what others will do and who is doing what. They don’t really have to provide a positive outcome.(based on my experience) Also, they are just models in many cases. I think we are not well prepared.

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The number of cases in Canada is well documented. It matches the WHO numbers. There are not people dying all over the place. Who are these “other people” and where is their information coming from?

If there was a pandemic as you claim the overall number of deaths in Canada from all causes would shooting up as it would in any other Country. I see no evidence of that.

When The Spanish Flu struck Hospitals were filled to overflowing. Nurses and Doctors were so swamped with new cases they were working 16 hr shifts 7 days per week. Mass graves were being dug. Funeral homes were swamped with new cases and could not keep up with demand. Pandemics show up in more ways then reporting by WHO and are hard to cover up.

This is not to say this could not turn into a pandemic if they fail to contain it .

To that 20 percent mortality rate those others cite. A number of Cruise ships have been interned with all passengers and their passengers checked for the virus. Many are on quarantine. If 20 percent were dying we would know.

You know, it would be possible to keep school services open and cancel classes, wouldn’t it?

Again , I do not have to go to these sources you link to so as to get facts. A 20 percent mortality rate would be impossible to cover up.

There a cruise ship in quarantine in Japan .It has around 800 passengers and between 3 and 4 hundred of those have detected as having the virus. This ship is off the shore In Japan. The people on the ship are in constant contact with their families. If there was a 20 percent mortality rate they would have been hauling bodies off long ago and there no way they could keep this secret.

It the same here. if it was a pandemic family members would be all over the media claiming a member of their family died to corona-virus and it was being covered up. Nothing has changed here. There a small number of people in BC with the virus. They are isolated. They reported today the first death in Canada due to Corona-virus. If this was a pandemic in Canada we would have people in the streets with the flu. We would have people calling in sick at an ever higher rate.I am seeing no evidence of that.

Closing schools is actually not an easy call. Washington Post had a great article on this issue, and the epidemiologists quoted in the article noted how problematic school closures can be. Why? A significant portion of our healthcare workforce has children in schools during daytime hours. Closing schools in Washington during the H1N1 outbreak disrupted healthcare delivery and created a crisis in itself. There’s also the issue of keeping children away from ill adults, and the fact that studies have shown children congregate anyway, depending on age. Kids have to go somewhere too, if not school than daycare or otherwise for most people.

Frankly, I’m just really hoping we get through this situation at this point whatever steps are taken. We simply cannot leave the current administration in power beyond November. A doddering Biden with a fully functioning CDC and FDA could make all the difference.

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This whole premise to this article is false: 114,000 Homeless Students With Nowhere to Go.

“Nowhere to go” assumes that 114,000 students are walking the streets every night exposed to the elements with no shelter. This is totally factually incorrect. Rather less than 6000 individuals are homeless with no where to go in all of NY, and even less in NYC. Furthermore, the 6000 person statistic is misleading in itself in that the statistic includes anyone that spent even one night without shelter. Therefore on any given night there could be as little as zero persons homeless or all 6000 students homeless. However when you average this figure over the course of an entire school year, you are likely to find hundreds of people with nowhere to go. NOT 114,000! So where are the 114,000 students going to go? Nearly all will likely go to the exact same homes, hotels, etc. or other forms of shelter that they had prior to Coronavirus, and to the exact same place they go during summer vacation.

They are pulling your leg or I should say misleading you.