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Clueless CEOs at the Top


Clueless CEOs at the Top

Chuck Collins

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that “Populist Tone Rankles America’s Executives.”

Apparently the CEOs and board members of big American companies are “increasingly frustrated” by the anti-business rhetoric of both parties, and concerned such sentiments might translate into meaningful public policy change after the election.


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The CEOs are not clueless. After four plus decades of deregulation (much of it actually decriminalization) CEOs forget or deny that corporate accountability was the rule, not the exception for the four decades the New Deal was fully in place,

Sanders' agenda is very similar to the agendas of FDR, JFK and LBJ, all of whom were considered mainstream politicians back in the days when CEOs served jail time when accountability was compromised.


That know exactly what is happening. Here is an interesting point of view about leadership...
"... leaders must like and respect people. I think we are at the end of a difficult generation of business leadership, and maybe leadership in general. Tough-mindedness, a good trait – was replaced by meanness and greed – both terrible traits. Rewards became perverted. The richest people made the most mistakes with the least accountability. In too many situations, leaders divided us instead of bringing us together.

As a result, the bottom 25% of the American population is poorer than they were 25 years ago. That is just wrong." - Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO, GE
"Renewing American Leadership"
For delivery to the United States Military Academy at West Point Distinguished Leader Series, Black and Gold Forum, December 9, 2009.


Accountability is so over rated they would say. These days failing big usually means a big fat bonus and a pay raise for these klowns. What do they have to fear? They know that they can hire half the public to kill the other half if need be so why worry?


There will be no populist backlash this time, corporate powers know it, and years of work went into ensuring this. The US has been in similar messes before. Each time, the proverbial "masses" -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless -- ultimately united to push back, to everyone's benefit. That won't happen this time. The current campaign season highlights how profoundly divided the people are. Those masses who would have otherwise united to push back have been pitted against each other. Divide and conquer. The CEOs rest easy.


The tragedy is that we now have a generation that has clearly been "Reaganized," and reject the people-centered agendas of FDR, JFK and LBJ. Look at the Democratic support for Hillary Clinton, the most anti-FDR candidate since Bill Clinton.

In the US, the left remains swept under the carpet, and "progressive" is merely a marketing term.


I agree that they know what they're doing and why. The cluelessness comes in as to being able to envision consequences that they are unable to anticipate. They believe in what they're doing and have an unjustified but unshakable conviction that they can't lose and aren't messing things up. They think that their position at the top proves that they belong there and they won't see how wrong they are until it's too late.


"This populism isn’t anti-business."

And it is not anti-capitalism, more's the pity. Until it is, it is just all barking at the moon.

Americans may not be aware of this story


How timely is this? Dubuque's local newspaper on Monday in its banner headline declares,"Local health care costs among lowest in US." The 1000-word text contains quotes from just two people, the two CEOs of our two local hospitals, along with their photos, as they exchange self-congratulatory plaudits on their work, that is cited by the Center for Economic Performance.

Corporate US media provides a feel-good story on behalf of for-profit local health care corporations, who in a strange twist of fate, are also generous advertisers.

Meanwhile in the midst of this celebration, I continue to pay that additional $204 per month, since Jan 1, 2016, on my monthly health insurance premium. Expensive insurance for lousy coverage, but it looks like I should be more happy, according to the local newspaper.

This front-page story is programming, aka brainwashing.


Thanks, MHunter. I just added the last line on programming, and Orwell was keen on that matter.


If Jeff Immelt thinks that, why does he not have GE pay a few dollars in taxes instead of the 0 it pays?