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Clueless DeVos Uses 'Byproduct of Jim Crow' to Push 'School Choice' Ideology


Clueless DeVos Uses 'Byproduct of Jim Crow' to Push 'School Choice' Ideology

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A statement released Monday by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos belies her lack of knowledge about both education policy and American history, critics said.


It's good to see Ms. DeVos setting an example by exercising her bat-shit crazy under her first amendment rights.


Aside from the racism issue, this statement by DeVos is wrong on so many levels that I don't know where to begin. I'll try...

Universities are by nature "school choice" - constrained, of course by affordability and a high degree of selectivity based on grades and test results and until recently, physical appearance (recall the photo you had to attach to admission applications?). It is also entirely optional and is not intended for everyone. These are all aspects that are entirely different from K-12 public education and would be ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE for public school, where uniform high quality, at a location in the student's neighborhood (why is parental car-transport becoming a necessity for so many schoolchildren?), at zero cost to the parents, are minimum requirements.


Betsy Devious is NOT " clueless". Like Trump and his other appointees they are focused on transferring the 99%'s remaining wealth into the hands of the 1%...neofeudalism in the US is their ultimate goal.


I'm completely convinced that Devos, rump and their kind are trying to create a social class of their own by creating ways to discriminate against others who are not of their class. One way to do this is by looking at what schools you attended. Did you attend public schools, charter schools or private schools? If you attended public schools, you are not "of their social class." I see this discriminatory tool of theirs as a modern day attempt at creating a faux-aristocracy. They further demarcate their social class by attempting to exempt themselves from paying taxes, as the French Nobility had done before the French Revolution, by misleading us into believing that they are so important to society that we'd be fools to tax them in any manner, that society wouldn't be what it is today without them since they are so all important. This is why I believe Devos, rump and company are creating "legal" ways to discriminate and why I believe their support of "charter" schools is nothing more than a tool with which they can discriminate. There's also the matter of the conservatives just plain wanting charter schools as a means to siphon tax money for themselves.


Exactly; they are stupid and clueless like a fox.


All public schools, community colleges and state University students must band together to save public education. The rich bastards not only want to dodge paying taxes they want to enslave us all and turn the nation into feudal Lordship where only two classes of people existed, the over lords and the serfs.This is a very serious attack by the billionaires and their sympathizers and if not stopped could end up in a civil war.


Precisely correct, the wealthy sons of bitches have a plan which they have been gradually implementing so as to not shock and awaken the sleeping giants that is the American ordinary working people.


The elite class have declared war on America and have been waging warfare on the people, we better arm ourselves and fight back.


Here in Berkeley, California, where the public chose decades ago to voluntarily institute public school busing so as to combat racial segregation that otherwise would predominate in neighborhood schools (because of housing discrimination and segregation in housing patterns), the idea that the best location for one's child's school is in one's immediate neighborhood is balanced or overruled by the understanding that some inconveniences and costs (busing) are worth it to achieve better racial integration in public schools. Of course, Berkeley's busing becomes less and less an instrument for effective integration as African Americans are being priced out of town by runaway gentrification and ongoing police abuses. In the last decade or two, half of Berkeley's Black population has disappeared.


If they weren't so scary, namely having the power right now, it would be laughable...instead it is pretty darn scary.
What the hell are they planning in the not too distant future/ if not now?

i.e. $54 billion for the military?? $54 billion could be used to build a) top of the art public schools
(b) REALLY decent housing for everyone who needs a home/ quality homes that they would have the
option/opportunity to buy into for themselves, as equity...

that's for starters...but somehow, I don't think that is going to happen in my lifetime.


There's an infrastructure/jobs program for you.


Money makes choosing a post-HS college/university to attend oh so difficult: "There are just too many for one to decide"...said Muffy and Reggie while plowing through all the glossy brochures gathered together by the HELP.

WTF does DeVos know about anything beyond selling Amway and attending/organizing GOP fundraisers. She is where she is as she and her family literally bought this cabinet post with their million$$$ in contributions to GOP causes/candidates over the decades and to T-dump in last selection. Go back to your lurid lap of luxury, Ms. Devious...please!


I will be a devil's advocate for a moment and say that DeVos was referring to a modern viewpoint of the use of HBCUs. African Americans who chose to go to these colleges and universities primarily do so out of choice not necessity (although cultural biases against AA admissions still exists). My brother's decision to go Bowie State instead of OSU had more to do with family tradition rather than academic prestige. I attended OSU for completely benign reasons but there was no force putting a gun to my head to think otherwise.

To be clear, I have fundamental problems with DeVos's everything-government-is-evil worldview but we need to slam actual bad policies not ideas. Choice is always a good thing, however we must make sure that there IS a choice, which deep down is not what the conservatives want.


As if black people had a choice. Could this woman get any dumber?


Yes, there is a choice today, but I am referring to history as well. Devos is a clueless , insensitive and sheltered billionaire who only knows her own invented world.


Again , another great post. As more and more neighborhoods price out the average person or even family, where do people go? Gentrification often at the behest of investors is happening in rural areas as well. Devos as usual lives in a world that is pure fantasy. This women does not even condone education for anyone with a disability. She is also anti gay, anti semitic, and anti poor( anyone who does not make a billion a year).


What do these elites want? When is more not enough- that's psycho .


They also have betrayed our combat soldiers and veterans. If I had their money, I would be helping people and the Earth in general not taking more for myself. If they want to destroy the planet so badly, let's launch them to Mars ( they pay their own way) with a one way ticket.


Too many people are on to this, but I see your point. Over ninety per cent of the people have attended public schools. Also, they already have everything they want. To want even more instead of being happy shows how unhappy they are.