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'Club of One': US Now Lone UN Member Outside Children's Rights Treaty


'Club of One': US Now Lone UN Member Outside Children's Rights Treaty

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Somalia on Thursday completed its ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child—becoming the 196th nation to do so and making the United States the only United Nations state outside of the treaty.


A shining city on a hill or a shitting city on a hill?


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The United States of America where the arrogant f*cktards of Focus on the Family is just a cover for Child Rapists Inc., where the Christian Coalition appears to be the standard group of trolling pedophiles, and that nasty Family Research Council appears too busy planning their next child sex trip to Bangkok.

Up against the wall with all of them. To hell with the Christian Coalition, Family Research Council, and Focus of the Family.


The latter unfortunately and once again it is being slandered and held up by the extremist right wing of American politics!


I think US fears might be rooted in a defense of our current policies against our own poor since the Clinton administration, which have even (if largely implicitly) been supported by this generation of liberals. Children's issues and poverty issues go hand-in-hand, and the US today is a leader in the "war on the poor," as our policies prove. There would be more support for children's rights if it could be explicitly stated that this would not include the human rights (per the UDHR) of food and shelter to America's poor, and particularly to impoverished American families. That's tragic, but is a reality in the US.


Rights are for the rich, no matter if you're an adult or child.


Very close to my favourite: The US has moved from "shining city on the hill to dim glow in the swamp".


I'm not so sure most of those politicians in this country (the US) are really even human. If they are then most of them have earned the title Psychopath. Human rights don't turn into corporate profits and those profits are about the only thing the US government cares about. Certainly not people. Funny how the ones claiming to be Christians are some of the most cold-blooded killers to ever grace this planet and are all about cruelty to others. The US murders children in other countries all the time. They have millions to their credit since the late 1990's. Israeli soldiers murder small Palestinian children for sport. Even if the US did sign off on something like that it would just be another lie added to the countless volumes that make it what it really is.


Well, the U.S. should ratify it. That being said, signing and doing are two very different things. Tens of millions of the "signors" children are still working. Personally, I don't think the U.N. could organize a monkey sh#t fight at the zoo, but that's just me.


No one has a "right" to be heard. No one has a "Right" to play. No one has a "Right" to family life, which would require the conscription of others.


Tough talk. Well go ahead, start lining people up against the wall. Or are you just going to sit behind your computer and make threats?


OMG, we'll have to feed and house our children! Sorry, but that costs money, and the 1% have nothing to spare. And, why give anyone other than a corporation power over our decision-making? What a day it will be when American taxpayers (not the rich ones though) have to cover the loss of expected profits when we pass such monstrosities as minimum wage laws, environmental laws, whatever laws to protect ourselves but which will cost a corporation any money. Now that's hegemony we can all live with (because soon we will have no choice). Do we really need to answer to anyone (even God) as our children starve and freeze? Feeding children? How twentieth century.


Ratification would be an empty gesture, judging by the level of adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights over nearly seven decades.

That said, "misconceptions" have nothing to do with the matter.

Lies, on the other hand ...


Wow, kinda sucks for all those children that surged across the border into the US last year. I guess they picked the wrong country.


???? Is this your take on what humanity is entitled to? And exactly who are you to define for us what we are to consider our rights?


Remember the old dictum, "Location, location, location."? This is perhaps the core of our problem.
* When the site of the nation's capitol was being decided upon, two sites were considered. One was on a hillside, fine dairy land, and fairly expensive. The other site was some worthless swampland near a river. As it was owned by a relative or friend of a government official, the decision was quickly made to purchase it. Soon the city, DC, was built on the filled swampland.
* The major mistake was in forgetting that, in a dairy, the cream rises to the top. In a swamp, the scum rises to the top. And so it has proved to be over many years.


The United States has a proud tradition of big gesture/ small action.The League of Nations was one of our first global fiascoes--after it was created, the cretins in Congress wouldn't ratify. This is probably one of the most humiliating stances our representatives have taken--we refuse to protect even our children--at least those who are ex-utero.


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By the classic definition of "liberal", the Clintons have never qualified as such, though it was their TV image. Neither has the crew at MSNBC, who call themselves liberal, yet rarely challenge anything a "Democrat" does or says. This includes anyone running on a Democratic "or" Republican ticket (the two "wings" of the MIC party).