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Closure of Diablo Nuclear Plant Signals Dawn of Renewable Energy Era


Closure of Diablo Nuclear Plant Signals Dawn of Renewable Energy Era

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A plan to shutter the last remaining nuclear power plant in California and replace it with renewable energy is being heralded widely as "a clear blueprint for fighting climate change," which environmentalists hope will serve as "a model" for the nation.


Nuclear was always dumb. Making one watt of electricity using 4 W of heat is sort of brainless. The real issue is that "closing" is not "eliminating". There remains that rather interesting chore of taking down the trash, managing the radioactive waste, and cleaning up the site for use by future generations. What will happen, if the current trend continues, the site, radioactivity and all, will be "sold" to some sucker with not enough cash to get sued, and it will just sit there. Oozing. Even "decommissioning" is not good enough. Seems to me that those who built it are now required to unbuild it.


Nuclear has been one of the worst boondoggles in human history. Prime in the scam is the incessant argument that NOTHING could have met the needs as nuclear has .


First they lie then they claim that the present and future are composed of those lies.

Sure - if you look at spread sheets with the MASSIVE EXTERNALIZED COSTS never appearing, anything can be made to look good. When will people wake up to this dimension of the scam !?


I spent a fair amount of my early professional life in nuke industry. Cookoos for Co-co-puffs one must be to handle the cognitive dissonance required to stay in the game. "Unclear" is an anagram for "nuclear"--go figure...


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The reason to close commercial nuclear is not to fight climate change - it is because this is a catastrophic way to produce energy period - always was, is - and most likely always will be (see John Gofman's 1979 "Irrevy").

And simply replacing so called dirty energy with so called clean is a fool's errand.

We need a UN Panel with the USA on board for a change to give us a reading on the "Limits to Growth".

How many people can we feed and water in health and peace given the circumstances, which include but are not limited to climate change and the crash in biodiversity - in the threat of pandemic disease, the running out of artificial fertilizers for Big Ag - the unconscionable use of pesticides and chemicals, Artificial Intelligence and the wonks who want to geo-engineer and bio-engineer - the wonks who want to build more big dams - not to mention the small matter of the complete disregard for both US Constitutional Law, the principles of Magna Carta and Carta de Foresta - and on the much more recent International Law.

Hierarchy sucks and is leading us over a cliff.

Consider the closure of Diablo as one tiny step on a journey which never ends.

Less is More - much much more - enabling the Human - BEING, to work on progress of a different sort, wherein we rediscover our true nature and take things from there.


The Nuke Industry sneers, "privatize the profits, socialize the costs, deal with it fools"


Fossil fueled plants are not much better (3 Watts of heat for 1 Watt of electrical power).
Cities used to have plants downtown so that the waste heat could be sold as steam for hot water and building heating (co-generation).
Renewable solar makes so much more sense in any case.


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And, many of the models running require an outside power source to maintain cooling and avert meltdown. Social / economic crisis or natural event leads to loss of power? Multiply Fukushima...


The "deal" is to allow these grave threats to remain operating (and profitable) for over a decade (while rate-payers pay for cleanup - with no reach-around) - NOT soon enough - too little too late! "Closure of Diablo Nuclear Plant Signals Dawn of "sweetheart deals for the nuke industry? aided by "green" NGO's......

"the decommissioning process is estimated to cost $3.8 billion, $2.6 million of which PG&E has already collected in an earmarked fund." Wow, great, that leaves only $3,797.4 million to be "collected" (read stolen) from the public - a grand con and massive theft! How did the law & NRC allow the industry to short-change the "clean-up fund" by such an extent since construction began in 1968 completed in 1973!? Fault lines still grave threats - like Fukushima!

So, the "shortfall" the industry failed to save for "decommissioning" - it's not made absolutely clear that that term includes clean-up and returning the site to pre-industrial condition! - will be stuck on the public! How much have industry executives and shareholders taken/stolen that should have gone into the clean-up fund?! NRC "monitors" guilty of fraud and collusion with the theft!

The other nuclear scam is the NRC-approved plan to shutdown plants and use what they euphemistically term "SAFSTOR" a plan to leave nuke plants as is (after shut-down) for up to 60 years before cleanup and return to pre-industrial condition! THAT is in NO WAY ACCEPTABLE and the public/taxpayers have great cause to be concerned!

The NRC is and always has been a tool of the industry, concerned ONLY with protecting the industry, NOT the public or environment! The NRC cannot be trusted to look-out for the public interest, that is NOT their job!

"SAFSTOR is one of three decommissioning options approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and a common option selected by other retired nuclear plants."
"With SAFSTOR, the plant is placed in a safe, stable condition and maintained in that state until it is decontaminated and dismantled at the end of the storage period."

The linked article provided by aligatorhardt above is a MUST READ!


When nuclear plants are no longer the money-makers for their owners they are "decommissioned" a term that must be defined completely and accurately. The likelihood is that taxpayers or rate payers, ie, the public will wind-up footing the bill after the execs have absconded with the cash!

If the public doesn't read between the lines on plant "decommissioning" and ALL the associated clean-up and time frame and who will actually pay the freight, they WILL be screwed by a corrupt NRC and Nuke industry - better count on it!

Here is the clean-up, "decommissioning" scam right from the NRC!

"Licensees may choose from three decommissioning strategies: DECON, SAFSTOR, or ENTOMB.
Under DECON (immediate dismantling), soon after the nuclear facility closes, equipment, structures, and portions of the facility containing radioactive contaminants are removed or decontaminated to a level that permits release of the property and termination of the NRC license.
Demolition of a Reactor
Containment Building
Demolition of a Reactor Containment Building
Under SAFSTOR, often considered "deferred dismantling," a nuclear facility is maintained and monitored in a condition that allows the radioactivity to decay; afterwards, the plant is dismantled and the property decontaminated.
Under ENTOMB, radioactive contaminants are permanently encased on site in structurally sound material such as concrete. The facility is maintained and monitored until the radioactivity decays to a level permitting restricted release of the property. To date, no NRC-licensed facilities have requested this option.
The licensee may also choose to adopt a combination of the first two choices in which some portions of the facility are dismantled or decontaminated while other parts of the facility are left in SAFSTOR. The decision may be based on factors besides radioactive decay, such as availability of waste disposal sites.
Decommissioning must be completed within 60 years of the plant ceasing operations. A time beyond that would be considered only when necessary to protect public health and safety in accordance with NRC regulations."



The next aged, dangerous (called the most dangerous in the US) nuke plant that should be immediately shut-down, "decommissioned", cleaned-up and returned to pre-industrial condition is the Indian Point nuke plant 35 miles from midtown Manhattan - a grave threat to 20 million people within a 50 mile radius! The same evac zone distance recommended by the US for the Fukushima catastrophe that is still out of control and technology NOT yet developed to cope with the runaway meltdown (s)!

Indian Point is a clear and present danger and as had safety regulations repeatedly reduced by the corrupt NRC to keep the plant operating - now with an expired license! Evacuation in event of an "accident" is absurd - there is NO evac plan or possibility of such - ostrich head in the sand by the NRC and "responsible" officials!

When an aged dangerous plant is kept running by the NRC et al, knowing safety has been compromised and standards lowered, and an accident happens, its NOT an "accident", its criminal negligence and ALL the principles who made decisions to keep it going knowing the risks should be prosecuted to the fullest and thrown in the pokey for their natural lives - including especially complicit NRC criminals!

SHUT IT DOWN NOW! Clean it up immediately!





Making one watt of electricity using even twenty watts of heat isn't brainless, if you were going to throw the twenty watts of heat away in any case. My mountain chimney can glean energy out of what other industries currently throw out the smokestack, and it can run on warm solar air, not even hot solar air.

If you added a glass roof to one of my archways and used a clean source of solar-heated air, you could lay down inside the chimney in midwinter and get a suntan. That's how safe the system can be.

In any case, I'm glad that Diablo Canyon is closing down. Now, move the date up! One Fukushima reactor melted down near the very end of its expected life, and that was a full tragedy with lots of Japanese citizens getting A-bomb disease just like in 1945. Those are the reports coming out of ENEnews.com


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Been on this since it was first built. Finally the headline we have been waiting for.


Now we just need to bring Germans over to speed up the process.

With so many Green Party electeds there, Germany was able to go nuke free quite rapidly.

Lets vote as many Greens in this November as possible so we can expedite a nuke free US.


Sure, combined and power always make sense. Even so, not sense to US business interests. And, because of the obvious hazards, known but not mentioned, nuclear plants were intentionally installed far away from where people operate. Moving heat a mile is maybe OK. But fifty miles, questionable. This nuclear plant was positioned along the ocean, the easiest and cheapest thermal load you can find. Just why we want to heat the ocean remains puzzling. But, at least you don't have to boil water to soak up the bothersome heat byproduct.


Most overly enthusiastic headline ever?
Have you noticed the headlines here have been trending overly "positive"?


How much does it cost to produce a solar panel? In terms of Energy and toxicfying the planet?